Thursday, June 28, 2012 Look: Bet On It

I'm afraid I have bad news: my best friend currently has a lady love, so you probably won't see much of him on my blog anymore. :p Don't fret just yet, though, as I have a replacement for him to keep you happy.

Say hello to Henry Hardie, the babydaddy:

Hopefully, he is a good enough replacement for the lack of Jacob-ness on my blog from now on? Yes? No? Shall I hunt around for someone else? :p

And now, here's what I wore to the first night of 7 For All Mankind's Party Nights - which, by the way, was an absolute blast!

beige lace dress from Funky Plum Vintage
black boots with the fur from CeCe

gold key connector ring from Tomato

I've got an extremely busy weekend up ahead, but I couldn't be happier. Can't wait to share what I'm going to be up to with you very soon! :) Have a great weekend, everybody! :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7 For All Mankind Party Nights: Episode 1

Who hasn't watched James Franco's 7 For All Mankind YouTube videos yet? Well, in a nutshell, these videos focus on the riotous, wild, fun and carefree lives of today's youth - and that is exactly what the 7 For All Mankind Party Nights are all about, as well!

And trust me: if you are looking for a fun and crazy party or even just a good time with friends, in general, 7FAM Party Nights at Republiq, Resorts World, is where you should be every Friday night until August 3, 2012. I was lucky enough to witness it all on the first night of the Party Nights, and here's what went down:

Camera pass!
And a picture with the beautiful Ayet Bernardo-Quimpo - thank you SO MUCH for having us! :)

At the 7 For All Mankind table on Platinum 3. I felt so special. :)

Delicious free-flowing chicken quesadillas.

Delicious free-flowing drinks - and cherries! I love cherries!
We started with Absolut Vodka.

Jacob Gayanelo, Vergil Chua and Henry Hardie.

With Raiza Poquiz this time.

Group shot!
L-R: Jacob, Miko, me, Raiza, Verge and Jacky!

With Matt Ondrik and Miko Carreon.
Fun fact: baby boy Miko is one of the influences for 7 For All Mankind Jeans! All-out support for you, baby!

Jameson was bottle number two!

And then the dancing began! :D

Fun times! :)

Sooo much going on in this picture! Haha.

Gwapo boy! (Ignore me on the side there. :p)

Photo bomb!

No, I am not taking this picture off of my blog.

It's my sh--. It's my sh--.

(left) Rovie finally got to join us at Platinum 3!
(right) And there is Henry with bottle number 3: Chivas!

Who doesn't love to let loose every once in a while and just have fun? As an added bonus to my night, I even won a top from 7 For All Mankind in the electronic raffle! :D Thank you so much! It was an awesome, awesome night and I can't wait to join you for 7FAM Party Nights again! :)

Do you want to join Party Nights, too? Well, guess what? You can pick up 2 invites with every regular item purchase from 7 For All Mankind Stores. Or, you can tweet this picture along with the following phrase and get a chance to win invites: "@the_lil_miss, I wanna party at #7FAM #PartyNights with you!"

Don't forget to add the picture to your tweet! Like 7 For All Mankind on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, too, while you're at it! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012 Look: Lil Miss Understood

Being misunderstood - when people fail to interpret or understand your words or actions correctly.

Story of my life.

denim shorts from Hang Ten
orange-pink shoelace-less sneakers from Keds

floral headband from Bangkok

lizard ring from House of Luxe

floral denim top from Hang Ten

Not a lot of people get me.

But I love the ones that do. <3

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How do Energizer and Nuffnang power your lifestyle?

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through everlasting energy. 

Hi, I am Wonder Woman and I'd like to believe that I am emotionally strong, bubbly and energetic most of the time. However, I do admit that I run out of "human battery life" at the end of the day, too. In fact, whenever I get home, all I want to do is lie down and Never. Move. Again.

This is where Energizer comes to Wonder Woman's rescue (yes, Wonder Woman needs saving sometimes, too, you know!)

