Thursday, January 31, 2013

From a Threat to a Promise

Hola! I'm blogging from Gerd's PC right now coz I'm trying to be a good blogger who actually updates on a regular basis. :p Go, me! Haha. Be proud, please.

Anyhoo, here's what I wore to our Quiznos lunch out and to the Adidas store launch in the Fort a few weeks ago:

beige studded cap from Young Wild Free
black pleather ripped leggings from Tomato

This beige studded cap from Young Wild Free is slowly starting to become one of my favorite caps coz it comes in so handy on bad hair days, yet comes with so much personality at the same time.

white Batman graphic t-shirt from WORE

When I first saw a version of this shirt on WORE's Facebook page, all I could think was "I NEED TO HAVE THIS. NOW." I actually ended up BBM-ing Yen (the owner) and begging her for it. :p #truestory She eventually said that she could make me a new one and I jumped up and down for joy.

Soon after that, it was in my mailbox and WOW. That is really the only word I have for it. It is an absolutely amazing shirt - perfect for comic book geeks like me.

A scrabble ring from CeCe
Watchmen smiley face ring from Junk Studio
studded ring from The Little Things She Needs
see-through watch from Fashion Exchange

This Watchmen ring from Junk Studio is another perfect addition to any geek's closet. "Watchmen" happens to be my second favorite superhero movie of all time (first one is the original "Superman" with Christopher Reeve), just FYI.

hot pink leopard bootie heels from Chick Flick Collection

I know: hot pink and leopard prints aren't exactly my style, but I couldn't not have this pair from Chick Flick coz it definitely grabs a person's attention. Plus, it's just too cute not to have - you know what I mean? So, what do you think? Can I pull it off?

In case you haven't noticed, I've been smiling in my outfit shots a lot more now, and for good reason. 2012 kind of came with a bad note all over it and I recently realized that I am completely honest-to-goodness happy with my life now (and trust me, that's saying something coming from me!)

Instead of waking up and dreading bills, work and life, in general; I now wake up with a smile on my face - even when I only had two hours of sleep the night before coz of work or coz Syrena woke me up earlier than expected.

Everything about the future just seems sunnier and brighter this 2013. Instead of seeing things as a threat, I now see things as a promise and with positive eyes. Strange coming from me, huh? But, by blogging about it, I'm hoping to spread the good vibes to you guys.

Keep smiling and always find reasons to.
There are a million.
Trust me. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Adidas New Store Launch in the Fort BGC

To kick off the new year, Adidas Philippines recently threw a bash to open its newest store in the Fort BGC. We went straight after hanging out at Quiznos and it was the best part of my day! :)

Before we get to that, though, check out what they had in store for us:

The new Adidas Philippines store in the Fort BGC

During the event, various models presented the different collections that Adidas has to offer. I loved that the catwalk was painted in Adidas' trademark three stripes - creative!

Gah! Check out her abs on the right!

Can you say 'thinspiration'?

Love, love, LOOOOOVE what she's wearing!!!

After the fashion show, we were invited to shop in the new store, and this is where my favorite part comes in! :D Check out what I got:

Gorgeous new yellow shoes to motivate me into becoming healthy and fit this 2013! :D

That's right. These are the dream shoes that I had tweeted about just a few days before the event, and now they're mine!!! :D Thank you so much, Adidas Philippines, for these. And to my handsome boyfriend for helping me get them. :)

Bloggers at the Adidas Philippines store launch in the Fort BGC

The new Adidas Philippines store in the Fort BGC isn't just about being into sports or being an athlete. It also promotes the importance of having a healthy and active lifestyle overall, making it perfect for the BGC environment that it finds itself in.

The new Adidas Philippines store can be found at Two Parkade, 30th St. Corner 7th Ave., BGC. Make sure to check it out yourself! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Join SOLO's First Ever Graphic Tee Design Contest!

Do you have the TEE spirit needed to come up with couple's shirt designs for Solo?

If so, then why not show off your awesome talents through their first ever His & Hers Graphic Tees Design competition?

Just in time for the month of love, you can submit two designs of a His version and a Hers version tee for a chance at fame, fortune and bragging rights since the winning designs will be produced by Solo with the designer's name credited and will be sold in stores as part of its His & Hers Back to School Collection! :)

Here's an example:

Still not convinced? Well, there will be three winners in total, each of which will get Php15,000 in cash and Php10,000 worth of Solo gift certificates. Plus, the winning designs will be featured in the next campaign photo shoot with Solo's newest faces for 2013.

