Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fans Went Wild When Selena Gomez Arrived in Manila Last Night

I'm not the biggest Selena Gomez fan. Not songs-wise anyway. I'm more of a rocker chick. So, when I received news that I'd be getting tickets to her concert tonight, I wasn't exactly jumping up and down. My boyfriend was, though, so obviously, I decided to make his wish come true.

I have, however, always loved Selena Gomez looks-wise. I think she's the cutest thing since Puss in Boots and I've always loved her style and her quirky attitude in interviews. (Remember me gushing about her adidas Neo collection three years ago?) Plus, she's my idol for having dated Justin Bieber for so long. How to be u po!!!

Anyway, our graphic designer at When in Manila went to the airport to catch a glimpse of her last night and recounted that the fans went WILD upon Selena's arrival - so much so that she wasn't able to see her at all! She also attempted to Facebook Live the arrival, but that didn't really work out well. Lol.

And then I got an email from Wilbros Live with this photo:

In the email, Wilbros said that this was the ONLY clear photo of Selena's arrival at the airport so far. Let me just point out that there were a lot of other people there and yet only ONE clear photo was taken because of the mob. Crazy! Props to Patrick Lasanas for capturing this!

Now I suddenly cannot wait to catch Selena Gomez live! Who else is going to watch her tonight? :) Hope to see you there!