Makers of the World's Longest Lasting Batteries

Thanks to Energizer, I can take the rest of the day off whenever I get home. All I have to do is lie on the couch or chill on my beanbag and let Energizer take care of the rest as I change channels, rewind and replay my favorite scenes in movies and turn the air-conditioning down, up, on or off. Laziness at its best? Well, I believe I deserve it - and you do, too. Even my daughter's favorite talking stuffed animal runs on Energizer!

The best part is that I think Energizer is actually rubbing off on me because I literally just wrote this blogpost in less than 10 minutes. :p

So, what are you waiting for? Power your life with Energizer and Nuffnang now, too!

Just a Little BTS Video Teaser

Before I go to sleep, I just want to spread some good vibes on the net by sharing this behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot that we had last weekend, featuring clothes by Folded and Hung and headphones by Timbre.

Special thanks to Toff Tiozon for the awesomely (and super quickly) edited video. I can't wait to show you the actual photos when Jody, our photographer, is done with the post-processing! :)

Of course, what good would my blogpost be if I didn't end it with a photo of me and my best friend Jacob Gayanelo, right? :p So, here you go, so you girlies can all drool:

Do you like his bad boy look? :p

This photo wasn't actually part of the shoot. We were just bored. And coz we were both cool kids wearing leather jackets (we're always terno in one way or another), we decided to have our own mini photo shoot by a random wall in the corner.

Thanks again to Toff Tiozon for this picture. You are officially beyond awesome. Love you! :) And Jacob, too! :)

Kotex® End of Compromise Video Contest

Have you ever jumped out of your comfort zone to do something bold and daring?

Personally, I am a "Why not?" girl. I never say "no". And, although this can be a problem sometimes, in that people end up taking me for granted, there are times when I look back at all of the crazy things I've done and think to myself, "Wow. I'm really glad I did that."

After all, who wants to lie on their death bed with regrets, right?

I do not regret walking on the edge of a mountain in the middle of the night (as told in my spread on Blood Rush Online), for example, nor do I regret having my beautiful and adorable daughter. I don't even regret any of those longs nights I spent sitting on that tiny window ledge of a penthouse wishing on stars or the time I impulsively went to Ireland.

Zac Efron's tattoo put it so nicely: YOLO (You Only Live Once).

And, to me, that is what Kotex®'s End of Compromise video contest is all about: realizing that YOLO and embracing that fact.

Let's face it: the idea of Filipinas being Maria Claras is a thing of the past. Although this doesn't mean that we should all turn into Maria Ozawas, we can reinvent ourselves to be more daring, more bold, more adventurous and more fun - just like these ladies:

So, what would you do to showcase how bold and daring you are, and how you stand by your passions and beliefs - even when you have your period? Guess what? Your answers can pave the way for you to be chosen by Kotex® in its newest promo!

Kotex® knows and understands exactly what we go through as women, and have now come up with an elegant solution to get rid of compromise for good with their Kotex® Pro-Active Guards. With their close fit, these guards create protective barriers for the ultimate leakage protection.

As Saab Magalona put it: “Being a reinvented modern Maria Clara doesn’t mean you lose the essence of being a Filipina. The idea is about proudly involving yourself in a lot of things—your job, day-to-day tasks, and leisurely activities. And of course, when you’re occupied, you don’t want to be bothered by troubles down there because you have to stay focused and give your best on what you’re doing.”

So, again: ladies, what would you do to showcase how bold and daring you are, and how you stand by your passions and beliefs - even when you have your period? Share your answers with Kotex® and get a chance to win P20,000!

Click here for the complete mechanics or watch this video:

To learn more about the new Kotex® products, visit their official website, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012 Look: Watch the Earth Come Up

Even though we've got Bruno Mars to sing about how beautiful we are just the way we are and how he'd catch a grenade for us nowadays, there was only one man out there who really captured my heart when I was in high school.

