Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maleficent Movie Review: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Maleficent Movie Review: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

I am not like most girls nor was I ever like most kids. While I remember my older sister gushing over wanting to be a Disney princess and even dressing up as one for Halloween once, I never really got into Disney movies that focused on princesses. I used to think I was too young to appreciate them (the first Disney movie I truly appreciated was "Aladdin"), but now I'm beginning to think that maybe I was just born cynical (and smart).

Maleficent Movie Review

At the end of "Cinderella", my question was, "So, is she going to clean for the Prince now?" and at the end of "Sleeping Beauty", my question was, "Why was Maleficent so angry?" While I understood that Cinderella's step mom didn't wanna have a freeloader around the house and while I understood that the evil witch in "Snow White" was jealous of Snow White's beauty, I was always baffled by Maleficent's anger.

Well, the new "Maleficent" movie finally answered my question and brought everything to light - in the best way possible.

Maleficent Movie Review

Maleficent Movie Review

I was a bit on the fence when I watched the first trailer of "Maleficent" coz I wasn't convinced by Elle Fanning's English accent. They seem to have over-dubbed it or changed it, though, coz all that I could see in Elle Fanning in this movie was her stunning and infectious smile.

Angelina Jolie as "Maleficent" was even more stunning. She was downright mesmerising. Those eyes. Those cheekbones. That voice.

Maleficent Movie Review

To be perfectly honest, I hated the first few minutes of the movie. I remember thinking, "Shit. This is going to be a full-on kid's movie and I'm gonna hate it." But I didn't. I loved it. I loved it so much, I'm actually writing a movie review right after watching it - which is something I haven't done in a long while.

"Maleficent" starts poorly, but gets better and better with every passing 15 minutes and since the movie is pretty short (perfect for my ADD companion for the night), it ends pretty spectacularly - in my opinion, anyway.

Maleficent Movie Reviewvia

It helps that Maleficent has killer black angel wings (Peyton Sawyer, anyone?) in the movie and that there are adorable fairies buzzing about, an adorable scene with Vivienne Jolie-Pitt as young Aurora, a One Direction lookalike Prince Philip to add a bit of a kilig factor to the movie (his name is Brenton Thwaites, FYI), and a killer Lana Del Rey "I Know You" song during the end credits.

Maleficent Movie Review

While the plot twist was pretty evident to movie buff-me, it didn't change the fact that it was brilliant and tear-worthy. I cried for a good 2 to 3 minutes and it was worth getting my makeup smudged over.

What I loved the most about "Maleficent", though, is the fact that it was real. I am absolutely loving the fact that Disney is veering away from the love-at-first-sight mantras that kid-me never understood and are starting to veer towards reality.

Maleficent Movie Review

A lot of people will comment, "Wow, bitter si Atey?" (rough translation: Wow, she's a bitter ex!), but come on, ladies: I bet you're secretly wishing that you could have the power to set a curse on your ex boyfriend's future child right about now. (The women who say 'no' are either liars or in denial. :p)

Moms will love this movie, too. Especially single moms. Heck, when Syrena is old enough to wonder where her dad is, I'm gonna make her watch this movie and tell her that it's the story of my life. :p

Seriously. This movie is worth the movie-money. And you can bring your kids, too, coz it's rated G. There was one kid in the cinema today who laughed so hard when one of the fairies dropped something, I imagined him getting instant six-pack abs. Oh, the simple joys of a child.


Maleficent Movie Review


Thanks to Globe for the special screening and for constantly reminding me that friends make an effort. :)

Have you seen "Maleficent" yet? What did you think? :)

Maleficent Movie Review: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friends Make an Effort.

Friends Make an Effort.

I recently wrote a blog post about how True Friends are Like Superheroes. This past month, it has become even more evident that real friends truly are different from regular friends.

Yup. Real friends make an effort.

While regular friends will might meet up with you when you text them, a real friend will make time for you, no matter what.

While regular friends might text you when they're bored, a real friend will automatically ask you to hang out, even when they're already hanging out with other people.

While regular friends might ask if you are going to a certain event, a real friend will tag you along as their +1, whether you wanna be there or not.

While regular friends will tell you what you want to hear, a true friend will always tell you the truth, even if it hurts.

While regular friends might hear out your problems, a true friend will be by your side until they are fixed.

While regular friends might check what you are up to on FourSquare, true friends will check in with you.

While regular friends will complain about how clingy you are on text and on social media, a true friend will be clingy right there with you.

While regular friends make fun of your romantic history, a true friend will bombard you with inside jokes - or worse: inside hashtags.

While regular friends have seen your sad emoticons through text, a true friend has seen those emoticons on your face through FaceTime.

While regular friends have your name in their phonebook, a true friend has a special name for you in it.

While regular friends might avoid you after an argument, a true friend calls.

