Monday, September 27, 2021

Kick-Ass's Mark Millar is Getting an Anime on Netflix - Check Out "Super Crooks"

I still remember when Kick-Ass first came out in cinemas. I had just given birth and was going through some shit (what's new? lol) when I watched the movie. A movie about a nerd (like me) who wanted to become a superhero in real life (like me) despite knowing that he didn't have any superpowers.

I remember I was the only one in my barkada who actually liked the movie. And I could not stop thinking about it. I proceeded to watch it three more times in the cinema and it became a huge part of my life.

The amazing mastermind behind it was none other than Mark Millar, a genius whose ideas never fail to amaze me. One of his comic books, Super Crooks, takes another idea that he says he believes "has never been done before". In it, supervillains come together for one last heist and it is currently being turned into an anime on Netflix!

During the exciting TUDUM event, we were able to get a glimpse of what Super Crooks has to offer, and I can't wait to watch it when it premieres on November 25. Check out the teaser trailer here:

Super Crooks is set to release 13 30-minute episodes lushly produced by bones. Will you be adding this to your watch list, too? :)

Saturday, September 25, 2021

I lost 1.5kg in 5 days with this meal plan.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, I'm at @lilmisswonderwoman hihi), you'll know that I've recently started a meal plan with Eat's Life Manila.

While I've finally found a good groove in terms of fitness - one that I can actually maintain while having fun and not feeling like it's a chore - I realized that I wouldn't really reach my goals if I didn't change my eating habits. Although I have been eating healthily for the most part (protein shakes in the morning and lots of protein and veggies throughout the day), I wasn't really paying much heed to how many calories I was consuming. And when I felt the need to have something sweet, I'd just go for it. But you know what they say: if you want to reach your goals, you gotta commit. So a meal plan sounded about right.

Now, y'all know this isn't my first meal plan rodeo. In fact, this is my fourth. Lol. The reason why the others didn't work out for me was pretty simple: I love food with a passion and they simply weren't delicious. While they'd have a good meal in there every now and then, they were never consistently good. And as a certified food lover, that was an important factor for me. Eat's Life Manila has consistently good food. As in every meal is actually delicious and doesn't feel like I'm eating "diet food" at all. I especially love that they have sweet and yummy snacks to curb my cravings for cake and chocolate.

Of course, it took some getting used to. When I eat, I really eat, after all. So the smaller portions definitely weren't enough to fill me up on the first two days. I could literally hear my tummy complaining about the smaller food portions I was suddenly feeding it. And by Day 3, when a friend sent me my favorite food in the world, I didn't even think twice and just ate it. I'm proud to say that was my only moment of weakness during this first week of diet food-ing, though. :)

I am currently on Day 6 of my diet and have treated myself to a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, as well. But I do work out every single day - walang mintis! - and as per my weigh-in, which I decided to do today para may real basis yung review ko, I'm proud (and honestly surprised) to announce that I've already lost 1.5kg. That's for this week of dieting alone.

I was honestly very skeptical when I started this diet. I also told people that I'd test it out for two weeks first to see if their meals are actually good and if I can survive on them. It has only been roughly a week so far, but I'm confident in saying that it's totally doable. While it isn't something I can do every single week because my job entails reviewing a lot of food, it's definitely something I will be signing up for whenever I have weeks of zero food reviews lined up.

The food is delicious. It is actually effective for my goals (which is currently weight loss), and it eliminates the stress of wondering what to cook every single meal. You just need to pop their meals in the microwave for a couple of minutes and they're good to go! Plus, they have meals that I don't know how to cook yet, like kare-kare and lasagna. Definitely well worth it for me!

Even if weight loss isn't your current goal, they've got meal plans for practically any goals you have, as well as special meal plans for those with diet restrictions. Check out their full range of meal plans here. You may also use my discount code EATSANJ300 to get 300 pesos off! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2021

I want a boyfriend like Hong Du-sik.

Before Hometown Cha Cha Cha started streaming on Netflix, I got to attend a press con with the cast - yes, including our resident Good Boy and now Chief Hong, Kim Seon-ho. I hadn't watched the show yet when the press con happened but one thing that really stuck to me was when Seon-ho said, "I think it would be really nice if women who watch the drama think that it would be nice to have a boyfriend like Du-sik." I didn't understand what he meant at the time; but eight episodes in and I am utterly and crazily in love with his character. I WANT A DU-SIK. Here's why.

He has the perfect work-life balance.

