Saturday, March 19, 2016

Where Has the Time Gone?

It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to a lil princess and now here I am with a not-so-lil princess in my midst. Believe it or not, my baby is about to graduate from Kindergarten on Monday and step into the world of elementary school.

sleeveless butterfly top from Guess / grey leggings from H&M / blue sandals from Ichigo Shoes / fuzzy backpack courtesy of TJ Leonardo

Our journey definitely hasn't been an easy one - that's for sure. As such, I just want to take this milestone as a chance to thank everyone who has been by our side every step of the way: my parents who took me back in with open arms when I left the babydaddy; my friends who double as babysitters and shoulders to cry on when the tutoring gets tough; and Darth Vader for being Syrena's father since her actual father has not been around. :p

Of course, I would also like to thank the big guy up high for blessing me with such a patient, low-maintenance, kind, malambing and stunningly gorgeous human being as my daughter.

You know, there are days when I feel absolutely empty and broken and this girl just comes into my room, gives me the biggest hug and comforts me like the mother I am supposed to be, and I have no idea why I deserved to give birth to someone so utterly perfect.

This miracle has saved me so many times in my life, it feels like she was a guardian angel sent to Earth to keep me sane. When I lost baby J, for example, it felt like the end of the world for me… but there she was with comforting words and hugs, and she just literally generally lights up my life in the most ineffable ways.

Yes, she can be an annoying pain in the butt and sometimes, I feel so trapped for having such a huge responsibility in my midst - one that I was by far not ready for when the time came - and yes, it hurt like a bitch to give birth to her… but Syrena is and will always be the biggest accomplishment of my life. I definitely have no regrets, no matter what we had to go through and experience to get here.

You are an absolute joy, my little munchkin. And even though you will probably be taller than me by next year and you hate it when I call you 'baby' (coz according to you, you're no longer a baby); you will always be my baby. And it will forever be me and you against the world. Forever and always. To infinity and beyond. I love you. Kick butt in Manresa, sweetie. :*

Monday, March 14, 2016

3 Cool Tech Accessories You Might Need This Summer

How are you spending your summer? Whether you are arranging a trip out of town or planning to have fun in the city, Digits Trading has the coolest tech accessories for you.

3 Cool Tech Accessories You Might Need This Summer

If you plan on getting adventurous this summer, check out:

BRAVEN BRV-Pro Glow Deck (Php1,450)

In my opinion, BRAVEN is the best brand to go to if you are looking for speakers that can survive in the wild. I personally have BRAVEN speakers that I bring anytime I plan on doing anything outdoorsy because I know that they can withstand practically anything.

Well, this Glow Deck happens to be the perfect attachable accessory to the BRV-PRO speaker. It is waterproof and uses luminous LEDs to light your path, tent or campsite. Coolness!

If you plan on bonding with the family, check out:

vest Anti-Radiation Wired Radiation Earphones (Php1,850)

vest earphones are great for family bonding because it makes use of anti-radiation technology to keep your loved ones safe from mobile device emissions. This would be especially important if you have children with you.

vest's Anti-Radiation Wired Radiation Earphones come in pink, blue, white, or black, so you can choose a color that fits your personality best.

If you plan on using your phone a lot, check out:

TITAN Loop charging cable (Php1,650)

If there's one thing that I dread the most, it's seeing my charging cable get frayed. Fortunately, TITAN now solves that problem with its industrial-grade cable that is wrapped in not just one, but two layers of flexible, high-strength steel.

The Lightning and USB connectors on TITAN are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. No more changing charging cables every few months! It even extends to almost 9" long.

Yes, all of the items above are great. However, if you have a car, a car charger may also come in handy if you plan on going on road trips this summer. Fortunately, I am giving one away right here along with a cool shirt from Beyond the Box! :) All you have to do is fill up the following Rafflecopter form:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The products mentioned above are all available at Digital Walker and Beyond The Box branches nationwide. You may find out more about Digits Trading by liking them on Facebook or following them on Instagram at @DigitsTradingPH :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

MySlim: My Companion on the Road to Looking Good This Summer

When I first started taking MySlim, I lost 9 pounds in 1 month. What I haven't told you yet is that I continued taking MySlim for 2 more months after that first month. I'm not sure how many pounds I have lost anymore, but I went from a size 34 waist to a size 24 waist. Don't believe me? Here's some proof:

My face was noticeably much rounder before compared to now.

