Saturday, June 8, 2024

I'm in love with my G-SHOCK ITZY watch!

I love Casio watches, particularly Baby G and G-SHOCK watches. In fact, the first watch I ever fell in love with was a Casio Baby G watch.

So, when I learned that ITZY collaborated with the famous brand, I was ecstatic. A collaboration between my favorite Korean girl group and my favorite watch brand? Winner!

Honestly, it's the perfect collaboration because, like G-SHOCK, ITZY is just as powerful and just as tough.

There are three colors available in this collaboration - beige pink, white, and translucent black - and in my current attempt to veer away from my usual blacks, I went for the beige pink one.

Honestly, I have no regrets because just like the white and black, it matches perfectly well with practically any outfit. I also love the pinkish hands of the clock that gives it at added oomph.

To make MIDZYs even happier, the special G-SHOCK ITZY watches come in a tin case with the ITZY logo on it:

The tin case is also placed in a box with ITZY's signatures printed on it.

The watch face and the back of the watch have the ITZY logo on it too:

The G-SHOCK ITZY watch is definitely a must-have accessory for every MIDZY out there. Make sure to get yours before their concert in Manila!