If you've been following my blog for the past few months, then you should know that Gerd and I are big on the couple's posts. As such, you can be sure that he and I will be donning the winner's designs in our blog posts, as well! :) We can't wait to see what you guys will come up with! :D

Wanna join? See the full mechanics on Solo's official website. You may also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more updates! :) Submission is from February 1 to March 15, 2013.

The Quiznos Guide to Toasted Sub Goodness

Have you guys tried out Quiznos yet? If you haven't, then you are definitely missing out.

If you are a beginner in the world of Quiznos, then here is a basic guide to help you enjoy their toasted sub goodness to the fullest:

Step 1: Invite friends to join you.

(Photo from David Guison.)

Quiznos is best shared over great conversation, silliness and laughter. Tried and tested. :)

Step 2: Decide on your sub.

If it is your first time at Quiznos, this might take a while. Just warning you. :p If you're watching your weight, then try out the Honey Mustard Chicken or Chicken Ranch and Swiss - they're the ones with the lowest calories! :D I did my research. Haha.

Step 3: Choose your size and bread.

Quiznos is popularly known for its toasted subs and hefty servings. Like, seriously hefty. In fact, I was only able to finish half of the small 5-inch sub coz I got full so quickly. Took home the rest! :p

Step 4: Let it toast.

(Photo by Miko Carreon.)

Can you believe that toasting the subs only takes less than a minute? Awesomesauce! :D

Step 5: Add your toppings.

Quiznos has a wide array of toppings that you can choose from and customize your subs with. The best part is that they are all free, so you can load up on as much of them as you want. Yum!

Step 6: Get more add-ons.

Before paying for your sub, you can also add cookies or chips to your meal, which also come in various selections. I swear we didn't eat all of those chips! Haha. Hello to healthy living from the blogger world! :D

Step 7: EAT.

So, there you have it: the Quiznos guide to toasted sub goodness! They also have soups, salads, flat breads and rice bowls available, if you aren't a sub fan.

Aside from the Bonifacio High Street branch that we ate at, my fellow Southerners can also rejoice because a branch just opened in Alabang Town Center in the cinema area, as well. Although smaller, it still provides the same delicious toasted sub goodness that Quiznos is known to have all over the world!

Now, who wants to go on a Quiznos date with me? :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready for the GREAT NORTHERN SALE?

SM is at it again!

Ascend to the highest point of high fashion for a shopping experience you will never forget at the GREAT NORTHERN SALE!

The sale will take place from February 1 to February 3, 2013 at SM City North Edsa, where you can get up to 70% off on selected brands!

If you've been eyeing certain things at the mall lately and have been thinking about gong back for them soon, just hold on a little while longer coz this is the sale you should be waiting for!

For more information and updates, like SM City North Edsa on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Couple Shots: Life Goes Too Fast.

A lot of people have been asking me why I started posting couple shots in my blog. Well, I think that's a silly question!

For starters, I have to say that I am not trying to be like anybody else nor am I trying to steal anybody's thunder here. I do this because, to put it simply, I am in love. *cue the barf buckets for cheesiness* :p

No, seriously. I post couple shots in my blog because I want to look back at my archive of blogposts one day and smile at the chronicles of my relationship with Gerd. :)

We were all actually supposed to wear tribal shirts on our Bicol trip, but someone *ahem* didn't bring his, so we didn't. Besides, as mentioned in my outfit post during the trip, our motto was Keep calm and Zzzzz... so I hardly think we would've taken any more group pictures anyway. :p

That's why Gerd and I decided to just wear them on one of our dates in BF. :) What do you think? P.S. We're wearing matching Veloci watches, too. :p

See Gerd's complete outfit post here.

Haha. Spot the matching Veloci watches! :p #ultimatecheese

See my complete outfit post here.

Aside from having an archive of memorable blogposts about our relationship, I also want to make sure that these memories are digitally frozen on cyberspace because life seems to go by so fast nowadays that I hardly even have time to breathe, let alone really live in each moment.

I like to relive moments in photos when I am down. And when I'm old and grey, and when laptops and digital photos are a thing of the past, I want to be able to smile at the distant, loving, heartwarming, making-my-eyes-water-coz-of-happiness past that I shared with Gerd. I hope that makes sense to you. :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sgt. Weird

I think the one thing that people are most surprised to find out about me the more they get to know me is that I'm weird. And not just weird in the normal-kind-of-weird sense. I'm WEIRD. Capital everything.