There's no doubt about it: Hong Du-sik is a workaholic. And he can do everything! Naglabas pa siya ng licenses for proof. Haha. So whether you need home renovations, a cook, a barista, a real estate agent, or someone to just carry your heavy stuff (or even carry you hehe), Du-sik can get it done. And he'll do it with a smile on his face so you'll never feel like a burden. uwu

HOWEVER, he also knows when to step his foot down. On his days off, there's no way you can get him to do anything for you. He'll spend that time doing the things he loves, whether it's surfing, fishing, or defending your friend from sexual predators. double uwu

He is respectful and kind to people from all walks of life.

If there's one thing I can't tolerate, it's rudeness and disrespect. And we see this a lot in Hometown Cha Cha Cha from the chismosang kapitbahays to Hye-jin herself. But not from Du-sik. Du-sik respects everyone from the kids to the oldies, and he even calls out people to school them when he feels the need to. In fact, he shares a ton of words of wisdom in the show that many viewers will get to benefit from.

He goes the extra mile.

Not gonna lie: I cried at one point while watching
HomeCha because I wanted a Du-sik in my life so badly. :p I was also PMS-ing and I actually blame my PMS for that moment of weakness. But the thing is: Du-sik isn't just helpful and kind. He actually goes the extra mile. When he found that shoe in the water, he could've just returned it; but no. This man Googled how to restore it to its former glory. And then a few episodes later, when Hye-jin told him about her herniated disc, he went and chopped up all of that whatever-that-was so she would have a remedy for it. Did he have to? No. But did he do it? Yes. I stan a man who makes an effort just because he wants to. :( GIVE ME A DU-SIK, LORD, PLEASE!

He isn't afraid to make a fool of himself.

Another thing I love about Du-sik is that he isn't afraid to make a fool of himself and have fun in the process. Remember that cute dentist song for the kids? And the talent show? He might not be the best dancer, but I love that he put himself out there anyway. And besides, his singing skills totally make up for it.


I mean..... COME ONNNNN.

Now, I'm gonna be honest. Hometown Cha Cha Cha isn't my usual kind of Korean drama. However, Kim Seon-ho was my wallpaper for a good year after Start-Up and I have been dying to see him in something again. It's a light, warm, and nakakakilig KDrama that will help you forget all of the crap we live with day to day - and if you love Seon-ho as much as I do, it's well worth it for him alone.

Have you seen it? What do you think of the KDrama so far? Do you think Du-sik will get the girl in the end? Please pray with me. :p

Monday, September 20, 2021

BTS Gives Us Hope Amidst the Pandemic

BTS has done it again.

For the past x years, many of my friends have asked me why I am obsessed with love BTS so much, but I've come to realize I can't really put it into words. It's something you need to experience in order to understand.

Many of my friends think I like BTS because of their good looks. While it may be true that they are drop-dead gorgeous and their songs are hella catchy, it's their lyrics that first got to me. The more I learned about them, though, the harder I fell in love with them. I love their fierce support for the causes that they believe in, their undying passion for their craft, their intense motivation and dedication to their art, and their ability to use their humongous reach to empower people and give them hope. And that's exactly what they did at the United Nations last night.

This isn't BTS' first visit to the UN, but it is one that matters a lot right now. At least for me. I don't know about you, but I've begun to sadly accept that this is the world we now live in - that nothing is going to change, that we'll all die in our homes as the pandemic rampages around our country - and trust me: seeing, hearing, and experiencing how people I know deal with COVID-19... it's just... it has sucked out all of the hope in me. But BTS rekindled that hope last night.

If you're not a fan, you probably didn't watch, but here are some of the best quotes from their speech that really hit a chord in my being:

"We needed time to mourn for the things that we lost to COVID-19, and time to discover how precious the moments that we took for granted were," Suga said as they talked about the youth who were robbed of graduation ceremonies and other important celebrations in life.

And as if speaking directly to how I was feeling and hoping to cheer me up, V said, "I hope we don’t consider the future as nothing but darkness. We have people who are concerned for the world and are searching for the answers. There are still many pages left in the story about us, so I hope we don’t just talk about it like the ending is already written."

Jungkook added, "Sometimes the world seems stopped in place even if we’re ready to go. Sometimes it feels like you’ve lost your way. There were times when we felt the same way."

RM also brought up how the youth is currently being called the "COVID lost generation" because of their missed opportunities and their many challenges along the way. And then he reminds us, like the great leader that he is, that "just because adults cannot see the road for themselves, it doesn't mean they've lost their way."

Jimin then pointed out how the youth still continued to meet their friends online, learn new things, and have tried to live more healthy lives. "Rather than looking lost, they've found new courage and are taking on new challenges," he said, focusing more on the positive side of the pandemic than on the depressing parts of it.

