Friday, November 24, 2017

Don't Miss the Giltbox Beauty Fair Tomorrow (It's Free of Charge!)

Have you heard of Giltbox yet? In case you haven't, this is the time to familiarize yourself with the brand.

Giltbox is the leading beauty and lifestyle retailer in the country and they are set to have their first ever Beauty Fair tomorrow, which you definitely shouldn't miss if you're a beauty junkie!

You can look forward to more than 40 booths from Giltbox's partner international and local brands, ranging from makeup to skincare to haircare to lifestyle products. And that's not all. There will also be various activities that you can enjoy with your besties, like beauty consultations, makeovers, discounts, and freebies for the attendees.

The highlight will definitely be the Make Your Own Giltbox activity, though, where you can make your own Giltbox consisting of 5 high end products (with brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, TRESemme, and more).

The best part? Everyone is invited and entrance to the Beauty Fair is completely free. Giltbox's Founder and Managing Director Paul Dimafelix shares, “We wanted this event to be open to all beauty enthusiasts and also to those who are beauty curious. People love makeovers and consultations, so we made sure that the event would have loads of that. Plus, if you get bored, you can just walk around the booths – you’re bound to find something you’ll like!”

See you there? :)

These Stranger Things Clothes are Absolute Must-Haves!

I've been a HUGE Stranger Things fan since season one, but I am an even bigger one now, thanks to the awesomeness of Season 2 (read my review of it here - I also have an ongoing giveaway, peeps!). So, when I heard that Globe and Netflix were releasing a line of Stranger Things apparel and merchandise, I'm pretty sure I was one of the first few people to order a whole bunch of items from them online.
As always, my orders arrived in just a few days and MY GOODNESS, THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. My geeky heart is very, very happy.
If you are a Stranger Things fan, it's time to string up those Joyce Byer-inspired Christmas lights onto your walls, break out those Eggos, and don these bad-ass clothes from Globe and Netflix.
The best part? This 0917 Lifestyle apparel pushes for Filipino pride as it is the only official licensee in Asia to carry Stranger Things apparel so far.
The 0917 Lifestyle Stranger Things collection features a limited edition collection of graphic tees, ringer shirts, sweaters, a letterman jacket, a shirt dress, and bags that do Stranger Things real justice.
Some of the references that fans will appreciate include images related to the Stranger Things kids, as well as my favorites: the items with famous likes on them, like “Friends Don’t Lie”. A lot of the items also offer visual homages to Hawkins and the Upside Down world, complete with that irresistible retro 80’s feel.

Watch my noob unboxing video here:

To see the entire 0917 Lifestyle Stranger Things collection visit or visit selected Globe stores. You may also follow @0917 on Instagram. I may just have another giveaway for this one, too, though. ;) Who wants?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Stranger Things Season 2 is a Story of Struggle and Hope

I finished binge-watching Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ a while back, but decided to wait before publishing this because I still know some people who haven't gotten around to watching its awesomeness. Unfortunately, I can't wait any longer and I really need to let it out! In my humble albeit broken opinion: the second season of 'Stranger Things' is even better than the first season! (Yes, it's possible!)

While I enjoyed the E.T. / Stand By Me / sci-fi vibe of the first one, this Goonies / Alien / Jurassic Park second season resonated so much with me on several levels.

For starters, it has to be shared that Will Byers has been my favorite 'Stranger Things' kid ever season Episode 1 of Season 1. I remember watching the first few minutes and claiming that Will was definitely my favorite kid. Imagine my dismay when he went missing and most of the season didn’t have him in it, save from a few Upside Down snippets that just depressed me altogether. Season 1 was more about Eleven, the other kids and the Byers: how they dealt with the disappearance of Will and never gave up hope of finding him.

Stranger Things made it up to my Will-loving heart in this second season, though, as most of the season really revolves around him. (Massive shoutout to the amazing Noah Schnapp for his acting chops in this one, by the way. You made your biggest fan so, so, so, so proud!)

