Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Prince Who Saved the Superhero

I had a rough start to 2014, to say the least. This might sound dramatic, but my heart was in an intense turmoil for a few months before 2013 ended and I could feel it break almost every single day of 2014. There were times when my teenage-heart would think about morbid thoughts of death and there were times where I tried to bury my feelings in the arms of another guy.

That didn't work, of course.

On a particularly extremely-down day, I was on my way back to an event from taking a quick barre3 break, when I heard someone singing "You and Me" by Lifehouse. As much as I appreciate good singers, in general; there was something very different about this one, though. It gripped me and I found my feet crazily looking for where it was coming from.

That's when I saw him. Of course, I took a video right away.

My initial plan was to take that video and leave, but I couldn't. His voice had a hypnotic quality to it that drew me to it like wild Pokemon to honey. Let's just say I completely forgot to go back to my event after that. Lol.

Truth be told, I actually tried walking away twice, but found myself turning back after a few steps because he played John Mayer's "Your Body is a Wonderland" and Snow Patrol's "Run". Definitely my kind of music!

During the most desperately intense OMG-I-love-your-voice-and-your-song-choices moments, I resisted the urge to jump up and down and resorted to crazy-tweeting instead. Here's the least crazy one. :p

You can just imagine how crazy the others were.
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I finally gave up trying to leave when my friends said they were coming to the Fort and succumbed to sitting on the grass and listening to this busker sing for three straight hours. My friends showed up an hour later than they said they would, but I didn't even care.

Words cannot describe how much I needed that night. To just sit there alone with my thoughts, surrendering to this unknown person's voice and falling in love with songs that shaped me as a person all over again. For three hours, the heartbreaker ceased to exist and my heart felt whole again.

It's difficult to describe. I tried to describe it in a note that I left in the busker's hat and this might sound dramatic again, but his music saved me. Living proof that superheroes need saving sometimes, too. :)

I fangirled like crazy when I got home and tried searching for him everywhere. My greatest fear was that I wouldn't know where to find him when I was at an ultimate low once again, and although it took me all sorts of desperate keyword searches on Google, I finally found him: Prince Valencia.

I was happy to learn that he busks at BGC every weekend. And even happier to learn that he has a SoundCloud. :) Check it out here:

Enjoy! :)

Who knows? Maybe his music will save you, too.