Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've got a thing for rings.

I've got a thing for rings. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm a ring whore. If you've seen my fingers in real life, you'll know this is quite sad, though, seeing as I have the thinnest fingers in the universe.

I wear a size 4 when it comes to rings. In jewelry language, this means that I have the ring size of a 10-year-old. In other words, whenever I walk into beautiful ring stores like Pandora, I can't find anything that I can buy coz every single ring there is simply too big for me.

When guys buy me rings, like the Lord of the Rings ring seen above, they are so big that I have to resort to wearing them around my neck or risk losing them for life by wearing them.

This is why I have so many random rings, most of which are adjustable:

Or are connected, so I have a better grip on them:

Then there are the very rare cases where I find XS sizes or at least S sizes, which fit my other fingers:

As such, I have also ended up with a ton of rings in my drawers, some of which were gifts from people who have never seen my tiny fingers and have therefore gone completely unused and some of which I only bought to look at coz they were just that pretty. #dontjudge

As such, I figured I should have a ring sale online. My only question is: would anyone actually be interested in that? I'm a bit hesitant to sell stuff online coz I feel like I'd just be wasting my time. Lol. If enough people are interested, though, I'll definitely do it. :) Who's up for a ring sale? :D


P.S. Speaking of rings… :)

Create your own engagement ring with Modern Design Inc. - 5 star service, great prices. It's like having your own personal jeweler.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bad with Compliments

I am super bad with compliments.

beanie from Front Row Shop / glasses from Four Eyes / plaid top from Penshoppe / shorts from What a Girl Wants / slip-ons from J&M

When I get a compliment through text - even just something like "You ain't ever boring" - I end up staring at the screen for a good minute before I type a response, delete the response, type another response, delete the response again and just do that 100 times until it has come to the point where it's taken me too long to respond that whoever I was texting has already fallen asleep or it's already gotten a lil awkward coz it's on Google Chat or iMessage where whoever I am texting can see that I'm typing and may or may not be waiting for my response.

When I get a compliment in person, like "You are so pretty", I end up looking away, pretending I didn't hear the compliment yet replay it over and over in my head until I realize it was kinda rude that I ignored the compliment and play certain scenarios in my head where I was witty about it instead and just completely zone out on the rest of the conversation after that, making myself look even more rude.

Hay. Yup. I'm bad with compliments. Does anyone have any advice on how I can remedy this? Like, what do you say when someone compliments you? "Thank you"? Isn't that kinda condescending? "No, I'm not"? That will only make the person explain why you are and make it even more awkward, no?

Do I think too much?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tmart: Shop Big and Save Big from the Comforts of Your Own Home

Online stores can be found practically anywhere nowadays. However, while I do have my favorite choices in terms of where to shop for clothes and where to shop for accessories, I have to admit that there are times where I simply want to get the whole shopping-mall experience from the comfort of my own home (or coffee shop).

In other words, there are times where I feel like browsing through a single site for everything that I might need - be it gadgets, beauty products, clothes, toys, gym stuff or gifts. This actually holds especially true when I need to buy a gift but have no idea where to start.

Without a doubt, online shopping is extremely convenient. However, when you want to shop big and save big, there is one place that I like to go to nowadays: :)

What I love the most about Tmart is the fact that they always have great ongoing sales. Hehe. I mean, come on? Who doesn't love a great bargain, right?

Well, right from the get-go - as in, right when you enter the site - Tmart will show you the best deals that they have on offer, so you can instantly see if there is anything that catches your fancy.

Aside from that, they will also give you great gift ideas for upcoming holidays… Valentine's Day, anyone? - followed by a list of their Top Sellers, Editor's Choice picks and other Creative Products.

After that, the rest is up to you. You can browse the different categories on the sidebar with ease or simply search for what you need in the Search Bar in case you already have an idea of what you want to buy. Easy peasy!

You can also collect and redeem points, and join their affiliate program to make money on the side if you want. :D

Did my blog post not convince you to check it out yet? Then check out other people's Tmart reviews and testimonials yourself!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Waxing at Strip Manila: Why This Ministry of Waxing Salon is Perfect for Beginners

Waxing at Strip Manila: Why This Ministry of Waxing Salon is Perfect for Beginners

Let me ask you one question: where do you get waxed? You don't? Why not? Is it because you're scared or because you simply don't think it's necessary? Girl (or dude - no judgement lol), it is necessary. And there is no need to be scared. At least not when you go to Strip Manila for your waxing needs anyway.

Don't believe me? Well, to find out all that you need to know about Strip Manila aka Strip: The Ministry of Waxing, watch this video of my interview with their Marketing Director, Ms. Monique Jamlang and find out everything there is to know about the place:

Waxing at Strip Manila: Interview with  Ms. Monique Jamlang

Aside from the professionalism, the knowledge and the staff of wax specialists at Strip Manila themselves, it is also really hard not to fall in love with the ambience and the overall feel of the place. Strip Manila just genuinely makes you feel at ease right from the get-go.

