Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No Longer 39, But Not Yet 41

I told my older brother (I have to say older coz I have a younger one, too) that I wouldn't mention his actual age in my blog post, so we came up with this creative un-obvious title instead. :p

Yes, aside from being New Year's Eve, it was also my older brother's birthday yesterday. And since I have come to truly appreciate his presence and everything that it brings - and coz I love Papa John's and pizza, in general :p - I thought it would be the best time to photo diary it up yet again. Enjoy!

The grub:

The company:

These cuties visiting all the way from Davao: Raj and Rod!

The parentals.

And the 3 generations of Rodriguez girls currently in the hizzouse.

I know I don't really mention my family on my blog much. In fact, I don't really talk about my family much with anyone. Lol. It's only recently I've started opening up about them. And only to one particular person. Coz he's special. :) Yihee. Haha. But yeah. It's mostly coz we're dysfunctional. And generally not close-knit at all.

Still, I consider myself close to my older brother coz he's the only one I can really talk to and the only one I truly feel comfortable with. I actually burst into tears last year when Dave went to Davao and I wasn't able to go, so you can just imagine how much I'll be crying later tonight. Haha.

Aaaaanyway, here's what I wore. I've been "training" my adorable lil 3-year-old padawan to take my outfit shots, by the way. Haha. Let me know what you think! :)

When in the South, comfort trumps everything else. So I tend to go for shirts, skirts and flats. Every. Time.

(I hope you still appreciate these photos despite the fact that there is no editing involved in them whatsoever. Lol. #medyoembarrassed)

I'll never get sick of Seraphim. I may not shop there a lot-a lot; but when I do, I get such awesome finds from them. Remember my superhero top from them? They've got awesome accessories, too! :)

Speaking of awesome accessories, another one of my love is Quirkypedia. Perfect for girly girls and wannabe girly girls like me. :p Check out another version of their floral connector rings here.

Since the rest of me was already super girly yesterday, I decided to go for my favorite this-is-how-I-feel-on-a-daily-basis flats from Forever 21.

prescription glasses from Four Eyes / cat shirt from Seraphim / floral skirt and black Whatever flats from Forever 21 / floral connector ring from Quirkypedia / animal print clutch bag from Bebe
As mentioned earlier, my bro and nephew are leaving tonight and I have mixed feelings about it. While I'll be more than glad to finally get my room back and sleep on an actual bed instead of on the couch that I've been calling home for the past 10 days or so; I'm also devastated coz I will no longer have anyone around to drink with or anyone who will laugh at my stupid geeky jokes anymore. :(

Sigh. I predict a spike in the iMessages that I send out starting tonight and in the plans that I make with my friends in the week to come. Anything to battle the loneliness! Lol. Fight!

Monday, December 30, 2013

My #1MADGoal for 2014: To Find Out What I Want and Go For It!!!

I'm not afraid to admit that I started off 2013 full of false hope. I believed that I would get out of debt. I believed I was giving my daughter a better life by moving back in with my family. And I believed that I had found the perfect boy for me.

What I failed to realize is that I didn't have any support on any of those levels, so none of it worked out. The good news is that 2013 helped me realize that: that you cannot really rely on anybody but yourself to get things done. And so, upon entering 2014 as a much more independent me next to people whom I look up to and who believe in me, I have come up with the perfect #1MADGoal: to find out what I want and just go for it.

In a nutshell, 2014 will be my year of fulfilling goals.

It will be the year I learn how to drive and finally take claim of the Audi rotting outside of our house.

You will be mine, bebe gurl!
And I will be growing my hair out again this 2014, too!

It will be the year I work harder than ever before (that means finally getting that stupid TIN) and rise in my field of work.

Bring on the WIM podcast!

It will be the year I get my dream weight back, while staying fit and healthy and - God, please help me - quitting the only bad vice left in my system: smoking.

Can you believe I used to be that skinny?!??

The best fitspiration is always the best version of yourself coz then you'll know that it is actually attainable. :)

It will hopefully also be the year wherein I find contentment and happiness with myself, whether things work out in love and life or not. :)

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for the year to end. There's always something about new years and the immense hope that comes with it to become a better version of yourself, even if it only lasts for two weeks or two months after the actual new year. :p

It's the thought and the hope that counts. So, for 2014, here's a toast ala Jack Dawson from "Titanic": TO MAKING IT COUNT. *clink*

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Reality Bites. (GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!)

