Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Freeway Mixed Prints Collection 2013: My Favorite Freeway Collection to Date!

The rainy season is here! Despite the dark clouds and cold weather, though, there is no need to look dull and dreary. In fact, pops of fresh prints and colors are an absolute must to brighten up this depressing weather.

Fortunately, Freeway has exactly what we need to brighten up our days with the Freeway Mixed Prints Collection 2013!

Florals are taking over as Freeway brings out a special collection featuring its own exclusive prints that exude the perfect balance of femininity, charm and allure.

This collection consists of tops and dresses featuring simple silhouettes and styles with stunning prints made out of soft, loose and flowy material, all with that comfort stretch component that Freeway is well-known for.

The prints are comprised of blossoms with a watercolor and painting effect comparable to actual roses, tulips and orchids on canvas.

As for the colors, a mixture of sweet colors, like pink, blue, yellow, red and green are used similar to a beautiful garden.

All of the footwear used in this campaign are by Janylin and Muniz.

Known for their innovative ideas, Freeways now develops its own prints, so that you can own special items that cannot be found anywhere else.

This particular collection is sure to add some much-needed sunshine to your wardrobe and chase away gloomy days. The best part is that the pieces are definitely something that women can wear and style everyday, whether for work, a casual day out or a romantic night out.

Freeway's exclusive Mixed Prints Collection embodies the qualities an empowered and graceful woman possesses. Catch this collection at Freeway stores nationwide!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds on my neck.

maroon Geek shirt from Topshop
red boots from Chick Flick Collection

black ruffled skirt from FQ&L (Bangkok)

Don't forget to live, laugh, and love. :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Papa John's Has New Surprises in Store for Everyone!

My love for pizza has never been a well-kept secret. Back when I lived in Bangkok, I used to eat boxes of pizza everyday and even thought about opening up a place called "P&P" or "Pizza & PlayStation" where you would basically just eat pizza and play PlayStation - the only two things I did in 2005.

As such, it isn't any surprise that I blogged about the opening of Papa John's here in BF Homes during the earlier days of this blog.

So, when Vince announced that our big When in Manila meeting was going to be in Papa John's in Tomas Morato, I didn't hesitate to make the long commute over there just to get some delicious food in my belly.

Here are some of my Papa John's favorites:

Their regular pizzas.
It doesn't even matter which flavor. I love them all!

The best part is that they've slashed their prices!!! So you can now get their regular pizzas at Php250 to Php340 (depending on the flavor) instead of from Php280 to Php370!

Their family and party pizza prices have been slashed, too! :D

Their carbonara.
I'm a noodle/pasta lover. So this is on my list.

Chicken wingettes.
I'm not a big chicken lover, but I surprisingly love these.

Naturally, I am - above everything else - a dessert whore, so... TRY ALL OF THESE DELICIOUS DESSERTS AT PAPA JOHN'S!!!




Papa John's has a payday flash sale going on until September, too! During every payday weekend, you can basically enjoy this:

And oh, kids under 12 eat free on Saturdays, so guess where S and I will be heading tomorrow! Oh yeahhh. Papa John's, baby!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black or White.

I have been fond of black outfits ever since my emo/goth days in college, so it's a lil surprising for me to be veering towards a lot of whites nowadays. In fact, I went out in an all-white outfit for the second time this month recently (first time was here).

Wore this on a coffee date with Gerd and Syrena. We finally decided to try out Magnum Opus along Elizalde St. in BF. The highlight was definitely their Tardis bathroom! :p

Photos by Gerd Perez.

One of the problems I used to have with wearing white are the yellow stains that get left behind by deodorants. Well, thanks to the latest world innovation from Nivea, Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black and White, black stays black and white stays white for longer!

This is the first deodorant with 48-hour anti-perspirant protection that doesn't leave any white marks on dark fabrics or yellow stains on light fabrics - exactly what I need for my white-on-white outfit days! :)

Sprays are available at Php170 and roll-ons at Php50 and Php89.

I am loving it so far and have added it onto my beauty arsenal for the days when I decide to wear black or white!

white top from What a Girl Wants
white mullet skirt from Chick Flick

white heels from SM Parisian

Yes, most of my shoes are from SM Parisian. Haha. Can't beat the uniqueness and the price!

Oh, and yeah, I got a haircut. What do you think? :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Best Boyfriend Ever!

Dear Gerd,

I still remember when I first heard about you, saw you, and finally met you. All of that pretty much happened in a span of a few months last year. I don't think I really cared very much on another level until you tweeted "I'm such a geek." one random day.

Little did I know that your geek-world revolved mostly around Dragon Ball Z. If I had known, I prolly wouldn't have bothered inviting you to the Warner Bros./DC event. Haha. Joke lang. I love you!

Lookie! Our first picture together!

Either way, it was the best thing that I had done. :) I am always thankful that we met through Miko and have all become such good friends. I am thankful that you are almost as silly and as weird as me, so my silliness and weirdness don't look too silly and weird. And I am so thankful that you're 21 now! Woohoo! Here's to me feeling less like a pedo! *clink* :p

I wish I could spend your birthday with you today; but instead, I'll be stuck at home working my butt off, so that I can one day buy you something awesome on your birthday instead of blogging something like this.

Enjoy your day, handsome! :* You really are the best boyfriend ever!

