Monday, October 31, 2011

My Impulse Co. x Bangkok Goodies Giveaway Winner!

Hi guys,

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your support when it comes to my blog.

Even Kath from Impulse Co., my sponsor for this giveaway, kindly sent me a message yesterday, telling me that she's been seeing me going to a lot of events from pictures and that she's glad I'm stepping up. That really made my day. :) Who knew that my random decision to start a blog would be one of the best things I've ever decided to do?

Anyway, enough with the drama. Haha. There were a total of 200 entries for my blog giveaway this month and I put all of the entries into Here's the result (click the picture for a better view):

Congratulations, Joey Arevalo of Rich Longtitude! :)

Joey actually completed all of the mechanics for a total of 6 entries! So, next time, do all of the mechanics, guys, and you might just get lucky.

Joey, please email me your full address and I will ship out your prizes after the long weekend. If you'd prefer to meet up instead, we can do that, too. Just let me know in your email. :) Enjoy your Bangkok accessories and your new bags from Impulse Co. :) Hope you like them!

As for everyone else, thank you for joining. Don't worry if you didn't win this time, though. I have another giveaway coming up this week - sponsored by Chick Flick, Anagon Collection and Multiply, no less - and there will be three winners for that. Excited? Then stay tuned! :) And enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover Does Miracles for Stains

I only have two Coach bags, both from my dad. The first one is water-proof and stain-resistant, which I have already proven by accidentally spilling coffee on it, freaking out and going straight home to cry to Henry... When I tried showing the coffee stains to him, though, they were gone.

How I wish that was the case with my new Coach bag.

Instead, I found this on it after a day out with the family:

And the worst part? I had no idea what it was or how it got there in the first place. It looked like 'kalawang'/rust(?) and I had no idea what to do.

I freaked out as per usual and started whining and complaining to the babydaddy, so he just took my bag and tried to clean it himself. He scrubbed. He washed. He poured stuff on it. I don't even want to know what else he did to it, but nothing worked.

That's when I remembered reading about Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on Manila Fashion Observer. And I thought, "Hey, what else have I got to lose, right?" So I ordered one bottle for starters, followed the simple instructions on the bottle, and prayed.

Five minutes later, I wiped the product off and voila:


I literally jumped up and down for joy. The bottle promises to remove oil, grease, paint, makeup, grass, clay, ink, blood, baby formula, tar, spaghetti stains, coffee, rust, betadine, turmeric, fabric bleed, pet stains and most any kind of stains. Well, I believe it.

Every time the babydaddy comes home with pasta stains on his collar now (he's a messy eater and he swears they're not lipstick stains!), I don't even budge or lecture him about how hard it is to wash stains out anymore. I just shrug my shoulders, smile and say "Grandma will take care of it later."

Whenever Syrena makes a mess whenever we eat out and smears ketchup all over her new dress, I don't worry. I just change her clothes and think "Grandma will take care of it."

Granted, I'll probably freak out when I run out of my new miracle spot remover, but for now, I know Grandma will take care of it. :)

The best news is that you can buy this miracle spot remover online at Shopspot. You can even avail of free shipping if you buy 3! Convenience at its finest! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Store in Focus: Proud Mama Store

Dear mommies and daddies,

Do your kids love to dress up? I'm sure they do. But instead of going the extra hundred miles by buying them fairy wings or dinosaur costumes - most of which get worn down or break after about two weeks of excessive wear anyway - why not make things easier on yourself and on your wallet by buying a Tee Hee shirt from Proud Mama Store instead?

Do not be fooled by the angry look on her face. She was just angry because I interrupted her playtime with daddy for some pictures!

When I first got the pink racerback Fairy shirt for Syrena, it didn't fit her yet, so it took me a while to blog about it. Now that it fits her, though, she refuses to take it off!

Fortunately, Tee Hee shirts aren't just comfortable; they are very durable, too. Syrena has rolled around in hers and gotten her wings stuck in a door, but they are still alive and fluttering (okay, not literally, but still).