Jin then spoke up to urge people to call the youth the "welcome generation" rather than the "lost generation" because "instead of being afraid of change, this generation says 'welcome' as they walk forward into the future." RM added, "If we continue to believe in possibility and hope, we will not lose our way but discover new ones." Suga also chimed in: "We will not always make perfect choices, but that will not mean that there is nothing we can do."

And they didn't stop there, ladies and gentlemen! They also talked about vaccination! J-Hope stated, "What's important are the choices we make when faced with change" before taking the opportunity to announce that all seven BTS members are, in fact, vaccinated. He also points out that this was their ticket to meet ARMYs and to stand at the UN last night. What's better than BTS? Fully vaccinated BTS! :p

V continued to try to instill more hope into the masses by reminding us that people are still continuing to make move this new reality forward. "I believe the day that we can meet face-to-face is not far away," he said. "I hope that until that day comes, we can continue to fill each day with positive energy." AMEN!

RM adds, "We thought that the world had stopped, but it continues to move forward. I believe that each choice is the beginning of change, not the end. I hope that in this new world, we can all say to each other, 'Welcome'."

This is just one thing I love about BTS: them talking about relevant issues and saying the right things to make us feel better. If you know me at all, you'll know how important it is for me to surround myself with the right people: people who know what to say when I'm at my lowest, people who know how to lift me up when it matters the most. And I guess that's why I love BTS. Even though I don't know them personally, they are able to do these things with their words, their lyrics, and their music.

And they don't just say the right things, either. They let us know that they are going through the same things, that it's okay to feel a certain way sometimes, and that we aren't alone in those bad days. They remind us of how amazing we are, how strong we are, and commend us for things that some of us only wish people in our lives would actually commend us for.

BTS has honestly saved me in more ways than one, and I hope that one day, they'll be able to do the same for you.

It's okay not to be kind all the time.

I’m a kind person. Or at least, I’d like to think that I am. Granted, I haven’t always been kind, but I have grown and learned from past mistakes through the years and have gone to great lengths to change.

At the very least, I’m always there for people I care for when they need me. I stop working, reading, or playing games to reply when there’s a crisis. I drop everything when a friend says they need me. And people have even called me out for having a superhero complex.

When someone needs help at work or something needs to get done, I always, ALWAYS volunteer to help. Maybe it’s this strange desire to be a real-life superhero. Or maybe it’s because I know what it feels like to not have anyone.

Either way, it’s a “sickness” I’ve been trying to kick for a while now. And with all of the bad luck happening in my life lately, I’ve been taking things up a notch by stopping with the crazy amounts of kindness.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s okay to be kind. It’s okay to be there for people and to help them in their hour of need. But it’s also important to know your limits and set your boundaries. If people disrespect your requests, step over your boundaries, and keep taking and taking without giving or listening; it’s okay to put your foot down. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to put up a final wall. It’s okay to stop being kind.

It’s okay to admit that you were blinded by loneliness and false pretenses. We all get duped sometimes. But I’m here to remind you that kindness isn’t always a good thing because the world isn’t full of good people.

There are people who will take advantage of your kindness and if you don’t open your eyes and do something about it, you’ll end up exactly like me: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually drained. And with zero trust issues.

I’ve gone through a lot this past month. I’ve overworked myself yet still lost an important job. I’ve held in my anger and contempt yet still ended up with ruined belongings. I’ve let people into my cold and hard heart yet still ended up getting used.

And I’m tired of it. So this is me putting my foot down. This is me removing my cape. This is me throwing my superhero suit in the trash. Put it on the front page if you want. “Angel is a villain.” “Angel is a bitch.” “Angel is the user, not me.” Say what you want. Believe whatever you need to believe to make yourself feel better. 

But at least now, I get to sleep in peace and quiet, knowing that you’re out of my life and are no longer my burden to bear.

Photos by Gizelle Caoile.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jollibee's New Honey Beef Rice is So Worth It

If you've been following me on social media, you'll know that I've been trying to get back into the healthy fitness game. To supplement my fitness journey, I decided to try a 2-week meal plan from Eats Life Manila. Obviously, the thought of giving up other types of food during the week was a little scary, so I made sure I had an amazing feast last night before I started my diet journey today.

I saw a friend post about Jollibee's Honey Beef Rice and since I'm the type of person who ends up craving whatever they see on their screens, I ordered it right away... and my goodness, I was not disappointed.

May extra palabok pa. Lol. No regrets!

