Monday, July 10, 2017

On 'Spider-Man Homecoming' and Tobey Maguire

I watched 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' at our block screening with PMCM Management at Resorts World last week, and while I was initially super excited for the movie - since I had fallen in love with Tom Holland after seeing him dance to Rihanna's 'Umbrella' - I ended up leaving the cinemas with a conflicted heart.

I wanted to like the movie. Heck, I wanted to LOVE the movie. I really, really did. And while it was entertaining at parts, it fell short and didn't outshine Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man movies like I thought it might. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I'm just too old to appreciate a coming-of-age movie now, but here's what I thought of it, in a nutshell:


Other things I want to point out that I didn't point out in the video? It's funny that I'm seeing so many memes online about how Tobey Maguire is the worst Spider-Man out of all of the ones who portrayed him on film, but I actually really liked him. Or at least his movies. I enjoyed his movies immensely - yes, even the third one, because as stupid as the casting for Venom was, it was hilarious to see Topher Grace in the role and laugh about it.

In 'Homecoming', I felt like the best parts were the funniest ones - and they mostly involved Ned instead of Peter, effectively making Ned outshine who was supposed to be the star of the movie. It's kind of like how Rupert Grint outshone Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter movies. The movies all had Harry Potter in the titles, but you've gotta admit the best scenes were the ones with Ron.

In Tobey's movies, the funniest parts were the ones with him in it and most of the movies really revolved around him as either Peter Parker or Spider-Man. In 'Homecoming', it feels like there is so much going on and so many people to focus on - people who are infinitely more interesting than Peter, anyway. I actually care more about Michael Keaton and his storyline than I do about Peter Parker's.

I also really missed the quote 'With great power comes great responsibility'. Every time I think of Spider-Man, I think of that quote. And I LOVE that quote because it's so applicable to real life. In 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', we get a quote about his suit and it just doesn't make as much of an impact as the power and responsibility quote.

I would also like to point out that Karen, Spider-Man's suit, is voiced by Jennifer Connelly, who happens to be married to Paul Bettany, who happens to voice Jarvis, who is Iron Man's suit. Wala lang. I thought that was cute.

What about you? Did you like the movie? Share your thoughts! I'd love to read them!

Monday, July 3, 2017

On ToyCon PH 2017 and the Joy that it Brings Me

Not a lot of people understand why I love ToyCon so much or why I never miss it. In fact, one of the most common questions I get is, "What's ToyCon?" followed by, "So, it's just full of toys?" HELL YES, IT'S FULL OF TOYS!!!

For a toy collector like me, ToyCon happens to be a dream come true - and yes, I spend HOURS there when I go. This year, Julian surprised me by showing up in a Jughead beanie and it totally made my day - so much so that I decided to save my Winter Soldier costume for comic con and go as Veronica Lodge instead.

Of course, we got to SMX bright and early as usual. I like going on Friday mornings when the crowd isn't crazy. Not only do you get first dibs on toys, but you also get to enjoy the experience without the crazy weekend crowds (though we still went back on Sunday for last-minute shopping hehe). Watch our video of Day 1 of ToyCon here:

A lot of people that I know enjoy going to ToyCon to meet celebrities and dress up and while that is always great, I am one of the few who go there to really shop. I will write a separate blog post on my ToyCon haul, but here are some of the favorite attractions and toys that I spotted whilst there:

I spent a good 5 minutes taking pictures of this display of Marvel statues by the entrance.

Because Groot is love!!!

Cannot wait for these!!! Saving, saving, saving!!!

Went back on Sunday to pick up these cuties!

This makes me want to dress up as Darna!

I definitely need to look into these Filipino superheroes.

Not gonna pretend like I know who she is, but she looks cool.

Pretty Coca-Cola carousel display.

This Wonder Woman doll is so pretty!

The whole cast was there!

Super. Want. This. New Era. Cap. Gahhhhh.

I swear these mugs were made for me. :p

B'lue has cool Spidey bottles!

Gotta catch 'em all!


I had to stop myself from asking how much these are coz I knew I would buy them all if I started trying stuff on.

These bags are too cute for my life!!!



Our go-to ToyCon snack: Takoyaki!

Julian was about to give up 5 hours in - around the same time as my feet in 4-inch heels were. Nothing some Takoyaki and hot dogs couldn't fix, though! Soldier on! (I brought flats with me coz I'm smart and practical like that haha)

Julian joined a Mogu Mogu drinking contest. :p

3D printed Groot!

Bad. Ass. Hulkbuster. At Anotoys.

These wine glasses were also made for me!

Spotted this adorable tiny Star Lord giving out flyers!

Yup. Definitely saving up for this one.


We also spent a good 2 hours at the board game lounge learning new games. Thank you, Gaming Library! You da best!

Overall, the weekend was fun, fulfilling and ATM-draining… Still, it was oh-so-worth-it! And now that ToyCon is over, it's time to look forward to the next geeky event: Asia Pop Comic Con!!! I usually don't buy as much stuff at APCC as I do at ToyCon, but I do go gaga over the celebs there!

Right now, I've got my fingers crossed for someone from 'Riverdale' to come over for the con! What about you?