Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet My New Boyfriend! :D

Sorry. Did I get you all excited? Were you all wondering who finally replaced mister heartbreaker the last guy I dated? Are you now judging me for calling my new Pez dispenser my "new boyfriend"? Are you now judging me because I have a Pez dispenser? :o

If you are: COME ON!!! Who doesn't love Pez? And what's not to love about this Captain America dispenser? If you've read my movie review on "The Avengers", then you should know that Captain America is my favorite Avenger. This explains my love for this epic outfit post by Gerd and 2:22 of the Reunion trailer. This also explains why my Captain American Pez dispenser from House of Flair is now my new boyfriend. :D

What I love about this product:

It features Captain America (duh!) and it stands on its own, so I can leave it standing by my bedside table to watch over me. <3 Haha. Am I creeping you out yet? No. Seriously. I love that you can just have it stand anywhere and have Pez at arm's reach at all times. Plus, it's portable, so you can bring it anywhere, too.

What I don't like about this product:

It can be quite difficult to get your hands on Pez candy refills, if you don't have connections or don't know where to go. Aside from that, though, I currently don't have any real complaints with this product. :)

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Naturally, I would only recommend this product to real Pez lovers and comic book geeks, though; otherwise, you wouldn't really have a use for a Captain America Pez dispenser... would you?

Fortunately, House of Flair has a lot of other products available. In fact, they can preorder pretty much anything you might want from the US, aside from electronics and food. The best part is that they will ship all of your orders for free if you live in the Philippines. Awesome, huh? :)

To find out more about House of Flair and what they have to offer, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. :)

If we're friends, expect to see this dispenser a lot, by the way. Don't judge me! :p

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 Look: Please, Mister Jailer...

Back in Bangkok... when I was still young, reckless and in college... I had a best friend named Lukas Nagel. And, like Jacob, he serenaded me whenever I asked him to was a singer. Unlike Jacob, though, he was more of a "rockstar". His music was more like Muse. Or Rico Blanco's "Amats". And his band was called "The Mute Cause".

Anyway, I recently found a CD with his old songs in it, so obviously, I started reminiscing. And this is where this random blog intro is coming from.


Luke and I called each other "Radioactive Angel" and "Atomic Barbie". Coz we were geeks like that. Yes, rockers can be geeks, too. :p

Funnily enough, some of his lyrics are very fitting for how I feel today. So, here's an outfit post injected with some of Lukas' old lines as a release of today's emo-ness:

white Audrey Hepburn T-shirt from Bangkok
blue denim polo shirt from Folded and Hung
floral ruffled skirt from Forever 21

You don't know what it's like to be me and I won't tell you how I feel. Everything has to be about you and none of you is real.

My heart is broken, but yours is only sprained. And I know that it never happened between you and me. I wish it had, though.

midnight owl bag from Chick Flick Collection
brown bow bracelet from Folded and Hung
pink shoelace-less sneakers from Keds

The ceiling falls.
The lights are dark.
The stairway falls.
Don't be late.

And, of course, a signature I'm-a-dork-don't-take-me-too-seriously photo:

Ah, yes. I may be emo sometimes, but that last photo just shows what a dork I really am and always will be.

P.S. Give in. ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

If I Had a Puppy, It Would be a Wonder Puppy

If I had a puppy, it would be a Wonder Puppy.

That's what I kept telling myself and my friends when we were at the Dimensione x Secret Fresh Gallery + Magis Puppy exhibit last week, which was held on the 2nd floor of Dimensione in the Fort.

If you've never been to Dimensione, then you are definitely missing out. Every time I'm at Dimensione, I keep wishing I had a bigger condo (and more money), simply because they've got such beautiful and unique pieces up for grabs. Here are some of my favorites:

If I had the money, this is exactly what Syrena's playroom would look like, I swear!


These pieces by Ron Arad are too cool.

Okay, I know this isn't "furniture"; but if I could, I would incorporate this into my condo somehow. Maybe as a mirror.

And, of course, the Wonder Puppy:

Yes, the Wonder Puppy will forever be my favorite piece, I think. I've been dreaming about it for about a week now. Aside from being the perfect companion for my alter ego (Wonder Woman, for the slow), the Wonder Puppy is the cutest thing I can imagine myself sitting on as I kick butt in Tekken or take out cars in Burnout. And let's face it: I'm all about the cute.

The fact that it comes in various sizes is merely a plus. Still: can you just imagine my 2-year-old and I sitting side by side on them while watching "Happy Feet"? Adorbs!

Fun fact: the Wonder Puppy was designed by Eero Aarnio in 2005.

Of course, it only makes sense that the Wonder Woman in me was jumping up and down in excitement right before the big reveal of the 8 different artistic interpretations of the Magis Puppy. While waiting, I spent my time with these wonderful people whom I all invited to bond with:

Jacky, Rovie, April and me :)

One of my favorite male bloggers Anton and me... in our element. ;)

My best friend Jacob and Raiza

Of course my blog post wouldn't be complete without some candid shots:

The event was hosted by the beautiful Patty Laurel who seriously put Barbie to shame with her never-vanishing smile :)

And now here are the different Magis Puppy interpretations by 8 modern urban artists:

"Tattoo" by Whoop

"Ponkan" by Nemo Aguila

"Upo'ng Otso Sinkwenta Lamang" by Electrolychee

"The Anti-Monochrome Puppy" by Tripp 63

"Stray" by Jagnus Design Studio

And here are my top three picks:

"The Green Guardian" by Farley del Rosario

"Rally" by Mimi Tecson

And my ultimate favorite:

"Sta. Cruz" by Wesley Valenzuela

I was so, so, so, so tempted to put this on my credit card. Unfortunately, I live in a tiny condo and my toddler would prolly destroy it. Sigh.