And, even if the thought of waxing still scares you to death after you talk to them about it; Strip Manila still has a lot of other hair removal services for you to turn to, including IPL (laser) treatments. To entice you, they also have Swarovski crystals to prettify your V-card and even quickie facials for down under to soothe you if you feel wrecked down there (trust me - I know that feeling!)

Here's an honest review of what I truly thought about Strip Manila after my visit:

I know that it can be downright scary to walk into a waxing salon, not knowing if you are going to end up in pain afterwards or with ingrown hair a week down the line. But you know what? You'll never get over that fear if you don't try it at least once - preferably at a reputable waxing salon like Strip Manila.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend (or even a boyfriend!) and take that leap! I swear you're gonna love it so much, you'll keep going back for more. I actually guarantee it!

If you're not willing to spend money on my guarantee, though, then join this giveaway for now and try your luck. You might just win a Brazilian Wax or an Underarm Blush courtesy of Strip Manila: The Ministry of Waxing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Waxing at Strip Manila: Why This Ministry of Waxing Salon is Perfect for Beginners

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why Pretend?

I'm a bit of a geek. (Okay, that's an understatement.) But yeah, being a geek, I am quite meticulous when it comes to the details of my favorite fictional and imaginary worlds.

Having said that, one of my pet peeves is people pretending to know or like something that they don't really know or like just to fit in, be it something new, like a current song that's trending or something old(er), like Star Wars.

striped beanie from my buddy Jacob / black zebra top/dress from Clique MNL / gold Wonder Woman cuff bracelets from Crave More / black boots from Cece

I once met this guy who asked me what my favorite movie was. I told him I love Star Wars and he told me, "Me, too!" and so when he asked me out on a date, I said yes, thinking we'd have an awesome time geeking out on Star Wars. Come date time, I asked him what his favorite Star Wars movie was. His response? "I like the one with the bears." Ewoks are not bears, good sir. #smh I never saw that guy again.

If you really need to pretend like you know something, like if you have to go to a meeting or attend an event for a brand that you know nothing about, then the least you can do is do your research beforehand and know enough about the subject matter to get by. Don't jump blindly into conversations thinking you know what you're talking about when you really don't. This will only make you look bad.

In most other situations, though, I feel that not pretending at all is always the best option.

Even if there's a whole conversation going on in front of you about something that you know nothing about, there is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that. In fact, I have come to find that admitting you don't know something is one of the best things you could do coz it will help you learn new things, discover new things, and grow as a person.

I once asked a guy something about Harry Potter and he told me he had never read the books. Ever. This baffled me (What had he done during his childhood? How does he live?) But, if anything, it just intrigued me and made me love like him even more. *blush*

I actually constantly interrupt my friends during their conversations when they say a Tagalog word or make a reference that I'm not familiar with. Aside from learning and growing as a person, it has also introduced me to new songs, books and movies that I never would've delved into otherwise.

Remember: every day and every conversation is a learning experience, so make the most of it and don't waste it pretending to be someone you're not. :) That's my rant for the day. Lol. Good night!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Personal Lazada New Year Bucket List

"New year, new me!" Or so everybody promises whenever a new year kicks in. Well, I started my resolutions a bit early this time around - in November, to be exact - when I joined Gold's Gym. Since I haven't exactly pushed myself to the limit yet, I thought I should try and motivate myself more this year by revamping my entire gym arsenal and shopping for new ones.

Fortunately, I came across this website called Lazada and - lo and behold! - they had everything that I needed to completely revamp my gym arsenal and motivate me to head to the gym more often than not.

Here are some of the sports items that I am currently eyeing on Lazada and plan on adding in my gym bag of awesome:


This KYK padlock is only Php200!

This might seem trivial to you, but having a cute padlock makes all the difference to me. Seeing all of those boring black, silver and brass padlocks on the lockers and then seeing my cute orange (not to mention waterproof) one hanging there gives me a sense of pride.

Plus, on days when I enter the gym all blah and forget to remember my locker number, it makes my locker easier to spot!


Thermos Sports Bottle at Php1,618.

Sports bottles usually don't last very long, but one look at this one and you know it means business. Not only is it made of unbreakable stainless steel, but it is also sweat proof and your water will stay refreshingly cold up to 12 hours in the bottle!

While a bit pricey at first glance, you will now that your money will definitely be well spent coz this baby is sure to last you forever.


Nike LunarGlide+ 5 Running Shoes at Php5,795.

I know, right: do I even run? Haha. Well, believe it or not, my other resolution for 2014 is to quit smoking and so, to challenge myself, I have promised to do more cardio and yes, that includes more running. What better way to motivate myself than with a new pair of kicks, right?

