Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kisses Make Me Happy.

I am currently reading "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell and this outfit is a bit of a tribute to its awesomeness: the feelings of first kisses that you don't want to end, the great music of the 80's, and the old schoolness of walkmans and boomboxes. I hope you like it. :)

fuzzy black sweater with kiss marks from Rose Gal / grey animal print pants from Forever 21 / suede sneaker wedges from Promod

Honestly speaking, there are very few things in this world that make me grinning-to-my-ears-until-I-look-stupid happy: Family Mart green tea twirls, witnessing Josue fanboy over NBA players, hearing Syrena mindlessly singing Incubus songs, having genuinely geeky conversations, and kissing. Boy, do I love kissing!

I would instantly give up green tea twirls, Starbucks and all of my shoes if it meant getting a really good kiss every day. Seriously.

Bring a tight hug into the mix and BOOM. I melt.

purple contact lenses from Dull to Doll / dinosaur claw ring and boom box ring from Bangkok

One of the best things that I love about "Eleanor & Park" is how much I can relate to the music in the book, the struggles of running out of batteries in a walkman and the cute yet cannibalistic feelings that Eleanor feels whenever she sees Park.

Here's one of my favorite snippets from the book:

Don't bite his face, Eleanor told herself. It's disturbing and needy and never happens on situation comedies or movies that end with big kisses.
I'm sorry about yesterday, she said.
He hung onto his straps and shrugged. "Yesterday happens."
God, it's like he wanted her to eat his face clean off.

Although I haven't finished reading the book yet, it's safe to say that I am loving it so far. I love how simple it is yet has the power to make me feel giddy, happy and understood at the same time, what with its quotable quotes and music and movie references - things that a lot of people, especially young adults in this generation, might not full understand or appreciate without a brief pop culture history lesson anyway. Lol.

Overall, if "Eleanor & Park" were a guy, it would be the perfect boyfriend for me. On that note, I really hope I like the ending. It's one thing not to have relationships work out; but to have books not work out? That's even worse.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MrCostumes - My Top 3 Costume Choices for Halloween 2014

O. M. G. Halloween is just a few months away. Are you ready this time? I don't know about you, but one of my major pet peeves is not being ready for Halloween when the time comes, i.e. not having the perfect costume for the most fun holiday in the world!!!

There was this one time when I ordered a Halloween costume and it arrived 6 days after Halloween. I was this close to throwing a belated Halloween party just to be able to wear my costume. Lol. True story. So, this year, I've decided to get ready as soon as now and one of the best costume sites that I've seen to date for my personal Halloween costume needs is MrCostumes.

MrCostumes has a very wide selection of fun Halloween costumes for both adults and kids, perfect for me and my mini-me. In case you didn't know, Syrena and I dress in tandem every Halloween coz that's just the kind of uncool mom that I am. :p

Naturally, my first choice for this Halloween would be our favorite superheroes!

Syrena happens to be a huge Spider-Man fan and what kind of mom would I be to tell her that Spider-Man is actually, well, a man? She can go as Spider-Kid and I can go as… Wonder Woman, of course!

Since I super loved the movie "Maleficent", my second choice would be Princess Aurora and Maleficent!

The best part about the Princess Aurora costume is that it can be used for other children's princess parties (of which I am learning there are a lot of during the year) and can even be revamped into a Game of Thrones character costume in case Syrena ever gets into the Westeros world by next year. (Fingers crossed!)

My last choice would be: Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper!

Why? Aside from our mutual love for Star Wars, I absolutely love these female costume versions that MrCostumes has to offer. I've never seen such cute female versions of Darth Vader or Stormtroopers before and would love to strut our stuff together looking like this. Don't you just adore them? <3 A much better choice compared to the usual Han and Leia costumes that I can never pull off coz I'm never sexy enough to come Halloween. :p

Not too keen on shopping online or internationally? Then check out Skitzo Manila for potential Halloween costumes that you can get locally instead.

So… What are you dressing up as this Halloween 2014? :) Are you ready?

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Shoe in Love 4: The Perfect Bazaar for Shoe Addicts!

Are you a shoe addict like me? Then the I'm Shoe in Love 4 bazaar would definitely be the place for you to be this weekend from August 2 to 3!

