Monday, January 31, 2022

Where to Play Fun Food-Centered Online Games to Pass the Time

Do you love playing games online? Are you looking for new fun games you might not have discovered yet? Whether you're looking for basic games for your kids or more challenging games to get your brain to function better during your work breaks, has a ton of options for you to choose from!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Tap Supermarket

I don't know about you but I've always loved games like this. In fact, I used to have a ton of them downloaded on my phone. Fortunately, I can now save on phone space and play Tap Supermarket instead.

In this isometric game, you have to manage a grocery store by restocking produce, expanding the line of goods that you sell, and checking out customers. The more you play, the more displays you'll unlock. It's a great game to zone out on and there's something weirdly relaxing about tap-tap-tapping your way through the game.

Burger Time

Ahhh... Food-serving games are another guilty pleasure of mine. (Actually, I think food games, in general, are just something I'm really into. Did anyone say 'Overcooked'?)

In Burger Time, you have to make burgers for your customers with the ingredients in the order that they mention. It's pretty straightforward, but you do need to work your brain a little and you gotta be quick; otherwise, the customers might leave.

DC Super Hero Girls Burrito Blitz

Alright, so as Wonder Woman, I'm a little biased; but of course, the DC Super Hero Girls game has to be in here.

In DC Super Hero Girls Burrito Blitz, you need to help Barbara Gordon serve customers as they show up. As a bonus, the music is really catchy for this game, too.

I love how the games on aren't just fun to pass a time, but can also be shared with my daughter. In case you're looking for some new games yourself, make sure to check them out!