Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Condo, still a good investment amidst the pandemic

Condo living might be the life every millennials and yuppies have always dreamed of. For the young and restless, this is the lifestyle that perfectly fits them, which is why they want to have their own space in a condo.

However, with the coronavirus outbreak infecting nations all over the world, is it still wise to invest during an extraordinary time like this? There are uncertainty and instability, but experts in the industry believe that there are still advantages in making an investment today, especially in condominium units. Here are a few reasons why.


Most condominiums are built in strategic locations situated within business districts in the city, offering you the convenience of easy access to and from work or school. It saves you from the stress of commuting and being caught in the middle of heavy traffic. The malls and restaurants are nearby, too. A location that is accessible to hospitals, supermarkets, government offices, and other essentials is the best choice during a pandemic.


Most condos offer amenities for relaxation and entertainment such as a swimming pool, sports gym, health spa, bars, and caf├ęs. Having a gym or a swimming pool in a condo can be beneficial for those who want to stay healthy and in shape without going outside. An active lifestyle is not impossible inside a condo. A condo’s social amenities shared by the residents are designed to create a comfortable ambiance to accommodate gatherings of all shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect place to watch a big game, relax after a long day at the office, simply catch some rays, show off your women dresses, or dine under the stars. You can still enjoy life without leaving your home.


There is added layer of security in condo-living. Aside from the fact that the entry and exit points are heavily guarded, there are CCTVs installed in common areas, hallways, and even parking lots. This extra protection makes occupants feel more secure. They have peace of mind that even if they leave the house for a few days or even months, their property and belongings will be untouched.


A condo owner has the freedom to maintain the unit. If you’re living in a condo, you can say goodbye to shovels and the lawnmowers and spend your spare time on some me-time. Helpers and repairmen are just a phone call away in a condo, too. Not having to worry about housekeeping and unit maintenance is an enticing perk for baby boomers and busy people.

Cheaper Prices and Lower Interest Rates for Buyers

Many people are struggling with their finances right now and many are adjusting their lifestyles. Therefore, real estate developers are now selling their properties for much cheaper prices so more people can afford to buy or invest. Even banks and lenders have cut their interest rates to attract more customers.

For those who have enough resources, now is the right time to take advantage of the benefits of these low deal costs and low-risk investments in condominium units. If you’re keen on investing in a condo unit, but have no idea how much to prepare for it; use this handy online mortgage calculator to easily compute the interest and mortgage payments for a given loan term. It’s a free tool that you can always count on when searching for the best real estate deals in the market today.

Now is the perfect timing to invest your hard-earned money or savings in real estate such as condominium units. Nowadays, borrowing money is cheap and that enables stronger buying power. The easing of loans gives more flexibility to your budget, which means you can easily go for that condo unit you have always dreamed of.