Get ready to drown in a shoe-filled haze of great collections by big commercial brands and upcoming ones. Some of the participants include Adidas, Keds, Ipanema, and Crocs, to name a few.

Grab the latest styles and the best markdowns from your favorite brands this weekend and enjoy coffee from Meet U Coffee while you're at it! You can even get rebates from GrabTaxi if you take a GrabTaxi cab to the venue. ;) Awesomesauce!

It is definitely going to be the biggest footwear event in Manila! Don't miss out. To win tickets, just fill up this Rafflecopter form:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, July 26, 2014

TBDress Has Cheap T-Shirts for Any Style You Want to Exude

TBDress Has Cheap T-Shirts for Any Style You Want to Exude

On days when you don't really feel like dressing up too much or simply want to keep things a bit more simple than usual, t-shirts can be your saving grace. Because of this, it isn't any wonder why so many women have colourful and unique t-shirts in their wardrobe repertoire nowadays.

T-shirts can be worn by practically any woman, no matter what her style might be like. So, regardless of whether you want to keep things elegant, basic, cute or edgy; you should definitely think about stocking up on t-shirts.

Fortunately, you can now turn to TBDress for any of your t-shirt needs. Here, you can get cheap t-shirts, regardless of the style that you want to exude and without compromising on quality, either.

Cheap T-Shirts from TBDress

Want to make a statement? Check out these graphic tees:

TBDress Cheap T-ShirtsTBDress Cheap T-Shirts

Love animal prints? Look at these fashionable picks:

TBDress Cheap T-ShirtsTBDress Cheap T-Shirts

Want to look cute and stylish at the same time? Check out these t-shirts:

TBDress Cheap T-ShirtsTBDress Cheap T-Shirts

Whenever you feel lazy to dress up or simply want to grab something and go, the cheap t-shirts at TBDress will complete your look and make you look ultra stylish either way. The best part is that they have a huge collection of these shirts, so you are sure to find a lot of styles that you like at very affordable prices. Check them out today!

TBDress Has Cheap T-Shirts for Any Style You Want to Exude

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maximize Your Spotify Account with Globe Galaxy S5

If there's one thing that I love most in the world, it's music. In fact, Tom Cruise aside, music is probably the only constant love in my life.

Since I have a very wide range of well-loved artists in my heart, though, the biggest problem that I used to have with my music players is a lack of space. Ever since I moved to Manila, another problem that I've had is the lack of my-kind-of-music in this country. (I'm not a very masa girl, y'see. Lol.)

As such, you cannot begin to understand how much my life was made when Spotify made it into my life. I was first introduced to it by "Steve" sometime in March. I tried it out for myself when I got home and BOOM. That is when my love affair and addiction with Spotify began. True story.

Things only got better for me Spotify-wise when I got my postpaid Globe Galaxy S5. See, with a postpaid plan for a Globe Galaxy S5, you will get a free 6-Month subscription to Spotify Premium. That's right. You will get to experience the best of the best of Spotify for 6 whole months FOR FREE! Yahooooo!

And since I'm in such an I-love-Spotify mood, let me share another awesome feature with this baby: the Connect feature.

The Connect feature on Spotify basically lets you control different devices from every device that your Spotify is linked to. Prior to my Globe Galaxy S5, I actually had an iPhone 5C, which my Spotify was originally linked to.

When I leant my 5C to the busker, I noticed that whenever I turned on my Spotify from my S5, I could see what he was listening to. KILIG ALERT.

Even better: whenever we would text and I told him about a song he wasn't familiar with or vice versa, we could simply switch it on each other's device in real-time. Of course, we also annoyed each other with songs like this one:

I swear, though: the first time I was listening to songs on Spotify in the middle of the night and he texted "check Spotify" and the song suddenly changed to Foy Vance's "Guiding Light" featuring Ed Sheeran, my heart melted. The song instantly became my lullaby that night.

The best part? We could both add songs onto the Playlist, so I could see which songs he recently liked and vice versa and... my God, even though there is no chance in hell he and I will ever become a couple… those moments screamed KILIG ALERT.