(I don't mean to be, though. It's just the way I am.)

Luckily enough, I found friends - and a loving boyfriend! - who all embrace my weirdness and are unconventionally weird in their own ways, as well. :D I was lucky to spend time with them during a trip to Bicol earlier this month.

And here is my one and only outfit post during that trip (our motto that weekend was basically Keep Calm and Zzzzz... Lol.)

denim shorts from Miss Sixty
camo jacket from Copper

I had been looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts for the longest time. I'm quite humongous big in the butt department, so this was quite a feat - take it from me! :p Who would've known that they had the perfect pair in Miss Sixty? Lucky for me, my handsome boyfriend was generous enough to get me this pair, which I love to bits! :)

On that note, I had been looking for the perfect camo jacket, as well. When I saw this one at Copper, I fell in love on the spot. And now it is mine. Bwahahaha. Best thing I got last Christmas! :)

spiked black leather headband from Supersale Bazaar


stars and stripes shirt from ASOS
watch from Fashion Exchange
timepiece necklace - gift from Gerd Perez :)

I used to be on time for everything. If I wasn't on time, I was early. I was always the early bird. Always. And then I met Gerd and his late-ness rubbed off on me. Haha. Ironically enough, I am wearing two timepieces in this outfit (just realized this while blogging about it) and both of them are courtesy of him.

When he gave me the timepiece necklace on our second monthsary, he said it was to remind me never to be late. Lol. That hasn't really worked out so far. :p But I'm trying - swear!

pink striped socks from Bangkok
salmon pink slip-on sneakers from Keds

Comfort was key for this Bicol trip, so I brought my two comfiest pairs of shoes - including this cute slip-on pair from Keds. What I love about them is the fact that they don't have shoelaces, so they definitely save me a lot of time when waking up late and hurrying out the door :p

Of course, my outfit wouldn't be complete without a wacky pose and something Wonder Woman-esque, and that's where this photo and the stars and stripes top come in. Haha.

Definitely an ultra comfy get-up that I could wear all day every day. What do you think of it? :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bicol Photodiary: Day One

If you've been following my blog for a while now, then you should know how talkative loquacious I am by now. However, after looking at the photos of our recent Bicol trip, I realized that words would not be able to describe the awesomeness of our trip.

So, without further ado, enjoy these photos with minimal captions of our first trip of 2013. Looking forward to many more - love these guys! :)

Happy we didn't miss our flight!
We almost did coz we got too comfy making chika at Cinnabon! #truestory

How the boys(!!!) pack for a weekend trip.

Our first flight together. Yihee!

All I could think was: I can't wait to land and play Hay Day. :p

Celebrity sighting: DAVID GUISON!!! OMGGGGG!!! :))

First stop: Bigg's Diner.
Coz that's where all the signs pointed to.

We spent 50% of the time tweeting and Instagramming. #sadtruth :p

I also spent 25% of my time playing Zombie Tsunami, to Gerd's dismay. :p

If you've read my post on our Baguio trip late last year, you should know we have a thing for diners. :)

Took a trike to CWC.
*ahem* Smaller bags next time, please! :p

More proof of my Zombie Tsunami addiction.

With my boys :)

Our trailer! Number 122. :)
I Googled to make sure the number wasn't in any horror movies...
Yes, I do weird stuff like that.

After we checked in, we decided to take a "short nap". But before that, PICTURE TIME!!! :D

Weirdos unite!

Anyway, we said we'd wake up at 3:30pm to get more things done in the afternoon... but we all woke up at 6pm. :p As such, there was nothing left to do, but eat dinner.

Delicious laing pizza at CWC!
We had this again the following day... #fatties

While the boys drank the night away, I worked. #workaholic

Afterwards, we decided to watch "Pitch Perfect" back in Dave and Miko's trailer. But before that, PICTURE TIME AGAIN!!! :D

Things were fine at first.

But then the boys decided to bully me.

You do not bully Wonder Woman.

Especially coz I've got knights in shining armor pambahay coming to my rescue.


For more photos of our trip, wait for the next installment and check out my Instagram account: lilmisswonderwoman :)

Photos by Gerd Perez and David Guison.