Sunday, June 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Perfect Smartphone for My Paranoia

Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Perfect Smartphone for My Paranoia

Hi, my name is Angeline Rodriguez and I am paranoid.

I'm the type of girl who brings her phone with her to the bathroom because she thinks her friends will Tweet-rape or Facebook-rape her if she leaves it on the table, who actually screams when someone so much as touches her phone, and who cannot concentrate the minute her phone's battery life turns red.

I have my reasons behind all of these things, but let's not get into that. Let's get into how the Samsung Galaxy S5 caters to all of my paranoid needs instead (as well as some of my other needs, but mostly my paranoid ones).

Samsung Galaxy S5

It's all about the wallpaper. :p

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner and Power Saving Mode

My fellow paranoid netizens will be super happy to hear that the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a Fingerprint Scanner and Power Saving Mode.

The Fingerprint Scanner

I think I may have brought this upon myself for being such a pro-tweet-raper and phone-password-guesser, but most of my friends try to exact their revenge on me by tweet-raping me in return when I least expect it. And I hate it. It's also a pet peeve of mine when people go through my photos and text messages without my consent.

Thanks to the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S5, though, I no longer have to worry about things like that. :)

Samsung Galaxy S5

No match, bitch!

I don't have to worry about forgetting my password after changing it for the umpteenth time to prevent those things, either. Just a swipe of my finger (well, thumb, really) and BOOM. I'm in.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If the phone recognises the fingerprint, it will let you use the phone right away. Easy peasy! :)

I have to admit that it can be quite hard to get the fingerprint scanner to work after having had a few shots of booze (lack of finger coordination when inebriated, perhaps?), but that's fine. 

Samsung Galaxy S5

This happens more often than I'd like to admit. :p

Coz there's always the alternative password to use at times like that. And I only turn that function on after I fail the fingerprint scanner, so my friends can't just guess my password and use it against me anytime. :p

The Power Saving Mode

As mentioned earlier, I am also that type of girl who cannot concentrate the minute her phone's battery life turns red. Unfortunately, this happens quite a lot. Yes, I know I should use a powerbank, but forgetful-me always tends to forget to charge her powerbank more often than not and so I tend to end up with a dying phone more often than not, as well. :(

When that happens, you'll see me checking how much battery I have left every 5 seconds; leaving a party earlier than usual in order to get home and charge; or pestering every stranger near me, asking if they have a charger that I can borrow. Yes, I'm that kind of girl.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Booyah! Even my phone is a superhero now!

Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has this super awesome power saving mode for me to use once the battery is running low. All I have to do is turn it on and my Samsung Galaxy S5 will go into greyscale with my must-use apps of choice to conserve as much battery power as possible.

The best part? The battery can last you for days, even if you end up with 15% battery by 2pm. Awesomesauce!

How Samsung Galaxy S5 is Best Maximized with Globe

Of course, my Samsung Galaxy S5 wouldn't be as awesome as it is if I didn't maximise it with a Globe postpaid plan. Just FYI, Globe has been my service provider for more than a decade now. Pure love. <3

Free 1-Month Gadget Care

The Globe postpaid plan of my Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with free gadget care of a month, and this comes with complete mobile phone protection against theft and accidental damage plus coverage of up to Php10,000 bill protect. I've had two phones stolen from me in the past, so this sounded a-okay to me.

Flexible and Fully Customizable Postpaid Plans

Did I mention that Globe's postpaid plans are completely flexible and customisable now, as well? You actually have the option to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 for as low as Php1,699 a month at Globe mySUPERPLAN or Php1,599 with Php16,800 cash out a year with the Galaxy Forever Plan, which you can use to get the newest Galaxy smartphone every year!

Charge App Purchases to Bill

Since I'm an app whore, I also love downloading all sorts of different apps from the Samsung App Store. Well, I can now charge my Samsung App Store downloads to my Globe postpaid bill, which makes my life so much easier. No more worrying about not having a credit card to charge it to!

Largest 4G Network

Of course, I get to enjoy super fast mobile Internet connectivity with Globe's 4G network and growing LTE footprint, as well. That's not all, either.

Free 6-Month Subscription to Spotify Premium

Last but not least, I get to enjoy a free 6-month subscription to Spotify Premium… something that deserves a blog post all on its own. <3 Wait for it!

For more information on Globe and their postpaid plans, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @enjoyGLOBE and @talk2GLOBE :)

Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Perfect Smartphone for My Paranoia

Sunday, June 22, 2014 Does It Again - This Time for the Summer Does It Again - This Time for the Summer

On my birthday last April, I blogged about a surprise birthday message that I had received from Past-Anj. It took me for a loop coz I had completely forgotten that I had written it to begin with. Well, the exact same thing happened to me again.

Funnily enough, while I was at the Fort watching Prince busk tonight, I checked in to Krispy Kreme on FourSquare and it told me that the last time I was there was 2 months ago. I hadn't watched Prince busk in 2 months?!?? That meant I hadn't watched him busk the entire summer! WTF did I do with my life? How did I survive? No longer I was so miserable!