If you're actually in a relationship, I'd highly recommend sharing your Spotify Premium account. HIGHLY. RECOMMEND. IT. That is all.

For more information on Globe and their postpaid plans, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter: @enjoyGLOBE and @talk2GLOBE :) Don't forget to like Spotify on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, as well: @Spotify_PH :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

TBDress Has Cheap Leggings that are Cute and Edgy for Every Woman

TBDress Has Cheap Leggings that are Cute and Edgy for Every Woman

Leggings are popular with women, no matter where they might live or what their walks of life might be like. This is mostly because they are so easy to wear and can make one's legs look longer at the same time.

Naturally, women will be after different styles of leggings depending on their needs, the weather and their general mood on any given day, though. Fortunately, TBDress has cheap leggings that will suit any type of woman.

TBDress Has Cheap Maxi Leggings

Basic black never goes out of style!

TBDress Cheap LeggingsTBDress Cheap Leggings

If you want to add an extra edge to the blackness of your look, add some slits to the mix:

TBDress Cheap LeggingsTBDress Cheap Leggings

If you're more after comfort and cuteness, though, then check these babies out:

TBDress Cheap LeggingsTBDress Cheap Leggings

As you can see, all of the cheap leggings at TBDress have a chic and unique look that will really make you stand out from the crowd. The best part is that they are all comfortable and affordable, so you will be more than happy to add a few of them into your wardrobe this year!

TBDress Has Cheap Leggings that are Cute and Edgy for Every Woman

Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Make the Best First Impression - Maybelline Can Help

A lot of people say that first impressions are everything - and I cannot agree more. This is why I always make it a point to look my best - not just when meeting someone for the first time, but also when seeing someone for the first time during the day.

After all, even though you are meeting a friend that you have known for a long time, your first impression on that friend on any given day will already let them know your general outlook and vibe for the day. Don't get what I mean? Here are some examples:

1) First Date

When going on a date for the first time, I used to focus more on what I wear than on what kind of makeup I have on to be honest. The more 'experience' (lol) I've gotten in the matter, though; the more I realised that makeup plays a big part in how guys will perceive you from the very first date.

Because of this, it would be important to do your makeup according to how you want any particular guy to perceive you at any given time. Looking for a long-term relationship? Keep things simple and cute. Looking for something more "casual" *wink*? Then play up your eyes and lips as needed and use makeup to bring out your inner vixen if needed.

2) Girls' Night Out

Speaking of playing up your eyes and lips, a girls' night out is always a great time to play with makeup. After all, girls understand all about makeup, so you can experiment as much as you want to whenever you hang out with them without the fear of getting judged you. The best part is that your girl friends can tell you what works on you and what doesn't, so that you can steer clear of the bad choices the next time you go out on another date or just in public, in general.

3) First meeting with his parents

Of course, when it comes to meeting a guy's parents, or even your friends' parents, the goal is to make them love like you. That's always my ultimate goal anyway. :p To do this, I have come to notice that a natural look always works best.

A natural look will make you look friendly, down-to-earth, easy to get along with and, well, nice. And parents like nice. So keep the bright lipstick hidden when it comes to meeting the parents and just look as fresh as you can. :)

The most important part of your makeup, though, should be the base of it all, i.e. the foundation or BB cream that you use. Well, I have come to find that Maybelline BB cream works even better than the Maybelline foundation that I used to swear by.

While the Maybelline foundation is all well and good, I like the lighter feel that the BB cream has and how it assimilates to my skin tone even after I've gotten a tan.

I really need it, too. After all, without any base makeup, this is what I look like:

Scary, I know.

With a few drops and swipes of the Maybelline BB Cream, however, I can get instant flawless looking skin in no time:

Okay, maybe not super flawless, but much better than the previous picture, you gotta admit!

Yes, ladies, first impressions matter. So, always make it a point to not just look great for other people, but to look great for yourself, as well. Not only will this boost your self confidence, but it will also make you act differently according to your makeup all day. Let Maybelline help you make that great first impression all day everyday! :)

Share your first impression experiences with me and tell me how Maybelline BB cream made them even better in the comments section below! :)

For more information on Maybelline Philippines, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

TBDress Has Cheap Maxi Dresses to Keep the Summer Going All Year Round

TBDress Has Cheap Maxi Dresses to Keep the Summer Going All Year Round

Whether the sun is out or not, maxi dresses never go out of style. In fact, they keep rising in the world of fashion trends and it doesn't look like they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. If you have been looking for cheap maxi dresses to save some money, though, then you need to check out TBDress ASAP.