His name was Brandon Boyd. And he had me at "You are stellar."

I'm pretty sure that's where my obsession with stars began and soon after that the moon and soon after that the entire galaxy itself. And now... galaxy prints. (It makes sense, I swear! :p) Here's what I wore to the Freeway x National Artist Levi Celerio event last June 4:

Photo by and taken from Kira Ramirez.

black bralet with collar from Copper
galaxy print skirt from Romwe
black bootie heels from Nine West
lace cover-up from my momma

I won as one of the best-dressed guests at the event because of this ensemble. What do you think of it? :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Freeway x Levi Celerio Collection

As mentioned in my blogpost about the Freeway x National Artist Levi Celerio event, I am here to tell you more about the Freeway x Levi Celerio collection itself.

Freeway always brings fashion and art together in their National Artist Collectors' Series, the first of which came out in 2009, and they always successfully reintroduce Philippine arts and culture to the younger generation to make fashionalism more relevant and hip.

This time, however, Freeway is bringing together fashion and music with its first National Artist for Music in the Series, Levi Celerio.

This stellar collection includes:

Gorgeous modern tailored dresses.

Sexy mini dresses printed with lyrics from some of Levi Celerio's most famous works.

Chiffon tops with musical notes.

And stunning galaxy prints.

Freeway honors Levi Celerio and his legacy to Philippine music with this collection, so why not honor it and wear his songs, as well? :)

Since the collection incorporates one of my current favorite prints, the galaxy print, this probably explains why I won as one of the best dressed guests at the event. :D The top in the last photo is the top that I took home as my "prize". Isn't it purty? :)

Outfit post coming up next! :)

To know more about the collection, visit Freeway's official website or get fresher updates on their Facebook Page and Twitter. Also, check out Virtual Mae for the shoes used in the campaign.

Freeway x National Artist Levi Celerio

The Freeway x Manansala launch last October was one of my most memorable bloggers' events. So, when I got the invite to the Freeway x Levi Celerio launch this June, I didn't hesitate to say yes.

The launch happened at The Row, Glorietta 5 last June 4. But, instead of celebrating a night full of fashion and art, we celebrated a night full of fashion and music this time around.

I met up with Rovie at Starbucks and then headed upstairs after Henry took her outfit shots. When we got there, I saw these lovely ladies already in their seats:

KiraKrissy and Hana

Also spent time with these girls:

(left) Kaye(right) Jacky and Rovie

Of course, we also enjoyed some delicious food before the program began.

The event was hosted by former Freeway poster girl, Giselle Tongi, and we were bedazzled by a spectacular musical performance of Levi Celerio’s songs by Asia’s Queen of Songs, Ms. Pilita Corrales.

Afterwards, Dr. Antonio Hila, cultural historian and a music critic shared interesting talks and trivia about Celerio and his dedication and intense love for music. It was very interesting to discover the personal side of the music legend Levi Celerio. 

It was definitely a memorable night of music, fashion and history - the perfect pre-event to Independence Day this month!

Now on its 7th installment, Freeway continues to pay tribute to our National Artists through its National Artist Collectors’ Series. This June, Freeway honors its first ever National Artist for Music featured in the well-loved series, Levi Celerio.

The best part is that we all got to take home a cute Freeway x Celerio memorabilia – a limited edition Miniature Harmonica Levi Celerio necklace that actually works!

And guess what? :D

Kaye and I won as two of the five best-dressed guests that evening and were able to take home a Freeway x Levi Celerio galaxy print shirt! :D

Wheeeee! :D

Before bonding over coffee at Bo's Coffee with Jacky and Rovie that night, I took some more photos of the other fashionable bloggers that I spotted there:

(left) Megann; (right) Paul

(left) Jacky and Kat; (right) Jen and Kai

Thank you for the splendid evening, as always, Freeway! :)

To know more about the collection, visit Freeway's official website or get fresher updates on their Facebook Page and Twitter. Will blog about the collection itself soon! :)