Saturday, June 8, 2024

I'm in love with my G-SHOCK ITZY watch!

I love Casio watches, particularly Baby G and G-SHOCK watches. In fact, the first watch I ever fell in love with was a Casio Baby G watch.

So, when I learned that ITZY collaborated with the famous brand, I was ecstatic. A collaboration between my favorite Korean girl group and my favorite watch brand? Winner!

Honestly, it's the perfect collaboration because, like G-SHOCK, ITZY is just as powerful and just as tough.

There are three colors available in this collaboration - beige pink, white, and translucent black - and in my current attempt to veer away from my usual blacks, I went for the beige pink one.

Honestly, I have no regrets because just like the white and black, it matches perfectly well with practically any outfit. I also love the pinkish hands of the clock that gives it at added oomph.

To make MIDZYs even happier, the special G-SHOCK ITZY watches come in a tin case with the ITZY logo on it:

The tin case is also placed in a box with ITZY's signatures printed on it.

The watch face and the back of the watch have the ITZY logo on it too:

The G-SHOCK ITZY watch is definitely a must-have accessory for every MIDZY out there. Make sure to get yours before their concert in Manila!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Finalists Have Been Revealed

Another day, another piece of motivation! The Century Tuna Superbods 2024 finalists have been revealed, and haaaaay... one day talaga. :p

This actually isn't the first time I've been in awe of the Century Tuna superbods. Fun fact: Century Tuna Superbods has been around since 2006!

For me, though, exactly 10 years ago (wow, time flies!), I took part in the online challenge that Century Tuna had on their site. That was back when I had a really bad concept of what fitness entailed though.

Now that I have a healthier outlook on health and fitness (and it only took a decade to get here? wew hahaha), I look at the Century Tuna Superbods 2024 finalists with new eyes.

Meet the Top 18 Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Finalists

For the male category: Nikko Nackaerts, Tony de Oteyza, Angel Mallari, Jerico Ejercito, Jether Palomo, Kris Guevarra, John Jenric Saldivar, Michael Ver Comaling, Jose Vicente Sobrevilla, Patrick Patawaran, John Paulo Dela Cruz, Carlo Adorador, Aaron Davis, Jeff Ong, Enzo Bonoan, Derick Hibaler, Naia Ching, and Joshua David Spider Webb.

For the female category: Monique de los Santos, Mariah Nicole Valdez, Justine Felizarta, Brooke Barredo, Lea Macapagal, Hazel Ortiz, Morena Carlos, Chrystel Mae Correos, Jasmin Ariola, Julia Sucgang-Bonoan, Nælah Alshorbaji, Clare Dacanay, Jessica Marasigan, Miaow Ayesa, Keylyn Trajano, Teodora Marie Reiss, Imelda Schweighart, and Inka Magnaye.

The evaluation process for the Century Tuna Superbods 2024 finalists was a rigorous one and included hundreds of online and onsite auditions. They were also evaluated through a walk-off to showcase their physiques, charisma, and stage presence and a question-and-answer portion to demonstrate their ability to share their fitness advocacies and wits.

Of course, all of the selected Century Tuna Superbods 2024 finalists also have inspiring stories to share as they strive for the healthiest and fittest versions of themselves.

This is in line with what Century Tuna Superbods is all about: celebrating people who have gone on remarkable journeys of physical transformation, personal growth, and a commitment to healthy living. Again: one day..... :p

The finals night of the Century Tuna Superbods 2024 Best You Ever Campaign will happen in July where this year’s #CenturyTunaSuperbodsBestYouEver winners will be named.

For more information, visit and follow Century Tuna on Facebook or Instagram for more updates.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Tabing Ilog Cast Reunite for A Journey - Get the Tissue Ready!

When I heard that some of the Tabing Ilog cast members were going to star in the Netflix movie A Journey together, I jumped at the chance to interview them about it. Little did I know how much the movie would actually wreck me.

In a nutshell, Kaye Abad stars as a woman who discovers her cancer has returned. She refuses treatment and decides to go to Australia with her husband (Paolo Contis) and their best friend (Patrick Garcia) while checking off things on her "magic list" (basically a bucket list) along the way.

A Journey Trailer

First and foremost, you need to know that this movie is heeeeeavy.

While it starts off light, and Tabing Ilog references and other nostalgic anecdotes are peppered into the movie, it is pretty heavy as a whole. I'm a cryer by nature but I still shed more tears than I'd like to admit while watching this.

Granted, this might have something to do with how much I related to the movie, but even without being able to relate to the health issues or their age, there is a lot to be learned from A Journey:

Do the things that you want to do.

Like Kaye's character, I found myself in several pickles in life last year, which prompted me to change my mindset about how I was living my life as a whole. Cue all of the trips, concerts, and random activities I've done since then.

A Journey reminds us that there is more to life than work and money. You can always earn more money but you won't always have the energy, youth, or good health to do the things that you want to do now. So book that trip, dye your hair, and see those penguins. Live a life filled with fantastic experiences that you can look back on. No matter what anyone says, you deserve it.

Make memories with the people you love.

At first, I didn't quite understand why the boys didn't make more of an effort to make one of Kaye's bucket list items come true prior to her getting sick again, but I now realize that goes back to being sucked into work and other things in life.

Anyway, if you miss/love someone, make time for them. Ditch the excuses. Take a trip together and rekindle your friendship/love. Take a trip to see someone you haven't seen in a long time.

I used to always put things off, thinking that "I'll make plans for next week/month" or "I'll see them next year" until surprise, it never happens.