TBDress happens to provide all sorts of different maxi dresses. So, whether you want to buy some for work, for dates, for weekends at the beach or just for casual wear; you are sure to find something to suit your needs at TBDress.

TBDress Has Cheap Maxi Dresses

You can go Grecian with these beautiful styles:

TBDress Cheap Maxi DressesTBDress Cheap Maxi Dresses

Or go all out with these stunning pieces:

TBDress Cheap Maxi DressesTBDress Cheap Maxi Dresses

Floral never goes out of style, either.

TBDress Cheap Maxi DressesTBDress Cheap Maxi Dresses

As you can see, all of the cheap maxi dresses at TBDress have stunning designs that can provide you with the perfect look for summer and beyond. Take your pick today and coordinate them with layers or accessories for an unforgettably pretty and comfortable look!

TBDress Has Cheap Maxi Dresses to Keep the Summer Going All Year Round

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses are Sweet and Casual at DressV

Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses are Sweet and Casual at DressV

Are you looking for the perfect homecoming dress, but are having trouble injecting your own style into the formality of the idea that comes with the word 'homecoming'?

Worry no more! DressV has got you covered as they have short, casual and utterly irresistible designs that will make everyone look your way.

Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses are Sweet and Casual at DressV

Keep things simple, classic and low-key with these top picks:

DressV Vintage Long Homecoming DressesDressV Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses

Or wear an eye-popping colors of pink or purple:

DressV Vintage Long Homecoming DressesDressV Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses

Frills are always in, so why not stand out with one of these beauties?

DressV Vintage Long Homecoming DressesDressV Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses

As you can see, all of DressV's dresses are perfect for homecoming and are sweet and casual enough to suit your age and the purpose of the dress for the event.

Check out the complete roster of vintage long homecoming dresses that they have or visit DressV's website to see the rest of the gorgeous dresses that they have to offer! Enjoy! :)

Vintage Long Homecoming Dresses are Sweet and Casual at DressV

Happy 10th Anniversary, Dorothy Perkins! :)

Who doesn't love RSSI stores? I've been a big fan of Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and even Topman for as long as I can remember, so I was thrilled to hear that Dorothy Perkins was opening a brand new store at SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall to celebrate their 10th anniversary in the Philippines.

Happy anniv, Dorothy Perkins! :)

All photos taken with my Globe Galaxy S5.

Dorothy Perkins

Sharon Ugot, Group Brand Manager of Dorothy Perkins Philippines, says that this is definitely a milestone for both RSSI and Dorothy Perkins. "We are really thankful that the brand was greatly accepted by Filipinas, and we're looking forward to expanding the brand and making it available in more places in the Philippines."

Come South, please! :p

Dorothy Perkins

Although most people see Dorothy Perkins as a store for the 'working woman' - something that I am clearly not since I work from home… mostly in oversized shirts and sweaters - I have come to find that Dorothy Perkins also has a lot to offer for life outside of the workplace.

Dorothy Perkins

Be it girly dresses, dainty handbags, stunning shoes or even tailored items; Dorothy Perkins has something for every woman.

Dorothy Perkins

This girly spread at the RSSI anniversary bash was to die for!

Dorothy Perkins

Even casual laid-back ladies like myself can find something perfect for them at Dorothy Perkins.

Now, what store launch wouldn't be complete without a fashion show to delight our senses and give us more of a taste of what Dorothy Perkins really has to offer?

My Favorites from the Dorothy Perkins S/S 2014 Collection

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

Aside from providing beautiful clothes and accessories to wear, what I love most about Dorothy Perkins is the fact that their items are completely affordable. I can't wait to get my hands on some of the items seen above. :)

To stay up-to-date with Dorothy Perkins, make sure you follow them on Facebook at :)

Happy 10th Anniversary, Dorothy Perkins! :)