Monday, October 24, 2016

The Little Things That Make Me Happy

I've never been the fashionista girly girl who dresses up to the nines when she attends events. I've always been more of the "this is what I'm comfortable in - take it or leave it" kind of girl.

While I don't mind slipping on a dress for something important or to surprise the boyfriend with, most of the time this is how I dress. Say hello to my staples: a geeky shirt and awesome footwear. I think my bottoms and my accessories are the only things that I really change up in terms of my go-to getups.

I wore this to the press con of the AsiaPop Comic Con a few months ago. It was my first time at Conrad Hotel and I absolutely loved the place - from the friendly faces to the interiors to the gorgeous view from their gigantic glass wall. Let's not forget that Conrad happens to be my favorite hotel in Bangkok and my favorite hotel for buffets in Singapore. Conrad never disappoints, it seems!

Uniqlo never disappoints, either. This Star Wars shirt I got from their store totally threw my happiness levels through the roof when I got it, too. I think I bought 4 shirts at Uniqlo that day, but this is one of my favorites Star Wars shirts to date (I have a whole collection of them - did you know? :p)

I especially love this one because it doesn't just scream of Star Wars geekery; it's witty, too. It's not too visible in the photos, but it says "This is where it's AT-AT." Hahahaha. Star Wars fans will get it. :p

I think the peak of my day that day, though, was catching a bunch of Voltorbs and Magnetons. :p It was my first time in the Pasay area and Pokemon GO was still in full swing then and I swear I had a field day just catching the little buggers. Happiness definitely comes easy in Anj-land. :p

Sadly, Pokemon GO has kind of died down now, and I have found myself playing a lot of Kim K: Hollywood, Shuffle Cats and Pokeland Legends in its stead. If you have any app recommendations, please do send them over! :)

(black Wayfarers from Ray-Ban / white Star Wars AT-AT shirt from Uniqlo / beige blazer from Sammy Dress / blue cut-off jeans from Human / colorful ZX Flux shoes from adidas)
Photos by Julian Carag.

Also, what are some of the small things that make you happy? :) That could be an idea for a blog post, if you're looking for inspiration. Would love to read some of your latest thoughts, in general, though, so make sure to leave your link below! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meet and Greet Cartoon Network Characters at BGC This Weekend!

To celebrate the new offerings of their Cartoon Network apps, Globe has a fun weekend in store at BGC this weekend - specifically for kids and kids-at-heart who absolutely love Cartoon Network! :)

The new features are being showcased through a fun digital experience at the Globe ICONIC Store at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater in BGC.

Once you enter, you get a chance to fill up one of these 'passports'. If you fill everything up, you get the chance to win a new phone or a cool Cartoon Network loot bag!

Look! Syrena got to meet Gumball and Darwin!

Free Kimy popsicles all day! (Not a good idea for the kiddies, though. :p)

Cool Ben 10 merch on sale!

Sign up and instantly get Safeguard products!

The bad-ass stage at the Globe ICONIC store.

Kids get to line up for face painting or body painting.

They can doodle and color whilst there, too!

I love how organised this mini bouncy castle was. :)

Of course, the highlights all happened onstage: 

The Powerpuff Girls have a very cute choreographed segment prepared for everybody.

Even Finn and Jake make an appearance.

And look - Ben 10 is there, too!

Love Cartoon Network? Well, thanks to Globe Telecom, Globe customers can now livestream Cartoon Network and on-demand content on the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.

Just download the app (it's free!) and unlock various services, including livestreaming Cartoon Network on your devices, playing games, and getting access to full episodes on demand. A unique micro-network called Cartoon Network Anything is now part of the Globe app bundle, as well.

My 6-year-old is definitely a very happy camper now that she can be a hero with Ben 10 and the Omnitrix, rule the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum, flip out with The Powerpuff Girls and embark on mathematical adventures with Finn and Jake whenever she wants.

Check out how the app works here:

Did I mention there's a 30-day free trial this November? I definitely don't see us deleting the app anytime soon, though. Thanks, Globe, for the awesomeness that both Syrena and I can enjoy! :) Cartoon Network Anything can also be accessed for free via the Globe Switch app.

Don' forget to like Cartoon Network Asia and Globe Telecom on Facebook for more updates and fun stuff! :)

Monday, October 10, 2016

BDJ Fair 2016: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a VIP Pass (It's Only Php200!)

I've been a fan of Belle De Jour (or BDJ) for years now. Through the years, I've come to find that their beauty subscription box is an amazing way to discover new beauty brands and even meet the beauty products of your dreams.

Another great thing about BDJ is their events. I've met many fellow beauty aficionados at their events and learned a lot of tips and tricks from their previous workshops. As such, I cannot wait for the BDJ Fair this Sunday at the SM MOA Music Hall! Here are 5 reasons why I think you should get a VIP pass to the event:

BDJ Fair 2016: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a VIP Pass

5. It's only Php200.

A ton of activities to enjoy and a bunch of memories to make for only Php200? Yes, please! :D

4. You'll get to learn something!

At BDJ events, Bellas come together to learn, experience, and have fun through different talks, booths, activities and workshops. With a VIP Pass, you get to choose to attend two of the talks from this roster:

You can also avail of a workshop and get a VIP Pass with it - plus access to exclusive VIP booth activities! Find out more here.

3. Meet the new BDJ Planners!

The much-awaited next edition of BDJ Planners will be launched at this event!!! I've used every single BDJ Planner made since their inception and I must say: they are totally worth it. I can't wait to see the new BDJ Power Planner, NAVI, Everything is Possible, Focus Journal and even other BDJ paper products.

You'll even get to customize your planner of choice! :D

2. Get a special loot bag!

Bellas with a VIP Pass will get a special loot bag at the event! :D And who doesn't love discovering new products and getting bang for their buck, right? :)

1. You'll get to help various advocacies.

One of the best parts about the annual BDJ Fair is that, through it, you can help raise funds for the advocacies that BDJ supports. Why not have fun and learn new things while helping out at the same time? :)

The BDJ Team is always on the lookout for ways to empower Filipinas to live life to the fullest. Now on their 11th year and with 60,000 members, BDJ continues to make a difference in the lives of Filipinas by encouraging them to have an unshakeable trust in their hearts to overcome the waves of life and push themselves forward - without fear and without limitations.

Want to join the BDJ Fair this year? :) I'm giving away 5 VIP Passes right here. Just fill up this Rafflecopter form:

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