Thursday, November 26, 2015

iflix Now Offers Download Now, Watch Offline Feature

I fell in love with iflix at first sight. I loved the aesthetics. I loved the convenience. I loved the TV show and movie choices. I loved the quality. And I loved that I could share my account with my loved ones.

I still love all of these things about iflix, of course. However, they have taken things a notch higher by adding an all-new feature that has made me love them even more: the Download Now, Watch Offline feature.

Exactly as it sounds, this new feature will allow you to download  content at your convenience, so that you can watch it later on - even if you don't have any Internet connection.

Yes, yes. You might think you don't need it coz you have Wi-Fi that you can bring everywhere or 3G that you can access anytime, but that really isn't the case. I used to think that way, too… until I got bored in an airplane once. And until my Wi-Fi ran out of battery once and I didn't want to use my 3G for fear that my phone would run out of battery, too. (Bloody iPhone battery problems.) And until I was stuck traveling without any Wi-Fi at my disposal. Sad times.

Now there is nothing to worry about anymore, thanks to this new feature. The coolest thing is that iflix is actually one of the first and only subscription streaming services in the world to offer this particular feature on this scale. There's no additional charge for it, either. Plus, you can choose if you want to download it as a low, medium or high quality file depending on how much storage space you have left in your device.

Mark Britt, iflix Group CEO, put it perfect, "This feature is a game changer and represents a huge competitive leap forward for iflix. Wherever our subscribers are - on a plane, traveling, on vacation, or anywhere in the world - they can enjoy their favorite programs, regardless of Internet availability."

So far, I've downloaded a bunch of Once Upon a Time and How I Met Your Mother episodes for offline viewing just in case the need for it ever arises.

iflix rules! Get a subscription for only Php129 a month for unlimited access without ads! You can also get a free 30-day trial first before you commit to see if you'll like it. :) Woot! Visit to register.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Not so Far Away

Isn't it strange how people work so hard to fit in and then, when they finally do, they panic and run for the nearest cave? That's me right now.

grey Luke Skywalker shirt from Uniqlo / grey jogger pants from RRJ / printed socks from Stance / maroon shoes from adidas / R2-D2 bag from Loungefly

See, a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away… Well, right here, about a year ago, no one really cared about Star Wars. Or Justin Bieber. And now, all of a sudden, everyone is dressing up as Princess Leia and everyone is praising the Biebs for his great music left and right.

And while that's great because I can finally relate to people, it's kind of scaring me. The world is changing and it's scary because I no longer feel unique and weird. And I've been weird for the longest time, I don't really know how to fit in anymore.

Don't get me wrong. I love that more and more people are finally understanding my obsessions, but I suddenly miss my boyfriend giving a confused smirk when I go nuts over a Millennium Falcon toy. I miss my best friend's glazed eyes whenever she zones out when I geek out. I miss making Star Wars jokes and references and waiting to see who actually gets me. And above all things, I miss Star Wars merch not being sold out when I want them. Lol.

Maybe I would have been more receptive to this if this had happened at an earlier time - say, last year, before I was mocked and ridiculed for posting Justin Bieber photos and made fun of and laughed at for spending 10K on Star Wars merch.

Maybe I'm just bitter.

Maybe it's Maybelline.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Have you heard of the brand Belkin before? I'm not sure how this brand escaped my radar, but I'm happy I finally got introduced to them since, to put it simply, they can easily take care of all of my gadget needs (and at much cheaper prices compared to my usual go-to gadget store to boot!)

Here are five items on my current Belkin wishlist that will really make life much easier once I catch have them all *cue Pokemon song*:

5. Belkin Mixit 1.2m Lightning Sync/Charge Cable

In red, of course. Coz Wonder Woman.

Aside from being available in a pretty Wonder Woman-y color, every Apple user needs a charging cable to charge their devices on a daly basis. If you're a blogger like me, then transferring data with this cable is just as vital.

That's why charging cables always need to be replaced the same day they get lost or stop working. I'd actually go so far as to say that charging cables are just as important as breathing nowadays.

4. Belkin Universal Window and Dash Car Navigation Mount for Smartphones

Coz I have horrible navigational skills.

Now, not everybody will need this, but I definitely do. See, I have ZERO navigational skills and this will help ensure that I stop getting lost everyday. Sure, I know I can just use my GPS as normal, but I tend to always look down on it instead of waiting for the GPS lady to tell me where to go and that spells "DANGER" on the road more than anything.

This mount will ensure that I get to where I'm going with ease and safety. What I love about it the most, though, is that it can also be tilted and rotated as needed for easier navigation.

3. Belkin Charger Kit with Lightning to USB Cable

Coz chargers deserve to be fashionable, too.

What is not to love about the color on this Belkin charger? Sure, being fashown might not be as important for chargers, but I love having unique items to avoid mixing them up with family members and friends. Walang basagan ng trip! :p

2. Belkin Sport-Fit Armband for iPhone 6

More pretty colours!

By now it should be obvious that Belkin wins my heart because of the pops of colours that they add to their phone accessories. I love the pink of this one.