Although the wings do get bent into different directions sometimes, they are easy to bend back and although it might be hard to get your kids to take these shirts off every now and then, they are easy to clean, too. Two thumbs up, Proud Mama!

There are four different Tee Hee shirts available for 2-year-olds to 6-year-olds: Dinosaur, Shark, Butterfly and Fairy. They are also available in different colors, and in different shirt types - from racerback tops to regular shirts. See the complete collection here.

Aside from these playful shirts, Sheryll and Riana - the brainchildren of the shirts - also make other mommy-and-baby products, including adorable Funky Feet not-quite-shoes (which Syrena is sadly too old for now), Funkytubes playsleeves, car seat slip covers, and anti-mosquito patches. To see everything that Proud Mama Store has to offer, just visit their Multiply store. You can also like their Facebook page here.

Thank you so much, Manila Fashion Observer and Proud Mama Store for Syrena's pretty fairy shirt! :)

PFW S/S 2012: Guess

Guess is easily one of my favorite brands ever. That's why I went absolutely crazy trying to get tickets for their Philippine Fashion Week show.

The night before the show, I still didn't have any tickets for it, though, and just when I was about to give up, a guardian angel came to my rescue: Amanda Paredes. :)

Amanda is a blogger, too, and one of my readers who won the Accessories goody bag in my Big&Bad Blog Giveaway last September. I was lucky enough to meet her in the Mall of Asia when she came to pick up the prizes; but since I had baby S with me, I wasn't able to take pictures or talk to her for very long. :(

Anyway, she had won tickets to the Guess show from Fashion Intern PH, but wasn't able to go; so she gave them to me instead! So nice! (She probably noticed my desperate give-me-Guess-tickets tweets - haha.) Naturally, I decided to take Keigh of Delishoes Servings with me, my official fashion-week partner. :)

The best news is that, unlike our Michael Cinco show seats, we were at the very front for this one. Oh yeah. Enjoy the photos (just click on the thumbnails for a bigger and better view)! :)

DJ Sanya Smith opened the show.

How pretty is this?

Short shorts and gorgeous shoes. Guess is so me, I swear!

I'm loving the fact that animal prints are still going to be hot next season!

I'm also loving the fact that sheer tops are still going to be hot next season, too!

Looks like flared pants and big hair are making a comeback.

As for the boys, things are looking very grey. Yay! The babydaddy looks great in grey! :p

And plaid Clark-Kent-ish polos will be hot next season, too. Time for Henry to ditch those stripes!

Of course, no fashion show is every complete without a hot dash of sizzling red.
P.S. Everything the model is wearing on the left? WANT.

Guess also had several celebrities walk down the runway.
(left) Jon Hall. I DROOLED.
(right) Maxene Magalona. I see her at Alabang Town Center a lot. If you think she's pretty in this picture, you should know she's even prettier without makeup. And boy, is she tall!

Yes, Guess definitely heated up the runway with daring denim, high heels and their classic style. I'm so happy I have a Guess List card now. Time to get my shop on at Guess stores nationwide!

Are you on the Guess List yet? :) If not, just visit any participating Guess store nationwide and make a purchase of more than P3,500 to get your card with 50 points balance. Enjoy! :)

You can also like Guess on Facebook here. Thank you again, Amanda and Fashion Intern PH! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movie Review: The Change-Up

I have been so busy blogging about events, I realized I was completely ignoring what made me start blogging in the first place: movies.

The name of my blog, Wonder Woman Rises, was obviously inspired by the upcoming movie "The Dark Knight Rises", so I am incredibly disappointed in myself for not having blogged about movies as much as I used to or as much as I should.

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised when the babydaddy subtly begged me to go on a pizza and movie date last night and to leave everything else behind for a change. I am also happy that we decided to watch "The Change-Up" instead of "I Don't Know How She Does It". I loved it! :)

Photo taken from Movie Posters Archive

In a nutshell, "The Change-Up" is exactly like "Freaky Friday", but for adults. Or for dudes. However you want to see it. Either way, it's a good movie.

