Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Mean Girls Musical: What to Expect

I recently got Syrena to watch the original Mean Girls movie and my goodness. Can you believe it has already been 20 whole years since we were blessed with that amazing movie? Even though I am now "the cool mom" and no longer Regina George, it was still such a marvelous film to watch.

Ever since the remake was announced, however, I've been a bit on edge. I don't know how to feel about a Mean Girls movie for "this" generation (IYKYK). Will it even be funny? Will it still be relatable?

Knowing that Tina Fey will still be at the helm, I feel a bit more at ease. She also said that this musical film adaptation still captures the spirit of the original, but... I don't know.

Watch the trailer of the Mean Girls musical here:

Tina Fey promises, "We are still able to have new jokes and new moments that will surprise people who love the original and also delight a whole new audience."

Director Samantha Jayne also stresses on a significant point of Mean Girls: that women should support women instead of tearing each other down. "That message was great in 2004," she says, "and it will be great 100 years from now. If we have created a version that connects that message to today's audience and allows them to have fun, we're doing what we set out to do."

Will definitely need to be open-minded about this and watch it with Syrena to get his Gen Z perspective on it.

Are you excited for the Mean Girls musical?

Mark your calendars. The Mean Girls musical starts showing in Philippine cinemas on February 7, 2024.