Monday, April 30, 2012 Look: Rat-Patootie

I mentioned in my last outfit post, Abbey Road, that Mark's favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille. And, since I am wearing the coolest Manels shoes ever to be made so far in this outfit post, I thought I'd dedicate this to him by calling it Rat-Patootie. And that's not me mocking him or the movie, okay! It's from a quote in the movie that goes:

"Ratatouille. Why do they call it that? If you're gonna name a food, you should give it a name that sounds delicious. Ratatouille doesn't sound delicious. It sounds like 'rat' and 'patootie'. Rat-patootie, which does not sound delicious."

Half of you probably haven't seen "Ratatouille", but it's actually really good. It's no "Toy Story", "Up", "Monsters, Inc.", or "Finding Nemo" ... :p But still good. :)

Now on to what I wore on my last scam in Manila (scam = friendly date. #80s lingo) with Aaron Yeo:

white sunglasses from The Little Things She Needs
gold watch from Parfois

grey apple and leopard flats from Manels

I love these flats sooo much that I actually screamed my lungs out when I first saw them in SM North Edsa. I swear I almost gave the saleslady there a heart attack. Why? Well, Steve Jobs is my soulmate.

circle necklace from my godmother - now officially dubbed my Iron Man necklace
white lace top from Forever 21
purple floral skirt from Forever 21

Yes, I like Forever 21.
Also, say hello to my latest tattoo!

After Aaron and I said our goodbyes by the taxi stand at Resorts World - my most abhorred place at that mall coz of all of the memories that comes with it - I went to look for Keigh Jalbuena Life in High Heels of Life in High Heels, who was getting a digital perm at FAB Salon.

FAB Salon is located on the topmost floor of Resorts World Manila - right next to McDonald's and Bruno's Barbers. Yes, I am plugging the salon coz I was BBM-ing Mark (whom this post is still dedicated to, btw) that day and he mentioned that his friend owns it. So there. GO TO FAB SALON, GUYS!!! :D

Keigh getting her digi-perm.

I don't have any after photos coz all I could think about was devouring General's Tofu at Recipes, but trust me: she looks good. :)

And look at her pretty, pretty shoes!

I got bored waiting after a while, so... wacky undercut photo! :p

Have you done anything new with your hair recently? :)

Movie Review: The Avengers

In case my blog name and layout don't scream it enough: I AM A COMIC BOOK GEEK. DC. Marvel. Vertigo. Scott Pilgrim. Archies. Death Note. You name it. I like it. Most of the time, anyway. So, it should come as no surprise that The Avengers made me jizz in my pants. All the way through.

I'll be completely honest. I wasn't jumping up and down when "The Avengers" came out. I didn't even watch the midnight showing like I usually would. In fact, I dreaded it. Why? I was worried that there were too many characters and that there wouldn't be enough character development. I was also depressed because my favorite Avengers line-up is the original one (read: with Ant-Man and Wasp) and that wasn't the way the movie was going.

Also, although the first Iron Man movie, the second Hulk movie and the Thor movie were all amazing, I didn't like the others. And I still haven't even seen the Captain America movie. Why? Coz I always thought Captain America was the lamer version of Superman. And let's face it: since I'm Wonder Woman, DC always wins over Marvel in my head.

I did watch The Avengers, though. For one reason: Jeremy Renner.

By the end of the movie, though, I had completely forgotten about him. Let me break the awesomeness down for you (through a very long blog post):

In a nutshell, Nick Fury brings The Avengers together to battle Loki and his army. Are you already lost? Then don't bother reading this post...

Captain America

via Zimbio

As mentioned earlier, I haven't seen his movie. But I will very soon - don't you fret. After all, he is officially my favorite Avenger.

Why He Rocks: He dresses well (see above). He's a gentleman. He says "ma'am". He's all about the Superman / Wonder Woman colors. He's got the most beautiful V-shaped back that I have ever seen on a man. And he's prolly the only other character that I liked Chris Evans play aside from his role in "What's Your Number".

Black Widow: "They're from Asgaard. They're practically gods."
Capt. America: "There is only one God, ma'am. And he doesn't dress like that."

BOOM. Heart melts.

The Hulk

I still think I would have preferred to see Joaquin Phoenix as The Hulk, but Mark Ruffalo definitely didn't let me down. After the epic fail of a Hulk aka Eric Bana and after the awesomeness of Edward Norton, I had my doubts. But Mark Ruffalo looked the part. And he played it well.

