Thursday, April 22, 2021

BTS Incorporates the Penrose Steps in Their PH Commercial and I am Beyond Ecstatic

I am an ARMY - loud and proud! But more on that another time. Today, I'd like to rave about the beauty of their new Smart television commercial. Although it was just launched two hours ago, the video already has more than 210,000 views:

The boys look amazing and I love the messages behind it! What really stood out for me, though, is that they incorporated one of my favorite elements in the world, which made me feel like the TVC was made for me. :p Lol.

In case you haven't heard of the Penrose steps yet, they are symbolic of defying impossible situations. I fell in love with these steps as a child when they were used in the movie 'Labyrinth' starring David Bowie and again when I was in high school and discovered MC Escher's artwork on it. These steps were also seen in one of my favorite movies, 'Inception', and more recently, in an episode of 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' ('Demon Slayer'). Seeing it in a TVC featuring BTS made these steps all the more special to me.

In the TVC, we see BTS walking up and down seven iterations of these steps with wise and powerful words flashing around them:

Jungkook goes up and down a staircase that appears to represent the entrance to a recording studio with the words KEEP INSPIRING.

RM is seen opening a book in the impossible stairways set with the words KEEP LEARNING.

J-hope is dancing in a dynamic disco set with the words KEEP MOVING.

Jin goes up a garden stairway set with the words KEEP CHASING YOUR PASSION.

V is seen at a subway escalator with the words KEEP EXPLORING.

SUGA is in a musical-inspired staircase set with the words KEEP LIVING YOUR PURPOSE.

Jimin is seen in a building’s fire exit with the words KEEP CONNECTING.

Jin reflects, “Smart decisions have always been important to us and seem to have produced good results for us. I will encourage you [to live smarter and live with purpose] so you can only walk the path of happiness.”

“When you have a purpose, you have a reason to [live] and it becomes your driving force,” says J-hope.

To this, V adds, “No matter how many times you fall, don’t give up and challenge yourself to break [big walls] in your life.”

For a group whose passion and purpose are to create music and perform around the world, staying put in South Korea for more than a year now has only made them look forward to better times. “What makes us move is the ARMY waiting for us,” SUGA shares, eager for when seeing fans face-to-face is possible again.

Meanwhile, Jungkook has everyone’s best interest in mind: “I’ll be rooting for you. Please stay healthy.”

“We know very well that you are always sending us messages through social media, uploading videos that cover our songs and dances, and participating in competitions,” says Jimin.

Smart has also shared that they really want to bring BTS to the Philippines soon and that they would also like to set up a live event for Philippine fans at the very least, but that will have to wait until the pandemic ends or the boys' schedule frees up.

What is your message for BTS? Share it with me. Also, check out my unboxing of Mattel's BTS V Idol doll here:

Sunday, April 4, 2021

2021 Influencer Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Influencer marketing keeps changing by the year. When I started on this journey more than a decade ago, blogs were all the rage. People went to blog sites to read the latest news, get to know their favorite personalities, and immerse themselves in the lives of those personalities.

When Instagram came to the forefront, fewer and fewer people visited blogs, having been given the chance to digest content in an easier and quicker way - perfect for the busy lifestyles of this generation.

Then came the videos, which provided ample entertainment and gave them a glimpse of what their favorite personalities are actually like in real life. With so many changes constantly happening, you might be wondering what's in store for influencer marketing in the years to come. Here are 3 key points that experts have made about 2021:

Authenticity is key.

With so many influencers becoming notorious for promoting brands they don't actually use in real life, sounding incredibly "sponsored" in their captions, or saying the wrong things to attract the ire of keyboard warriors; authenticity is now taking the forefront. Brands want to avoid trolls nowadays and are therefore more careful about their name possibly going viral for the wrong reasons

It's the micro-influencers' chance to shine.

Micro-influencers on Instagram are slowly starting to gain the spotlight. At lower price points, brands now have the opportunity to tap people with diverse personalities and fresh content without spending too much money. By using micro-influencers, brands can also spend more on boosting content to strategically reach their target audience.

TikTok is now a big part of the scene.

TikTok really took off last year, making it clear that people are searching for more ways to keep themselves entertained online, particularly during the current pandemic. Expect to see more brands tap influencers for TikTok videos to maximize their investment.

Have you been following the 3 trends of influencer marketing mentioned above? If you are already part of the equation, then you can look forward to a fun and amazing time ahead. If you aren't, then it's time to get to know more micro-influencers, familiarize yourself with TikTok, and above all things, just be real.