I've never been a big fan of chick flicks. Maybe this is because I'm a pessimist and a realist, but I hate how chick flicks make women out to be so helpless and whiny. And the worst part is that they always get that so-called happy ending despite being downright annoying every step of the way - the kind of ending that makes me want to barf in their faces, roll my eyes and say, "Yeahhh, right."

So, when Gino Quillamor tweeted this last night, it really resonated with me: "Chick flicks set the bar on love a lil too high. Truth is: reality bites. It may not be as magical as it is in the movies, but it's real."

I think a lot of women forget to appreciate the realness that comes with real-life men. They expect to be showered with gifts, love and attention 24/7 without realising that, in the real world, where real men are really busy with real jobs and real life; this simply isn't feasible most of the time.

In real life, men make mistakes. They won't always find time for you. They have jobs. They work out (and you're lucky if they do!). They play video games. They hang out with other people who *gasp* aren't you. The sooner you accept all of these things, the happier you will be.

I find it depressing when my taken friends complain about their men not having enough time for them coz they're busy with work and making something of themselves. Girl, is he cheating on you, lying to you or beating you? No? Then learn to appreciate that man or just let him go and find someone who will keep your hungry heart happy.

Despite not being a girly girl who appreciates chick flicks, though, I hope you appreciate the effort I made to look the part of one. :p

After all, I do still hope for a happy ending for myself - even if it isn't the kind of happy ending that other women would wish for. :)

Mine mostly just consists of passionate nights; intellectual, witty and geeky conversations; good wine (or any other alcohol, really - not picky); and a whooooole lotta cuddling.

To each her own. :)

dress and clutch from Twinky / necklace from House of Luxe / watch from Superdry / heels from Nine West

Photos by Zia Dadis.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Don't Miss Globe Prepaid Great Gadget Sale's Last Day Tomorrow!

Globe Prepaid Great Gadget Sale

Globe Prepaid Great Gadget Sale

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You can also get big discounts on O+, Samsung, and more. Plus, you can trade-in old phones in exchange for new ones. So, what are you waiting for? Get a new phone to celebrate the new year with at the Globe Prepaid Great Gadget Sale. See you there? :)

Don't Miss Globe Prepaid Great Gadget Sale's Last Day Tomorrow!

Friday, December 27, 2013

You don't expect to get addicted to someone; it just happens.

If there's something I absolutely suck at - besides swimming, driving and cooking - it would be getting over addictions. When I get addicted to stuff, it's hard for me to get over it. Just look at my 13-year-old smoking habit to see what I mean.

Recently, I found myself getting addicted to a person instead of a vice. It sounds silly, but it's true. The thing is: you don't really expect to get addicted to someone; but when they're awesome, it just happens.

Wore this outfit after going to Fitbox with the boys.

vintage striped sweater from Giordano / horned bowler hat from Human (gift from DG) / strappy flip flops from Ipanema / STFU ring from Sister's Act

I find myself replaying our conversations in my head and, even though there aren't any emotions involved (i.e. I'm not in-love with him or anything), I find myself wanting to constantly talk to him and be around him.

This is insane coz, unless there is a movie or alcohol involved, my person-limit usually stands at about 4 hours. More than that and I start imagining shooting the person that I'm with - or myself - in the head.

I also find myself thinking about the sex a lot. Especially when I'm drunk. This is also insane coz the most times I've slept with a guy who wasn't a boyfriend is, well, once. I usually lose interest after that coz the sex simply isn't mind-blowing enough for me to care about it very much anymore after that.

That doesn't mean I sleep with every guy that I meet, though. On the contrary, I am extreeeeemely picky in terms of guys. I drop guys for the tiniest reasons… He gets clingy. He hasn't watched "Star Wars". He laughs too loud in the cinemas. He has an ugly-sounding last name. You name it, I've used it as an excuse to get away from a guy.

And yet I find myself pining for this guy's company as if my last breath depended on it. What is happening to me???

Normally, this wouldn't be much of a problem, but the thing is: he's in-love with someone else and there is now a girl in his life that I can't even begin to compete with coz of the history involved and it's not like I want to compete with her coz I'm not really a relationship kinda person.