Why He Rocks: Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk so effortlessly, it's like he's not acting at all. What really won me over, though? His puppy dog eyes. They were exactly what The Hulk needed, I feel, to make him more human. Also, he destroyed all those Asgaard army shits like they were mere ants. Boo. Ya.

Loki: "I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a..."
Hulk: *throws Loki around* "...puny god."

Iron Man

Of course, most of the wit in this movie comes from Tony Stark and, as usual, he overdoes it sometimes. But I've come to accept that that's just the way he is. Plus, I can't hate him coz he's Marvel's Batman aka the rich kid.

Why He Rocks: He provides all the wit. And that machinery he uses to undress? Every fashion blogger's dream. Also, he's very much like me. He's spoiled. He doesn't really think things through. He's self-centered. Things that most people hate, basically.

Iron Man (to Thor): "What is this? Shakespeare in the park? Doth thou mother know you weareth her drapes?"

Thor and Loki

Sadly, although Thor and Loki are both awesome in "Thor", they aren't very awesome in this one. Loki's got some serious Snape-oiled hair going on, for some reason, and Thor simply isn't as witty, hot or amusing as he is in "Thor". Made me wish I had a Capt. America shield with me instead of Mjulnir. Coz, yes, I brought Mjulnir with me to the movie.

Thor: "Listen closely to me, brother..."
*Thor gets knocked over by Iron Man*
Loki: "...I'm listening."

Black Widow and Hawkeye

Now, I know that I watched this movie for Jeremy Renner, but I'm sorry. He was, as Iron Man put it, just another Legolas in this movie. Let me just say: him not being in the trailer so much makes sense now. Scarlett Johanssen rocked in her fight sequence in the beginning, though.

Overall, though, the movie was incredibly kick-ass. There wasn't a single dull moment and even the 3-D effects were kinda cool. 

Aside from the script and the humor linked to Marvel movies, another thing I love about them is the Stan Lee cameos and the after credits. I look forward to them every single time and they never fail to make me smile.

As for the direction, Joss Whedon does an amaaazing job. I love the mirror shots and how different the direction of the final epic battle scene was compared to the rest of the movie. Let me just say: I cannot wait to see this in IMAX. If I have to go alone, I will.

I'm so happy this movie exceeded my expectations. I thought it would be impossible to pull off, so: Joss Whedon - four for you, Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco.

It still doesn't beat my favorite superhero movies of all time (i.e. the very first "Superman" movie and "Watchmen"), but definitely worth the money. Five popcorns out of five. Go see it NOW!!! :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Store in Focus: That Quaint Store + A GIVEAWAY!!!

Have you heard of That Quaint Store yet?

Well, you might have seen me wearing one of their beautiful necklaces in my outfit post "Lucky":

Well, here are some of the other fancy jewelry that they have available. Did I mention that they are all extremely affordable, to boot?

Aside from pretty accessories, That Quaint Store also has many quirky novelty items, paper products and gift ideas available - all with a touch of whimsy.

Like what you've seen so far? Then you're in luck! Because two of my lucky readers will win all of the accessories pictured above. The first winner will win the necklace, rings and earrings; and the second winner will win the necklace and bangles. :)

Here are the mechanics: Look: Abbey Road

For me, "Abbey Road" is one of the most iconic album covers ever. Aside from that, it's got some of the best Beatles songs in it. Dare to disagree? :p

If you don't listen to The Beatles at all coz you think you're too cool to listen to classic rock or are just too young to understand my fascination with them, then raid your parents' old collection. And if they have it, give them two thumbs up from me. :p

This is my favorite Beatles picture by far. And can I just say that Paul is hands-down my favorite Beatle? Yum. (What is it with me and Pauls???)

Anyway, I saw this picture of myself and immediately thought of Abbey Road...

Although my birthday fell on Maundy Thursday this year, I didn't let it get to me. I spent it in the wonderful company of friends having quiet drinks in a friend's bar and talking about everything under the sun - mostly movies. And the journeys that people go through in those movies. ;p

And this is what I wore:

black and white striped top from Solo
burnt orange wide leg palazzo pants from ASOS
brown clogs from Manels

white sunglasses and bow stud earrings from The Little Things She Needs
bronze bunny ring and tribal feather necklace from Wear Mauve
owl cuff bracelet from Bangkok

At the end of the day, I can say that my birthday was a good one. Quiet and different, but still good. :)

I really just still can't get over the fact that Mark's favorite Pixar movie is "Ratatouille", though. Haha. Mine's "Toy Story". Hands down! What's yours? :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hang Ten S/S '12: Welcome to the Great Outdoors!