And then I got home and received this letter from, written by me-of-exactly-2-months-ago. No joke. And I swear this is just a coincidence. Does It Again - This Time for the Summer

If you follow me on social media, then you will know exactly where and how I spent my summer. If you don't, well, let's just say that yes, I watched a lot of basketball games. And yes, that is why I hadn't checked into Krispy Kreme for two whole months.

I won't say that I regret my summer, though, because I definitely didn't. I made a lot of new friends, found out who my true friends are in the process, said goodbye to my unhealthy Fort nights, got my heart broken in the worst way possible and realised that man… I should have watched more busker concerts instead. Lol.

As they say, though: everything happens for a reason, and this letter from PastMe instantly opened my eyes to who and what makes me the happiest. The past week in itself has showed me who I should really entrust my heart to. And even if he's not interested in it, at least I know where to get a supply of happy pills whenever I need genuine and simple happiness. <3

Kudos to for what is probably the best website out there since Facebook. Does It Again - This Time for the Summer

Monday, June 16, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

I have always been a movie buff. Why? Because movies are always capable of making me feel so many different intense emotions at any given time. And while they may not all be great enough to elicit a breathless "wow" from me at the end, there are quite a few that do. I don't exactly remember when my love for movies started, but I can trace it all back to the movie the first movie that made me want to fall in love: Aladdin.

As a child - when my sister was scampering around pretending to be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty (and sometimes a combination of both) - I never fully understood why anyone would want to be a Disney princess... until Aladdin came along, that is.

See, I was never a girly girl. I was never the kind of girl who fantasised about being rescued by a prince in a dark tower, either. In fact, I was more interested in the life of Maleficent and why she became such a bitter villain than I was in Princess Aurora herself. So, when Princess Jasmine came into my life, my entire being changed.

Princess Jasmine was so unlike any other Disney princess that had been introduced to the world at the time - she was AWESOME. She made me feel like there was hope for non girly girls to have a happy ending, even if they were bitchy and stubborn and spoiled.

And for the first time in my life, I fell in love with a fictional character in terms of personality, beliefs and appearance: Aladdin. It isn't until later that I found out he was actually modelled after my ultimate Hollywood crush, Tom Cruise.

Since then, my life has been filled with nothing but movies, movies and more movies. When I feel sad, I turn to movies like "The Great Gatsby", so that I can cry my lungs out. When I feel in love, I turn to movies like "Austenland", so that I can get kilig over J.J. Feild's British accent.

On days when I actually find time to hit the cinemas with my friends, on the other hand, I turn to the GMovies app.

GMovies is the ultimate pocket app for any movie fix. A first in the Philippines, GMovies can help anyone with their movie-going experience anytime, anywhere! With a simple click, you can find out which movies are showing near you and even buy your movie tickets straight from your smartphone - all thanks to Globe Telecom! And the best part? You can download this film-tastic mobile app for FREE for Android and iOS.

For more information on GMovies, check out GMovies on Facebook, @GMoviesApp on Twitter, @GMovies on Instagram and GMovies on YouTube. :)

So, what movie made you fall in love with watching movies? :) Answer the question in the comment box below and you could get a chance to win #movieallyoucan passes - that's 2 FREE movie dates a week for a month! Woot! Good luck! :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

From Condo Living to Room Living

Long story short, I recently moved back in to my parents’ house – and by recently, I mean last year. Despite a year having already gone by, though, I still haven’t brought myself to unpack all of my boxes. I think I’ve been living in denial and in semi-sadness because I miss how my condo was my own.

I had wall decal up where I wanted them. I had just the right amount of shelves. I had all of the things that mattered to me up on display. I had dreams of getting posters made and buying shag rugs and getting cool bedsheets and curtains... but things don’t always work out the way that you dream it.

After browsing through some real estate and interior decorating websites recently (to those interested, I was looking at Lamudi’s “Property Advice” and Real Living), I have begun to realize that it’s high time to get myself together and finally turn my room into one that I will actually be proud of.

To get things started, here is what I have done so far:

Thanks to Storytell Prints, my wall is no longer too boring and bare.

Despite having to deal with a slew of my dad’s DVD shelves that weren’t there when we originally moved back to Manila, I have spiced them up with my favorite toys to make them feel more like my old condo-home.

Of course, my life wouldn’t be complete without my books.

And, despite having to have said goodbye to most of my well-picked-out furniture, I held on to some of my favorite ones - not just coz of the memories, but coz of how gorgeous they are and how happy they make me when I work in my new-ish special lil nook.

I think a new paint job and a bit more of decluttering is all that I need to make my room feel like home once again. What do your rooms look like? :) Please do feel free to leave links of blog posts and Instagram posts of your rooms and/or room inspirations. I’d love to see them for more inspiration for myself! :)