I have actually been searching far and wide for a sport-fit armband because I have started running with my boyfriend every week (shocker, I know!) and I've just been holding my phone every time we run. Once I have this, my weekly runs will go much more smoother, that's for sure! Plus, it's so pretty in pink!!! Oh, did I say that already?

1. Belkin Economy Series 8 Socket Surge Protector

All of my devices, rejoice!

Belkin doesn't just cater to phone accessories, either. This socket surge protector is the ultimate must-have for a movie buff and gamer like me! Not only will I get to charge all of my daily-needed gadgets on this thing, but I'll also get to watch movies or play games while I'm at it. Lots of socket space for everyone! Hallelujah!

So, there you have it: my Belkin wishlist in all of its glory!

Lucky for me, they are all still available on Lazada. :) Want to check out the rest of the Belkin products out there? Just visit this link: :)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey Sugar: Put Your Mind at Ease at This Waxing Salon

I have tried almost every single waxing salon in the Metro. Why? Because I couldn't find that safe-haven-of-a-place where I actually feel at ease.

Sure, I love Strip to death, but I soon realised that I couldn't keep going all the way to Makati or BGC whenever I needed a wax - which is every three weeks or so. So, when I was told to try out Hey Sugar in Festival Mall, the South girl in me leapt at the chance!

The mere interiors of Hey Sugar in itself already got me excited to try out their services.

Look at how bright and happy the colours are!

There's nothing intimidating about this place at all!

The bright and happy colours cane found all throughout the salon.

Even all the way into the actual waxing room.

As with Strip, Hey Sugar uses hot wax for their waxing procedures, which means that you will hardly feel anything at all as you get waxed! No pain, no mahapdi feeling afterwards, and most importantly, no ingrown hairs! And the wax technicians? Super friendly and accommodating and they have a very soft touch.

The differences between Hey Sugar and Strip? The prices are more affordable at Hey Sugar and they have a branch in the South! This makes them number one on my current waxing salon list. Yes, no longer will I have to endure the pain that comes with Lay Bare. Hey Sugar is my new go-to place for waxing! You should make it yours, too!

Don't believe in their awesomeness just yet? Try it out yourself! I have a giveaway for one wax treatment of your choice - and you can bring a friend to enjoy a wax treatment with you! :) Just fill up this Rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! For now, don't forget to like Hey Sugar on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @heysugarphils :) They've got branches in Festival Mall, SM Bicutan, UP Town Center and SM Sucat in the Metro!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Snow Caps: Get the "In Love Glow" (Even If You're Not In Love)

If you've been reading my blog and following me on social media for a while now, you should know that I'm not really that obsessed with looking whiter. In fact, I don't believe that white skin = kutis mayaman as a lot of whitening products seem to claim or at least call it. Maybe it has something to do with me growing up abroad, where most people embrace dark skin and love to tan to get a healthy and sexy glow.

However, after I had tried out the ever-effective MySlim, I decided to check out the rest of their products, too - Snow Caps included.

Obviously, most people use Snow Caps because of its whitening properties. However, what I love the most about it is the fact that it has a lot of other benefits under its sleeve, as well.

For starters, it has Vitamin C in it. For someone who doesn't take any kinds of vitamins at all, I thought this would be a step up and if I ended up looking better because of it, well, then that would just be a plus.

Second of all, I found out L-Glutathione, one of the ingredients in Snow Caps also works as an antioxidant and is helpful for one's liver health, cognitive health and skin health. Love it!

The effects were really interesting. Just three days after starting to take Snow Caps, people started complimenting me more. They chalked it up to being in a relationship, saying I was glowing because I was in love, but I knew it had more to do with Snow Caps than my boo.

Even I noticed and felt the difference. Every morning, kahit bagong gising, I would look in the bathroom mirror and notice my cheeks kinda glowing - without makeup(!!!) I looked like I had a bit of blush on when I didn't.

This is important because I always look like a zombie in the morning and don't even look like a decent human being until I've had my first cup of coffee and put on some foundation. Now, I can ditch the face makeup altogether, slather on some lipstick and I'm good to go:

Again: if you've known me for a while, you'll know that I'm not fond of posting selfies, either. I'd say I used to average about one selfie every twenty Instagram posts. Now, I'm up to at least one selfie a week. Hahaha.

Call it vanity or whatever, but I'd like to call it confidence - and it's partly thanks to of Snow Caps. I mean, if you wake up feeling confident and prettier-than-usual everyday, I'm sure you'll start posting more selfish, too (to the ire of everyone around you sometimes, but YOLO!)

You should definitely try it out. You might end up liking it, too. (Alden Richards does!)

Find out more about Snow Caps on Snow Caps' Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter (@snowgluta) or on Instagram (@snowwhitening) #WhiteVanity

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Search for the Perfect Kimonos

I've been wanting a kimono ever since I saw Miley Cyrus donning one during that time I had a massive Miley Cyrus phase. Not only does she look great when she's actually clothed wearing one, but  I have always found that kimonos generally look chic yet extremely comfortable at the same time.

Kimonos are the kinds of coverups that instantly dress up lazy outfits. Not to mention, they seem like the perfect thing to wear on days when I feel extra flabby-armed.

Miley Cyrus isn't my only style icon who wears them, either.