While I knew that there would be a lot of Will in the second season, it isn’t until Episode 2 that I realized how much I could relate to Will on a deeper level in this season. In Episode 2, he is sitting on the couch talking to Mike and they start talking about how they feel like they’re going crazy. *cue my schizophrenia here*

And then this happened and it was the most beautiful thing I had heard in a while:

By the time I reached Episode 3, I found myself completely immersed in Will’s emotions. This is when everyone starts to realize that even though they thought Will was back to normal, a part of the Upside Down is still with him. His hallucinations aren’t hallucinations, after all; they’re real.

Bob talks to him at one point and tells him to face in his fears and man, when Will finds himself stuck in-between worlds, Will tries. He tries so fucking hard. The shadow monster comes after him after he finds Dart in the bathroom, and he hears all of the wise words of wisdom that Bob had given him in his head. "Face your fears, Will. Tell it to go away." And that’s where the struggle happens. And that’s where I almost broke. Will tries so hard and you see him try so hard and he screams at that thing to just go away, and yet, the shadow monster consumes him anyway. That scene describes my current mental health situation perfectly.

This goes on for several episodes where Will tries to explain what he’s feeling, but just somehow can’t put it into words. And you see him struggling between being regular Will and another version of himself that is actually the shadow monster (which is, by the way, what I will be calling my schizophrenia from now on :p). In Episode 5, Will says, “The more he spreads, the more connected to him I feel.” And that was the pinnacle when I realized that this is what would make me love this season more than the first: my relatability to it.

And it's not just Will that's relatable, either; everyone is sure to find someone to relate to in this season, be it the misunderstood Three Musketeers-loving Dart; the everything-is-bullshit-thinking Nancy, the lovesick abangers Jonathan; the even more lovesick and hopeful Mike; or the more mature, responsible and protective Steve. Even Bob and Joyce bring so much to the table in this season. Especially Hopper and Eleven. There are just so many feels in Season 2, it's hard to decide who to love the most (though for me it's definitely still Will :p).

All of those struggles aside, though, Stranger Things Season 2 shares a common denominator with the first season: it proves to be a beacon of hope in the dark.

Whether or not you are struggling with serious issues like I am or if you’re struggling with something a little less deep, Stranger Things Season 2 does a good job of showcasing different people's struggles in life (without belittling any of the other struggles that everyone else is going through), and how hope and positivity and an amazing support system can pave the way to a better you. The world feels a little more hopeful after watching Stranger Things Season 2. I hope that somehow it strikes a chord in you, too. :)

On that note, I'm giving away Stranger Things merch, in particular Dustin's cap, a Netflix baller ID, and a Funko Pop of Will! All you have to do is post any Stranger Things photo of your choice on any of your social media accounts with the hashtag #WWRxStrangerThings and tell me why that's your favorite Stranger Things photo! :D

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

It's never "just a crush".

Disclaimer: these photos are old, from a time when my hair matched my beanie, and the thoughts in this post are pretty old, too. In fact, I didn't even know these thoughts exist. I just found them in the Notes of my iPhone written one probably drunken early morning last month at 2:28am. Here goes…

Sometimes, you feel like your crush doesn't like you back; and so you end up making stupid decisions, like making out with a stranger as a dare, or shifting your attention to their best friend, or sleeping with an ex - and just hoping that somehow that would fill the void.

Spoiler: it doesn't fill the void.

No matter how hard you try to fight the feelings you have, no matter how hard you repeat to yourself that "it's just a crush, it's just a crush"… let's face it: it's never "just a crush".

Because most of the time, all you can think about is those 24 hours you spent together, that one night where you felt like you mattered - when you felt like you could actually get what you want (cue The Smiths songs) or you felt like maybe this could lead to something.

But that something ended up being a one-sided nothing.

How can you make someone feel the same way that you feel towards them? How can you make them see you in the same light that you see them? Can you magically place the same butterflies in their stomach? Can you teleport your being somehow and make yourself run through their heads all day? How can you make them hunk about you the way you think about them?

It just isn't possible.

And so, day in and day out, all you really do is hope - hope that maybe one day, they'll finally see you in that way. One day, they'll look at you and realize that this is what they have been waiting for, too. They will realize that maybe it won't hurt to acknowledge that and give you a chance.


But all you can really do is hope.

But we all know that hope is shit in the end.

So, really, what's the point?

Maroon beanie from a friend / Star Wars dress from Folded and Hung / black studded sandals from Zalora / delicious Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin Robbins