Your Angel

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Must-Haves: Retro Glasses from Firmoo

Vintage eyeglasses are definitely a great choice this season. After all, the retro look is known to be the most classic one. You just need to know how to use it properly. Ideally, you should mix vintage eyeglasses with standard, subdued colors, so that you can stand out in any crowd. If you want to get your first pair for free, just visit!

Depending on how you style your clothes with these retro frames, you can come up with a whole new look that speaks just as much about you as it does about the latest fashion trends.

(All of the model photos were taken from Firmoo+)

If you are a new customer to Firmoo, check out more products for your first free pair! All you have to pay for is the shipping fee. And remember: first come, first served!

Feel free to join 4Sponsor, too. 4Sponsor is a safe, easy and efficient platform that connects advertisers with social media publishers and bloggers. Firmoo has recently joined 4Sponsor and will offer more cooperation opportunities there. Try it out now!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DVD Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Interestingly enough, I enjoyed "Jack the Giant Slayer" so much more on DVD than I did when watching it on the big screen last March. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood when I watched it then, but I found myself smiling most of the time during the movie this time around.

If you haven't read my movie review for "Jack the Giant Slayer" yet, you can find it here.

While the DVD menus aren't exactly amazing and are actually quite basic and simple overall, the deleted scene of the story about King Erik and the Giant is pretty amazing in itself. In fact, it would work really well as a bedtime story for your kids when you can't find the time to tell one yourself. ;)

The other deleted scenes are quite interesting, as well, and well worth the watch. There's one really good one on a bridge that reminded me of video games (Crash Bandicoot, in particular) and I'm not sure why they deleted it. I sorta wish there was a Director's Commentary with the DVD, so I can find out.

The gag reel is pretty awesome, too. You'll get to see the actors in a more light-hearted mood, which I always love, and you'll even get to see the famed green screen! :D Haha. Sorry. I'm a sucker for behind-the-scenes anythings when it comes to movies. :)

The winners for this giveaway are Menma and Sherry Ann!
Please email me ASAP to claim your prize! :)

Of course, you can also buy the DVD yourself. If you do, then you even stand the chance to win great prizes!

All photos and DVDs courtesy of Magnavision. :)

Check Out the New Adidas x Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 2013 Collection!

Are you ready for what Adidas and Stella McCartney are coming up with this Fall/Winter 2013?

Graphic prints and vivid colors make their way into pieces that are focused on both aesthetics and performance this time around. Check it out:

Adidas x Stella McCartney nods to the evolution of collaboration by bring back classic styles with their Starter Kit range. Here, you can find a lot of your old running favorites with a balance of style and performance. The collection reflects a neutral feminine color palette with light textures and an improved performance technology called CLIMALITE.

The Adidas x Stella McCartney Travel Pack, on the other hand, offers a range of essential workout looks stored in an electrifying opalescent backpack. Created for comfort and ease of movement while traveling, this Travel Pack consists of CLIMALITE seamless separates in sharp grey, blast emerald and ultra-green, and matched with an iconic Zebra printed jacket with floral accents for an ultra fierce look.

On that note, strong animal and holographic prints are paired with primary colors in the Run range. Eye-catching monochrome and zebra print tights are dialed-up by neon yellow, true blue, turbo red and multi-colored exploding gem print separates in sleek shapes, including matching diaphanous jackets and capes.

The CLIMAPROOF Wind and Rain technology in the capes, shorts and jackets provide weather-resistant support and comfort even in extreme conditions, while the CLIMALITE technology keeps the body cool by being as breathable as possible during physically demanding workouts.

Studio styles team poppy red and night blue blends with melange and grey marl textures. Runway-inspired leopard motifs are adapted in shell beige and water blue in long tights and studio parkas.

The collection's components layer up in signature Stella style for a high fashion look balanced by loose-fit studio hoods and delicate woven jackets. The performance tanks and tights use CLIMALITE SEAMLESS technology, as well, to ensure the utmost temperature control and comfort, accessorized with retro woolen legwarmers for warming up and cooling down.

High performance footwear and accessories support the collectoin, as well, each styled to reflect the Adidas x Stella McCartney aesthetic while providing the necessary performance benefits at the same time.

Which pieces are you most excited for? I'm defo getting my next workout pieces from Adidas this Fall/Winter 2013.

The Adidas x Stella McCartney collection will be available at Adidas Greenbelt 3, BGC, PowerPlant and in Planet Sports Bonifacio High Street.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Give Me a Rawr.

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I apologize deeply for it, but Syrena got sick and then I got sick and it just hasn't been a very productive week on any level. I worked out zero times, finished zero writing projects and scheduled zero blog posts. But here I am making time now and I hope that's enough.

Anyway, here's what I wore to the Giordano Monsters University Fair...

Photos by Gerd Perez.

dress from Chick Flick

Since it was a university-inspired event, I decided to dress up the way that I used to dress up when I was still in university. A simple dress and sporty shoes: my go-to uniform those many years ago. Plus, the dress is very Bangkok.

Got this cool baller ID at the event itself!

shoes from Adidas

Since I knew I was bringing the tot with me, I decided to wear shoes that would enable me to run around with ease. These babies did the job really well and withstood the harsh weather at the same time. Thanks to Nuffnang and Adidas for these babies! I love them to bits! :)

I wish I could say the day was full of fun and games, but it wasn't. There were moments of intense stress that I really wouldn't have been able to battle if it weren't for my boys. I swear: they're the most patient bunch of people I know and I'm so happy my girl loves them to bits! :)