Now that I already have my Nike Techfleece jacket (I ended up getting it in grey), I figured it's time to add more Nike items into my closet. This pair looks like the perfect choice right now, seeing as all of my other running shoes are bright and loud (my adidas ones are bright yellow and my World Balance ones are bright pink lol).

Time to downplay the colours this time and choose something that will go with everything. What do you think? Is there anything else I should get for my gym bag to motivate me to get fit this 2014? :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I live for the lil things.

While most people were being hopeful about 2014, I actually ended the first day of it on a semi-depressed note. See, my older brother and my nephew left on January 1 to go back to Davao and I had a bit of trouble coping with their absence.

While I did have to sleep on the couch for the duration of their stay, I had grown accustomed - and even in-love - with the tiny ball of happiness that would come out of my room beaming at me every morning and give me a morning kiss.

comix top from Solo / pink skirt from Forever 21

Also, nothing could beat knowing that my brother was just a few steps away if I needed someone to drink or talk with. I especially loved how he appreciated my corniness and mere presence in this house.

Hearing someone laugh at my stupid jokes and actually say "thank you" for the smallest things made me appreciate life so much more and made me feel like I was important in some way. It sounds stupid, but I live for lil things like that.

bracelet from Alex and Ani 

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was this bracelet from my momma. <3

floral headband from Quirkypedia

This cutesy headband can also be turned into a necklace, by the way! Check out my cool Quirkypedia connector ring here.

hot pink phone case from Digital Walker

Thank God for shock-proof cases! Aside from the shock-proof-ness and it being hot pink, I also love that it has dust plugs for its sockets. <3 They have a version of this that comes with a foldable stand on the back, too, btw. Uber want!!!

blue folding ballet flats from The Little Things She Needs

Foldable shoes couldn't get any cuter!

After Rod and Raj left, I didn't know what to do with my life, so I spent the past few days out and about with my boys, hoping that I wouldn't think about the absence of the Rodriguez boys so much. But, at the end of the day, I'd still be back at home, wishing they were here. Sigh.

It really is the lil things in life that money can't buy that truly matter at the end of the day, huh?

Right now, I am surviving on the random text messages and virtual hugs of one of the most amazing men in the universe (the other men I deem 'amazing' being my dad and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). And while I'm probably just setting myself up for heartbreak all over again, I really don't care right now. Some men are just darned worth the potential heartbreak.

Boom. Lil Miss Cheeseballs is so back. XD

Friday, January 3, 2014

David Guison, Please Don't Ever Change.

Let me let you in on a lil secret: I didn't always like David Guison. *insert shocked faces here… Oh no, I di-in't!* Lol. Find out the complete story here. As you can see in that blog post from a year ago, I learned that Dave has a whole new other side to him and that he is truly dedicated to his craft.

Our friendship has grown much stronger since then, though, and I have learned even more things about David Guison since that fateful Mercato day.

During our trip to Baguio for his birthday exactly a year ago, for example, I learned that he cannot haggle for shit, but that he is quite possibly the nicest and most humble guy alive. I also learned that he likes taking selfies with swan boats, and that he knows how to keep a secret:

Hahaha. Joke lang!

During our trip to Zambales for my last birthday, I learned that David isn't afraid to laugh at himself, that he has a fun drinking side to him - one that I plan to take advantage of whenever I can btw :p and that he isn't scared of getting dark:

He knows he's hot and just owns it. #naks

During our trip to the Mind Museum, I learned that David is quite possibly the most patient guy alive and that he gets along with kids well, but that he badly needs to work on his baby-carrying skills:

During numerous other instances in 2013, I learned that David knows how to listen, knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and knows how to make people feel better without even making an effort to do so.

He might be surprised to read this, but some of the best compliments that I've received in 2013 were courtesy of him - from the simple "ang hot ni Angel, noh?" that I heard him whisper to someone else from a distance when I cut my hair once (and in my head wanted to shoot myself for coz it didn't come out the way I wanted it to) to the "Wow! Ang ganda mo! Bagay sayo maging girly!" when I had to wear this girly dress that was so not-me and that I was completely uncomfortable in for a good two hours before I saw him.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I now run to Dave whenever I need to feel good about myself or just need a simple pick-me-up after a bad day. (Ang user ko ba? Lol.) Although I don't run to him as often now as I did in mid-2013 (coz he's extremely busy and I've found myself in-like with another man *tee hee*), Dave holds a huge place in my heart and most probably always will. :)

Thank you, Dave. Not just for being the hot yet humble blogging inspiration that you are; but also for being one of the bestest and most supportive friends a girl could ever have. I am extremely blessed and grateful to have you in my life. :) Please don't ever change.

Happy birthday, Deej. I love you.