The premise is simple: two best friends - one a dad (Jason Bateman), the other a playboy (Ryan Reynolds) - get drunk one night, pee in a fountain and say "I wish I had your life" at the same time. The city lights all go out and the next day, they wake up in each other's bodies.

Photo taken from Brothersoft Wallpapers

Despite the unoriginality of the concept, the movie itself is completely hilarious - but what do you expect from the writers of "The Hangover" and the director of "The Wedding Crashers", really? And it's not just a comedy, either. It has a lot of heartfelt moments that even those who aren't fond of crude humor are sure to appreciate.

There is one particular scene that I just need to mention: the babies-in-the-kitchen scene. I swear I was squeezing the babydaddy's arm the entire time and my heart stopped for about a good ten minutes while watching it. I had never been so nervous in my life. Must be the mommy in me! :p

Photo taken from Brothersoft Wallpapers

The actors are impeccably cast, as well, and guys, you'll get to see some butt action from Olivia Wilde and even some boob action - though computer-generated - from Leslie Mann in this. Must-see? I think so.

Photos taken from Brothersoft Wallpapers

What I loved the most about this movie, though, is that it is so true. Having gone through the dating-around phase of my life and while now currently going through the mommy phase of my life myself, I have seen the best and the worst of both worlds - and this movie portrays both the good and the bad of those worlds perfectly.

My official rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

Yes, it is true that there is a lot of profane language in this movie and various disgusting scenes involving baby poop and light porn, as well; but that doesn't destroy the magic that it makes.

If you don't mind adult humor and just want to enjoy a movie without having to think too much, then you will especially love this movie, too.

PFW S/S 2012: L'Oreal Presents Michael Cinco

May I just start by saying that my photos do not do this collection justice at all?

For starters, I brought the wrong lens, so instead of zooming into the action, I was zooming out of it. Major fail on my part. It didn't help that I was sitting next to Kaye of The Style Flux who had her awesome camera and awesome lens at the ready and I could hear her shutter clicking and clicking and clicking away.

It didn't help that we were seated quite far back, either. But hey, it was my first Philippine Fashion Week experience. I was there to make mistakes and learn from them, right? Positivity is a go! :) Haha.

Here are some (rather lame) glimpses of what the show had to offer. You can click on the pictures for a bigger and better(?) view:

The collection was filled with elegant designs and flawless details.

Despite the Egyptian look and feel of some of the dresses, they weren't over-the-top or gaudy in any way.

Even the men's clothes worked well with the accessories used in the show.

Yellow is my favorite color. I'm just saying. WANT.

These dresses are some of my favorites. The details of the skirt on the left and the sleeves on the right? To die for!

Naturally, Anne Curtis - brand ambassador of L'Oreal - also strutted down the runway. And in a gorgeous crimson red gown, to boot. Of course, I was only able to get decent back shots and side view shots of it. Such is my luck, I'm afraid!

Claire James, of America's Next Top Model Cycle 10 fame, also walked for the show and was a huge part of the finale. I was mesmerized by the waterworks used. Inspired!!!

There really is no wonder why Michael Cinco won the global WGSN's Breakthrough Designer of the Year award. His collection was breath-taking and his show was completely inspired - and inspiring. I always thought I wanted a wedding dress from Elie Saab, but now I'm getting tempted to go local and opt for a Michael Cinco creation instead. :)

Anyway, this is the first show that I saw during Philippine Fashion Week and all I can say is that Michael Cinco definitely raised the bar for the rest of the shows. I don't think I'll like any of the other shows as much as this one. It was absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you so much for the invite, Michael Cinco! I can't wait to see what you have to offer on Saturday now. :)

To see better photos of this collection, please visit Kaye's blog post about it at The Style Flux here. :)