When I was still in high school (yes, I'm old...), Hang Ten brought one single image to mind: lil footprints on a shirt. Boy, are things different now!

Although still a casual clothing label that imbibes a relaxed sense of style, Hang Ten is definitely far more than their shirts with the footprint logos nowadays.

This season, Hang Ten takes on a trendier, more fashion-forward and more adventurous take on fashion with different collections that revolve around The Great Outdoors. Check 'em out:

The Heritage Collection

Try not to get distracted by those sex lines on the male model... Hehe.

Gotta love the pops of color here!
The Heritage Collection mostly focuses on stylish, hip and bright board shorts, which Hang Ten was originally famous for. Despite the many re-masterings of board shorts through the years, Hang Ten now re-introduces them to the Philippines with different colors, designs and cuts to match anybody's taste this summer!

Camp Hang Ten

Smallville's Clark Kent inspired? :D

Gotta love plaid!
Who doesn't love plaid? Who doesn't love farmboys like Clark Kent? Who doesn't love plaid... on Clark Kent? Although inspired by the casual and laidback culture of summer camping, this collection is my favorite because it simply screams of Smallville and Clark Kent. How many times did I just say Clark Kent in that paragraph? Let me say it again: Clark Kent.

Aside from that, Camp Hang Ten uses earthy colors and khakis to evoke a sense of adventure and wilderness in this collection while staying stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Cotton Project

Loving the tailored fits!

Cotton Project is all about the woodcutters’ style with more modern cuts and slimmer silhouettes for a contemporary yet rugged design.

Do you love Hang Ten's latest collections as much as I do right now? Then like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, or visit them at any major mall nationwide today. :)

Wonder Woman x Blue Vanilla Signature Piece Giveaway

If there is one jewelry piece that always gets complimented or asked about whenever I wear it, it would be my silver starfish cuff from Blue Vanilla.

You've seen me wear it on one of my most laidback days back in November:

See the full outfit here.

And during our Trio styling stint at BLISS in February:

See the full outfit here.

If you are one of the many people who have asked me about this starfish cuff or if you like what you see here, then you're in luck!

Blue Vanilla has agreed to sponsor my blog's very first international giveaway, where you can win any item of your choice from Blue Vanilla.

That means you could get your hands on one of these pretty necklaces:

One of these stunning rings:

Or even one of these Blue Vanilla beauties (been eyeing these shoe jewelry pieces for months myself!):

Choose any statement piece to call your own. The choice is all yours!!!

Here are the mechanics:

Friday, April 27, 2012 Look: Singing in the Rain

Right before my birthday, I got a massively huge birthday surprise from one of my bestest friends in the world. You either already know the story or you have to ask me about it. If you already know the story, though, then your name is prolly JonverJacob, Mark, Lyanne or babydaddy - the only people I spent my actual birthday with. Love you guys! :)

Anyway, since I can't delve into the awesomely epic details here due to its still-sensitive nature, here's an outfit post instead - and a very simple one, at that:

silver bangles from Bangkok
bright blue blazer from Tomato
grey giraffe print top from Mango
Perks of Being a Wallflower locket necklace from Junk Studio

hot pink heels from Stella Luna
blue high-waist jeggings from Boardwalk

And a very gratuitous view of my undercut.

Here is also a sneak peek of what I did right before it struck midnight on April 4th, 2012... mere hours before my 25th birthday. Yes, I am now 25. I still think it's surreal.

Used up my Yabu GCs!

The newly renovated Yabu - which is now twice the size, but still just as full!

Made myself happy by re-watching Peeta on the big screen! :D
(A few minutes before heading to Yabu, we actually ran into real-life Peeta, aka Paul the PR Guy, and that totally made my night!)

Spent time with Jonver David of Where is Jonver?
He introduced me to Moonleaf milk tea earlier that day - delicious! Possibly my favorite milk tea place to date. :) *cough* open one in BF *cough*

Went through my favorite part about Yabu - which I already blogged about here: making the sauce like a Charmed sister.

Aaaaand... ehehehe. :D

Plus, they serve Magnum for dessert at Yabu now! :D

Thank you for being a part of my pre-birthday celebration, Yabu! By the by, I still have a Yabu GC left, courtesy of Catch Gaviola. Who wants to go with me? :)