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Texting and Twitter parinigan can only go so far. Save those for your regular friends. Globe highlights the importance of a call, whether it be in your lifestyle, line of work, and with your family and friends coz let's face it: "a real friend calls". #BOOM

To register to GoUnli20:

a. dial *143# and select GoUnli20 from GoSakto
b. text GoUnli20 to 8888

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Real friends make an effort. Don't you agree?

Monday, May 5, 2014

I think you're amazing.

I'm still on an Amazing Spider-Man high and that is what I will attribute the red-ness of this outfit and the multiple mentions of the word 'amazing' on.

Photos by Renee Fopalan.

black glasses from Glasses Shop / red dress from Rosegal / black jacket from Folded & Hung / studded collar necklace from House of Luxe / heels with heart print from Chick Flick Collection

To be honest, this dress looks nothing like what it looks like on the Rosegal site, but I love it all the same. <3

The beauty about this blogpost is that I know you won't read it because you don't like to read blogs. The beauty about this is that I can say whatever I want to without having to worry about rejection.

Whether you end up reading this or not, though, I just want you to know that you are amazing. Other people may take you for granted. Other people might not take you seriously. But I think you are downright amazing.

Asked for new contacts, but got 3 new pairs of eyeglasses from Glasses Shop instead. No complaints! This pair is my current go-to piece coz it goes with anything!

You are amazing because you genuinely care about other people's feelings. You are amazing because you make it a point to make other people feel wanted, cared for and appreciated. You are amazing because you never complain about anything. You are amazing because you compliment people without even knowing it. You are amazing merely because you are you, so don't let other people make you believe otherwise.

I am not here to make papansin or hope that you'll throw me a bone. I am simply here to make a virtual mark on my blog, so that one day, I can look back at this blogpost and remember how I felt about you once upon a time - how, at one point, I felt the urge to give you everything that you wanted because you deserve it; and how, at one point, my only goal in life was to make you happy and see you smile.

We may never happen, and I'll be okay with that (…eventually :p). However, you make my heart happy for the time being and I believe that deserves a blogpost in itself. After all, what better memory to preserve in a blogpost than the happy kind? :) Thanks, you. x

Saturday, May 3, 2014

adidas Originals x The Farm Provides Colorful Street Style for Women

adidas Originals x The Farm Provides Colorful Street Style for Women

Hear ye, hear ye! adidas Originals is bringing us another exclusive collaboration - this time with Brazil-based label, The Farm.

This collection features vibrant, one-of-a-kind prints by the Farm mixed with adidas' sporty classic styles. Check it out:

adidas Originals x The Farm

adidas Originals x The Farm

The iconic style of adidas Originals' rich heritage is reworked through The Farm's signature prints, blurring the lines between sport and street style in colourful hues.

adidas Originals x The Farm

These feminine pieces contemplate the lifestyle of adidas Originals with four different kaleidoscope repeat prints by The Farm in eye-catching colours.

adidas Originals x The Farm

The capital of Rio is highlighted through playful prints of indigenous flora and fauna and eye-bursting Toucans and tropical flowers on jersey, cottons and more, adding carnival fever to urban classic silhouettes.

adidas Originals x The Farm

Reimagined through The Farm's Tucanario, Borboflor, Frutaflor and Floralina prints, the favourites of adidas Originals emerge with fruity zest.

adidas Originals x The Farm

From the celebrated Firebird tracksuit to humble tank tops, iconic adidas Originals styles are spiced up for summer in the tropics along with cascades of fruits and flowers for the ultimate sexy and carefree vibe.

adidas Originals x The Farm

The adidas Originals x The Farm S/S 2014 collection is now out at select adidas stores. Get yours today - perfect for the current summer fun!

Like adidas on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at @adidasph for more updates. :)

adidas Originals x The Farm Provides Colorful Street Style for Women

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zomato: Discover Restaurants with Ease with Their Latest Revamp

Zomato: Discover Restaurants with Ease with Their Latest Revamp

Have you ever used Zomato? If you're a food lover like me, then you definitely need to check them out.

Now is the best time to check out Zomato, too, coz they've just unveiled their latest update made specifically with their users in mind.


What does the New Zomato have to offer?

- A powerful new search bar

It might not look special, but there is a ton of deliciousness in there. Find things faster and get helpful suggestions for places that you might like at the same time.

- The FoodFeed

Through the FoodFeed, you'll be able to see the tastiest pictures and reviews from your friends!

- Revamped profile pages

Track your stats, create a wish list of places that you want to visit, and see all of your pictures and reviews at a glance. You can add your blog URL here, too, so that it will show up with all of your reviews.

Hungry for more? Then you're in luck coz you can get the chance to win GCs from Zomato right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information, visit the Zomato website at or :)

Zomato: Discover Restaurants with Ease with Their Latest Revamp