Jollibee's Honey Beef Rice has its tender beef slices glazed with sweet soy sauce, all topped on a hot and inviting bed of soft rice. And I don't know if this is just the branch I ordered from (since I know that the quality and servings seem to change per store) but the rice was fully bathed in that delicious sauce, making every bite extra delectable.

If you're looking for a truly satisfying rice meal and don't have a humongous appetite like me, then this is the goodness you want to fill your tummy with. For only Php149 as a solo meal or Php169 for a value meal, it's well worth it. You can even get a Family Pan for sharing in 2 sizes: Good for 6 and Good for 8. Have them safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru and Take Out!

Watch the appetizing new commercial for the Honey Beef Rice here.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

I had a major anxiety attack yesterday.

It's been a while since I experienced an anxiety attack - like a real one. The kind where your chest feels heavy, you can feel your heart beating hard against your chest, everything is hazy and flecked with gray, and you're gasping for breath.

Syrena was downstairs in her online class and I didn't want to disturb her. I didn't want her to know that I was suffering. Tears fell as I closed my eyes and prayed. And cried. And prayed.

20 minutes feel like an eternity when you experience an anxiety attack and when it's done, you don't feel relieved. You get anxious again. You worry that another attack will happen and you worry that next time, it'll be worse.

You scour your medicine boxes and hope you have something to calm you down. And when you find the right one, you worry that it's too early to take it and that taking it will knock you out for the rest of the day.

Of course, that can't happen. You have a child who depends on you. You have meals to prepare. You have homework to check. You have a dog to feed. You have a home to clean. You have work to finish. Deadlines to meet.

So you suffer through it. And you survive.

Not a lot of people talk about how difficult it is to be mentally unwell. While I haven't had episodes like these too often since we moved to our own place, I've realized that they're much harder to deal with now. Because I have been so at peace, I no longer know what to do when I'm not.

I couldn't even bring myself to talk to people. Because no words were coming out of my mouth. I spent the entire day in silence, staring at walls, at random items in the house. Syrena asked if I was okay and I admitted that I wasn't. But that I would be. Eventually. Hopefully.

As my mind reeled about the uncertainty of our future (long story short: I lost a job that made up a humongous chunk of my livelihood), only two people came to mind who could really help. Both lead very hectic lives and I wasn't expecting to hear back from them. But one came through for me.

And as I panicked and released all of my pent-up emotions, he stayed calm and reminded me who I am and what I can do; and sometimes, that's all you really need in life: someone who believes in you when you don't. Someone who sees the greatness you have to offer when you've forgotten it. Someone you would trust with your life.

Find that person. Preferably a few, if you can. And then pull yourself out of that funk and reach out. Reach. Out. You can't do this alone. And that's okay. Reaching out doesn't make you weak. It's a necessity to ensure that you make it through. And that's all that matters.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Ways to Enhance Your Budget and Reduce Stress

Ever since moving out, money has been more important for me than ever. I don't think I've ever obsessed over bills and budgeting more than I have right now. With monthly bills, tuition, and other essentials to think about, I've had to rack my brain on how to enhance my budget without stressing myself out too much. And that's where this article comes in.

Ways to Enhance Your Budget and Reduce Stress

Take a Step Back.

The first thing you should know and always remember is that this process shouldn't stress you out at all, to be honest. Don't let your budget rule your life and work with what you can. If you have debt that you need to take care of (like credit card debt - hello, me!), the first thing you should do is take a step back and reevaluate your priorities. Only then should you adjust accordingly. Figure out what you want to do first, what you want to take care of first, and the best way to deal with it. Most importantly: relax and don't sweat it too much. Let's face it: there's no make-money-quick scheme out there that will make these problems go away, so you might as well take things a step at a time.

Avoid More Debt.

Another important thing to do is to make sure that you don't fall into even more debt. Is your credit card bill stressing you out? Then cut your credit card in half and don't use it again. This might seem like a shock; but unless you get rid of that bit of plastic that you've been relying on so much, the chances of you falling into even more debt will simply increase in time. Get rid of it.

Take Note of Your Expenses.

Now, this next step is something that I've been telling a lot of my friends to do. It'll either sound super simple or intimidating; but either way, it needs to be done. Whether you prefer keeping a physical notebook to track your expenses or want to download an app for it, make sure you take note of all of your expenses. Doing this will help you figure out what you are spending unnecessary money on and will help you keep your money on track.

Remember: the only person who can really help you with your budget is yourself. So, no matter how intimidating the process might seem, now is the best time to start getting a hold of your finances and moving towards a debt-free and stress-free future.

For more tips on budgeting, click here.