It sounds selfish, but I want all of the things that come with a relationship but without the labels. I'm bad with texting when I'm supposed to and telling people where I am and what I'm doing within certain intervals during the day. You wanna know what I'm up to? Follow me on Twitter and Foursquare! Geesh.

Yes, I'm clearly not cut out for relationships.

Still, there are those diamonds in the rough who end up converting me to relationship-ism coz of their awesomeness. While it's too early to say if I would convert to it for this guy if given the chance, I'd go so far as to say that I'd give up all of my high heels for him if I had to. And that's saying quite a lot. Haha.

Let's hope I get over this addiction soon. Unless you enjoy reading this emo shit on my blog? :p

Freeway Holiday Prints are Perfect for The Season!

Freeway Holiday Prints

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It would have been fine if you didn't set the bar so high.

I'm sure you all know by now that my relationship with a fellow blogger ended a few months ago coz of unmet needs and a clashing of mind levels. Well, to be honest, I really wasn't looking to date after that.

However, as it always happens, God likes to surprise people in the strangest of ways and so I unknowingly and unexpectedly ended up back in the dating scene sooner than I expected. At the time, I thought: "Why not? No harm in getting to know new people, right?" Boy, was I wrong.

What started out as something simple and unexpected quickly escalated into an emotional wrecking ball as Mr. Non-Exclusivity turned into Mr. Hyde practically overnight.

glasses from Four Eyes / Spiderman shirt from Folded & Hung / POW! necklace from House of Luxe / Wonder Woman watch from Tomato / grey skirt from TOPS / American flag boots from Chick Flick

While I was talking to other guys at the time - notably Mr. Cheerleader, Mr. Emo, Mr. Liar and Mr. Ira - I didn't really show much interest in any of them. See, I'm one of the pickiest girls on the planet. You have no idea.

But then, Mr. Emotionally Unavailable came along. And while we aren't/weren't(?) exactly "dating" per se… it's complicated… he made quite a mark on me. Let's hide him behind the name Steve.

To be honest, I've had a crush on Steve for the longest time now. Steve is basically the epitome of what I'm looking for in a guy. He's got swag (the Joseph Gordon-Levitt kind, not the Justin Bieber kind); he's geeky; he looks good wearing the basics; he's good with words; he drinks (lol); and he is just so damn fine. Plus, he's got a good last name and a killer kiss. And killer arms, I might add!

The clincher, though, is that he is just as busy (if not busier!) than me; so there's no pressure to text 24/7 or see each other too often… which is exactly what I need right now what with my intense work schedule. No one seems to understand that.

I realize this doesn't sound like the perfect relationship setup, but like I said: I'm not ready for a full-blown relationship at this point and time. All I'm looking for is simplicity, consistency, pure awesomeness and a dash of sweetness and hot spice.

That's not all, though. Aside from everything I said earlier, Steve is also caring. When something's eating me up, he actually asks if I'm okay or tells me to calm down. He's a gentleman, in that he offers to carry my stuff, open cab doors and makes sure I get home safe. Did I mention that he's got a great last name and a killer kiss?!?? Lol.

What's crazy is that this amazingly perfect guy seems to think that he's lacking in certain ways. He thinks he's flawed. He think that he needs to change to make other people happy. Cray cray times one hundred!

I don't know about you guys, but I have always believed that you shouldn't need to change just to make other people happy. Just look for someone who will actually accept you, flaws and all. Or, even better, look for someone who will love you despite all of your flaws.

Pick me! Pick me! Hahahaha.

In all honesty, though, Steve has definitely set the bar high for all of the other guys I might meet in the future. If I die single, I will actually blame him forever for showing me that guys like him exist IRL. If you thought I was pickier before… well, I'm even pickier now.

All I want for Christmas right now is an emotionally available, not-in-love-with-someone-else version of Steve. But preferably also with a killer kiss. ...Killer arms optional.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Giveaway Alert!!! Win a Dress from Dressale Worth $200!!!

Dressale Dress is Up for Grabs!

With Christmas just around the bend, you shouldn't be surprised to see a ton of Christmas giveaways happening left and right. Well, here is one of them, courtesy of Dressale! :D

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