Even though they are miles away, I recently visited my sister in Los Angeles, my best friend in Malta, my college best friend in France, and even some friends in Bangkok. Is my bank account happy? Definitely not. But I am. And I'd like to think they are too. It was well worth it in the end and I promised to see the people I love more often.

Always hold onto hope.

The most important thing I got out of A Journey though is that you should never lose hope. It's funny because hope used to be my favorite word. Somewhere along the years (let's blame all of the bad luck and crappy experiences I've had), I lost sight of that. But A Journey has reminded me to always hold onto hope - if not for ourselves, at least for those who love us.

Of course, A Journey isn't perfect. There were moments where my heart was already feeling so heavy and yet it felt like the movie was still dragging on. It's definitely not for the weak-hearted. I paused it a lot.

But it did remind me that I have been making the right choices in how I live my life nowadays. And if you haven't gone through a similar epiphany yet, I highly recommend you watch it. Just make sure you've got a lotta tissue ready.

Watch A Journey on Netflix here.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

NBA Collaborates With LE SSERAFIM to Engage Fans in New Ways


After their successful partnership with BTS' Suga, the NBA is at it again to tug at our KPop-loving hearts. This time, it's a multi-year collaboration with the girl group LE SSERAFIM.

The talented ladies will be heading Friends of the NBA, a celebrity and influencer program in Asia that aims to engage sports and music fans in new and creative ways.

Expect to see them at NBA games and events, and collaborating with the sports giant on exclusive content which you can watch on the NBA's and LE SSERAFIM's social media channels. Kim Chae-won, Sakura, Huh Yun-jin, Kazuha, and Hong-chae will also be sharing their experiences as NBA fans on social media.

"We are so excited to collaborate with the NBA,” the girls beam. “We had a great time watching an NBA game in person last year in LA! We look forward to working together with the league to experience so much more with NBA fans around the world."

Hopefully, we'll be getting NBA LE SSERAFIM merch too! Manifest with me!!!

Learn more about the NBA LE SSERAFIM collaboration here.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

SEVENTEEN to Release Two New Albums This 2024?!??

I am watching Day 2 of SEVENTEEN's Follow Tour to Incheon as I am typing this (multi-tasking at its finest), but I am completely losing it because WHAT DID HOSHI JUST SAY?!??

Apparently, SEVENTEEN will be releasing not one BUT TWO albums this year?

He said it out of nowhere and the members were shocked because apparently, they were planning on announcing it at the end of today's concert... but we all know Hoshi and this is definitely not out of character. Lol. Based on their reactions, it seems legit but will confirm again at the end of the concert in a few hours.

He also said they'd be doing another tour after and he went on to say, "Let's all say 'Get some rest' at the count of three." Now, I know this was a joke and I know we're all happy to be getting so much SEVENTEEN content (they may also be rushing things since Jeonghan has to enlist in the military soon), but I do hope the boys get some rest somehow. 

Either way, OH MY GOD!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

BSS are the New Faces for the OPPO Reno11 F 5G

BSS are the new faces for the OPPO Reno11 F 5G!!!

I'm so proud of our boys, and they look absolutely perfect in the posters:

OPPO has always been my smartphone of choice for my kid, Syrena, for a variety of reasons; and as a mini-Carat, it really isn't surprising that he now wants to get his hands on the OPPO Reno11 F 5G.

BSS members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi as the latest OPPO Reno Experts for OPPO’s APAC markets marks the beginning of a new era - and their exuberant energy truly matches the smartphone brand well.

Just check out the fun BSS OPPO commercial to see what I mean:

BSS’ embodiment of youthful energy and a genuine love or self-expression perfectly represent the key features of OPPO’s latest smartphone, reflecting the dynamic qualities that set the OPPO Reno11 F 5G apart in the market.

"The OPPO Reno series prides itself on being the portrait expert and we are thrilled to partner with BSS," shares Andy Shi, APAC President of OPPO. "It is not just about the innovation of the Reno series but more about providing a tool for genuine, joyous expression. We invite fans of OPPO and BSS alike to join us on this portrait photography journey to seize the opportunity and showcase their creativity."

No need to tell us twice - we're on it! ;)

OPPO’s latest addition to its Reno lineup, the OPPO Reno11 F 5G, is now available in the Philippines. With vibrant, eye-catching style, a 64MP Ultra-Clear Triple Camera, and a 120Hz AMOLED Borderless display, the OPPO Reno11F 5G is a winning combination of fresh looks and smart experiences.

For further updates from OPPO, please visit

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Mean Girls Musical: What to Expect

I recently got Syrena to watch the original Mean Girls movie and my goodness. Can you believe it has already been 20 whole years since we were blessed with that amazing movie? Even though I am now "the cool mom" and no longer Regina George, it was still such a marvelous film to watch.

Ever since the remake was announced, however, I've been a bit on edge. I don't know how to feel about a Mean Girls movie for "this" generation (IYKYK). Will it even be funny? Will it still be relatable?

Knowing that Tina Fey will still be at the helm, I feel a bit more at ease. She also said that this musical film adaptation still captures the spirit of the original, but... I don't know.

Watch the trailer of the Mean Girls musical here:

Tina Fey promises, "We are still able to have new jokes and new moments that will surprise people who love the original and also delight a whole new audience."

Director Samantha Jayne also stresses on a significant point of Mean Girls: that women should support women instead of tearing each other down. "That message was great in 2004," she says, "and it will be great 100 years from now. If we have created a version that connects that message to today's audience and allows them to have fun, we're doing what we set out to do."

Will definitely need to be open-minded about this and watch it with Syrena to get his Gen Z perspective on it.

Are you excited for the Mean Girls musical?

Mark your calendars. The Mean Girls musical starts showing in Philippine cinemas on February 7, 2024.