No more rolls and bilbil all over my body.
July 2015 vs October 2015

And for the first time in my life, I actually feel okay wearing a bikini.
August 2015, size 14 vs January 2016, size 2

I had already taken MySlim for three months (without exercise) when somebody pointed out that it was scary because I might gain weight again if I stop taking MySlim. Since I wanted to know the answer to that, I stopped taking it altogether.

Well, despite the holiday season, and without any diet or exercise, I am happy to announce that I didn't gain any crazy amount of weight; so you don't have to worry about gaining your weight back if you stop taking MySlim after you reach your dream weight goals.

I have been eating quite an extraordinary lot recently, though. Because I met someone… hihi :"> …and you know what they say: when you're in love like, you spend more time together and, in turn, eat more and gain weight as a result.

Sadly, I noticed one of my pairs of shorts was a bit snug yesterday, so I decided to get back on the MySlim wagon today. Since I work out now to get toned, I'm hoping the results will be good just in time for the summer season.

Will try and keep better track of my weight and measurements this time, so you can have a more accurate idea on how MySlim helped me reach my summer body goals (if it does - which I am confident it will). :)

Want to try out these MySlim drinks? I'm giving away drink bottles and powder sachets for those who want to try the MySlim drinks for free! :) All you have to do is share this article on any of your social media platforms and tell me why you want to win. Don't forget to put your posts on Public and follow and tag me, so I can see them. :) (Wonder Woman Rises on Facebook, @the_lil_miss on Twitter and @lilmisswonderwoman on Instagram)

You may also check out MySlim on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @myslimdetox #WalangImposible :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Project Pie's Awesome Foursome is Perfect for Your Barkada

"Pizzaaaaa!!!" That is pretty much all I could think of when I first heard that Project Pie was launching a new meal deal good enough for 4 people.

My second thought was to find fellow pizza lovers to join me on my big foodscapade. Fortunately, it wasn't that hard to round up 3 willing people (plus my mini-me) to try out Project Pie's Awesome Foursome!

While waiting for the rest of my partners in crime, mini-me Syrena and ninang Emeri had a lil drawing contest going on while the very friendly, helpful and accommodating staff of Project Pie SM Southmall answered all of my random queries about the Awesome Foursome.

As per the poster that I saw, the Awesome Foursome includes two build-your-own pizzas of your choice, one Classic Caesar Salad, one Primo Meatball dish, one dessert pizza and four drinks of your choice. 

And yes, I asked. The drinks can be beer. Score!

If you're not an alcoholic like me, though, you can opt for lemonade or soft drinks. Either way, you can enjoy unli-drinks at Project Pie as always. :)

The salad at Project Pie is surprisingly addicting. I loved every crunch and every leaf of it. Even my non-salad-loving friends enjoyed this one!

I'm not a big meatball person, but I was surprised that I liked the meatballs at Project Pie. Happy to say there was nothing in this Awesome Foursome that I didn't like! :D So far, so good!

And then there was the pizza. If you've been to Project Pie before, you should know that they have a build your pizza station where you can choose everything from the sauce to the meat to the veggies!

If you're devouring this set with your barkada, you can get two different pizzas and even make half-half ones to make everyone happy. Project Pie is adaptable like that. :)

Spicy goodness for me and Em.

All cheese for the lil one.

And since Project Pie's dessert pizzas are to-die-for, we can both available flavours: S'Mores and Banana Nutella. Best of both worlds!!!

At only Php899 for the entire meal, I have to say that Project Pie's Awesome Foursome is well worth it. If you have a huge appetite as a barkada, though, I'd say the meal would only fill up 2 to 3 people as opposed to 4. Still worth it, though, if you consider the fact that you'll end up saving Php419 with this set and will get four beers out of it. (Yes, the beer is important, guys! Pizza and beer FTW!!!)

Special shoutout to this awesome Project Pie SM Southmall crew!

You can see the roundup of the entire Awesome Foursome here:

Time to tell your friends all about this! :D For more information, like Project Pie on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @projectpieph :)

adidas Originals' Tubular Viral Geometric is Next on My Want List!

I've always been an adidas girl Can you really blame me, though, if they keep coming up with stunning footwear that isn't just easy on the eyes, but is also functional at the same time?

adidas Originals has introduced yet another new gorgeous silhouette, the Tubular Viral, which features a low-cut, balanced design, and a refined, proportional shape.

It is available in two minimalist colourways, too, just the way I like it:

The core black...
…and the chalk white, which is currently on my want list.

I especially love that they have an elastic strap in the middle for a more snug fit. <3

If you love the Tubular Viral Geometric, too, it is currently available at Php4,995. :)