I've spotted Nicole Richie wearing them many a time.

And, my goodness, how great does Lily Collins look in one?

My problem with kimonos is that, every time I feel the urge to buy one, I can never find anything that suits my style. When I do, they are usually out of stock. Other times, when I try them on, they end up looking like bathrobes on me.

Well, my search is finally over because I have discovered a place that sells all sorts of different types of kimonos. Yippee! :D Take a look at ZALORA's collection of fringed, floral, and tasselled Kimonos:

From that photo alone, you can see that Zalora has all sorts of different kimonos available, from printed ones to tasselled ones. I've already got my eye on a few of them and can't wait to finally get my shop on and get the kimonos that I've wanted for so long now. Do you love kimonos, too? :)

5 Reasons Why Alden Richards is the Perfect Snow Caps Endorser

I have a few confessions to make. 1) I haven't seen a single episode nor do I intend to. 2) Everything I know about AlDub, I know from my boyfriend. 3) I only found out who Alden Richards once after I saw a line of women lining up to take a picture with him at my gym one morning.

So, when there were hints that Alden Richards would be at the event that I was heading to, I wasn't as excited as most people would be. However, since I swear by Vida NutriScience products (read part 1 of my weight loss journey with MySlim here), I made my way all the way to Tomas Morato from Paranaque to witness the announcement of Alden's endorsement.

Little did I know that I would learn exactly why so many people are in love with him and why he was chosen to be the new Snow Caps endorser.

5 Reasons why Alden Richards is the Perfect Snow Caps Endorser

5. He is incredibly humble and down-to-earth.

I started off the event without a view and just listening to the interview with Alden Richards. During that time, I learned that he is an incredibly humble and down-to-earth person. Nothing about him screams 'celebrity' and everything about that drew me more towards him and what he was saying.

Hmmmm… maybe I should sneak a lil peek in-between all of these people. *moves chair a lil bit*

4. He is honest.

I have been to numerous events where celebrities endorse products and a lot of the time, I end up rolling my eyes because of how fake their responses are.

One thing that really impressed me about Alden was that he knew the Snow Caps product really well, even without having taken it for a very long time yet. In other words, he knew exactly what he was getting into and even emphasised that he wasn't really in it for the glutathione and to get whiter skin, but for all of the other extra benefits that comes with the product, such as vitamin C.

Hmmm… *stands up for a better view*

3. He is relatable and likeable.

Listening to Alden talk to the press was like listening to friends talking. There was no air about him. There was no showbiz factor about him. He was real, and thus very relatable and likeable.

Hmm… Maybe I should take a picture with him after the event...

2. He looks like the perfect Prince Charming.

The first time I tried Snow Caps, what first caught my eye was the packaging. It was attractive and instantly made me think of Snow White. Well, the first time I set my eyes on Alden Richards, I noticed his dimples. His demeanour also instantly made me think of Prince Charming. And we all know how Snow White and Prince Charming go together like macaroni and cheese.

*starts grinning to self as Alden talks* Yup… Definitely taking a picture later…

1. If Snow Caps were a man, it would be Alden Richards.

All of the points I mentioned above don't just describe Alden, but also describe Snow Caps. Snow Caps is a humble brand that can be trusted (Snow Caps are sold at Mercury Drug!), is relatable and likeable and well, it looks good and makes you feel good about yourself - just like Alden does. Hihi. No wonder he got chosen to be the new endorser.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a picture with him at all coz everyone (obviously) had the same idea in mind. Haha.

I've been putting off my Snow Caps review for a while now because of all of my recent beach trips, but I' definitely going to be reviewing it soon. Lalo akong naganahan coz of Alden. Hihi.

Want to find out what Snow Caps is all about? Get your own dose at Mercury Drug stores nationwide or like Snow Caps on Facebook. You may also follow them on Twitter (@snowgluta) and on Instagram (@snowwhitening). Hashtags: #snowcaps #WhiteVanity #PrinceAldenCharming

New Converse x DC Comics Collection? TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!

It should be pretty evident by the theme of my blog how much I love DC Comics, particularly Wonder Woman. Well, I love Converse, too. In fact, I love Converse so much, I have a Converse VIP Card (well, had… I lost my wallet this weekend. Huhuhu.)

When you combine Converse and Wonder Woman, I literally go nuts. So nuts, in fact, that fellow blogger Paul the PR Guy surprised me with this beautiful Converse x DC Comics pair a few years ago. And, while those sneaks are still alive and kicking, I can't help but pine for the new Wonder Woman sneakers in the new Converse collection. TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!!

Obviously, I will be buying one as soon as tomorrow coz that's just how geeky-me rolls.

The rest of the limited-edition collection features Batman, Superman, and Justice League, but obviously, I'm getting the Wonder Woman one. Mostly coz it's the only one that they have in my size, but also because that's what my blog is all about. :)

Check out the rest of the new Converse x DC Comics collection:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Superman

Converse Chuck Taylor All Justice League

All of the sneakers in the new Converse Chuck Taylor DC Comics Collection are priced at Php3,510. Get them in stores now! And don't forget to like Converse Philippines on Facebook! :)