Which one's your favorite? :) These pieces are actually for sale at Dimensione as we speak, so if you love them, head over there and get them now before anyone else does! They're one-of-a-kind!!!

Before I leave you, enjoy these crazy pics of my BFF and I on the twirly top chairs at Dimensione:

LOL. You know what they say: birds of the same feather... :p

Thursday, August 23, 2012 Look: Gossip Girl

For lack of a better word, today was "interesting". I went to an event where I didn't really know a lot of the people, but they knew me. And these weren't even people who were around my age; they were significantly older.

Let's rewind a lil bit before I continue. I have a massive girl crush on Anya Ong and she was at the Surf event the other night. I kind of freaked out and started fanning myself with my hands, looked at Verge across the room and mouthed "OH MY GOD. IT'S MY CRUSH."

Okay. Forward back to earlier today. A mommy blogger walked in and commented on how "girly" I looked. I assumed the girly girl project was working. But then, a bit later, somebody asked me if the female friend that I brought to the event was my girlfriend!

After that, questions started streaming in regarding whether I got my undercut to portray "my sexuality" and *wait for it* what it's like to be a "lesbian single mom".



Gossip. I don't even know how it starts sometimes. I'm assuming some gossip girl read my mouth when I silently screamed to Verge... but really? Wow.

Anyway, here's another girly girl project outfit that went to waste coz I didn't get to see my crush that day:

white "le moustache" shirt from J'adore La Mode Shop
black sunglasses from Hang Ten
silver bangles from Bangkok

black leather chain bag from Mango

black skeleton shoes from Sophisticat Shoes

Don't you just love my shoes? Will blog about them in a separate blog post very soon! :D

Anyway, just to make it clear: yes, I am a single mom. But I am straight. STRAIGHT. STRAIIIIIIGHT. I like men. Preferably with chinky eyes. And glasses. And dimples. I occasionally have girl crushes, sure - but that's as far as it goes. And trust me: I'm not the only girl with girl crushes. Get over it.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shop at the MaARTe 2012: Artisans Fair This Weekend!

Are you proud to be Filipino? Do you love Filipino arts and crafts?

Well, this weekend (August 24 to August 26, 2012), there will be an exhibition and sale of outstanding Filipino Arts and Crafts at Rockwell called MaARTe 2012 that you can shop at to get unique Pinoy finds at affordable prices.

At this fair, more than 40 cultural entrepreneurs, jewelers, home accessory and fashion designers will showcase the very best of Filipino arts and crafts with the aim to make artisanal Philippine products more accessible to the general public.

Since artisanal products are made by hand, they aren't made in huge quantities and are only available to those who know about them. Thanks to MaARTe, though, everyone can now be exposed to the beautiful works of Filipino artisans. Here are just some of the awesome things you will be able to find there:

starfish toys

batik boleros

cameo jewelry

handpainted shawls

filigree hoop earrings

You will also be able to find the National Artist Collectors' Series of Freeway at MaARTe this weekend, including the latest Levi Celerio pieces.

I'll definitely be dropping by the fair this weekend! Will you? :) Confirm your attendance here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Asprey: Tell Time in Style

Time is gold. I don't know about you, but I pride myself on always being on time - if not early. When it comes to events, I am usually the first one there and when I meet up with friends, I am  usually the nagging one who texts "Where are you?" or "Are you almost here?" every 5 minutes coz I'm early and bored.

Sadly, it is only recently that I have realized the importance of having a watch. I used to always rely on Zac (my Blackberry) for the time; but with so many emails coming in lately, it usually gets drained before the day is even over and a watch is now of the utmost necessity.

A watch can get boring if you only have one, though, and it can be hard to make a fashion statement if you wear it over and over again. So, when I heard about Asprey's watch straps, I instantly sat up and took notice.

Thanks to Asprey's watch straps, it is now possible to stock up on different colors and designs to match your mood, personality and outfit.

So, whether you need something funky to jazz up a casual outfit or something elegant for a romantic night out, you can turn to Asprey for all of your timepiece needs.

Top bloggers David Guison and Lissa Kahayon wearing Asprey watch straps.

Asprey offers a lot of colors and designs for you to choose from, including detachable straps, leather atraps, silicon straps, and nylon-made straps. Their qualified technicians can also help you replace worn out batteries and straps in no time, if you need them to.

The best part is that most of Asprey's leather straps are made out of genuine Italian calf leather yet are very affordable, so you can be sure that they will last a long time without breaking the bank.

So, if you want to jazz up an existing watch or plan on buying a new one but aren't happy with the strap, why not turn to Asprey and tell time in style? :) I can't wait to get my hands on the yellow one - what about you? :)