Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yoginis Unite at The Global Mala Project on Saturday

The Global Mala Project, the largest unified worldwide yoga event, will occur on September 26th, in line with the United Nation’s Day of Peace and the Fall Equinox at WhiteSpace Manila.

Dedicated to promote peace and positive change through yoga, as well as raise social consciousness and funds for noteworthy causes, The Global Mala Project is Teresa Hererra’s annual heart project, seeking to create a “mala around the earth.” (In traditional yoga, a mala is a set of beads, used to focus awareness during meditation.)

Teresa was inspired by her yoga mentor and the Global Mala Project’s founder Shiva Rea, to bring the event to our shores. As a model, environmentalist, and yoga teacher, Teresa shares the vision of her mentor in creating a positive energy through yoga that would pulsate around the world. In the recent months, she has been working closely with event producers and yoga centers around Manila to ensure the success of this event.

All of the event collaborators are doing the work completely pro-bono, to ensure that 100 % of its proceeds go to charity. This year’s event will benefit Children’s International.

“There is no pre-requisite to begin this practice. Just an open mind and an open heart. Hope to see you on the mat,” Teresa says.

For more information, like Global Mala Project Manila on Facebook and follow @globalmalamanila on Instagram.

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