Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Will ABS-CBN be Remaking 'The Lord of the Rings' for the Philippines?

During Holy Week 2018, ABS-CBN aired a Holy Week special presentation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And during this week, they also released several posts on their Facebook page asking the online world which of the Kapamilya leading ladies and leading men they would like to see take on some of the famous roles of the trilogy... "just in case there would be a remake of it in the Philippines".

And while they didn't really confirm or say that a trilogy was actually in the works, a lot of people voiced out their thoughts on the matter. Surprisingly, it was pretty evenly divided. Hardcore LotR fans like myself didn't know how to feel about it, while hardcore Kapamilya fans gamely gave out their votes on who they thought should portray each iconic character in the movies.

While it wouldn't be the first time for the Philippines to do a remake or get inspiration from a Hollywood movie (there are various Filipino movies out there that have blatantly taken the same plot - if not the entire story - from Hollywood movies), transforming something of this big of a scale would definitely be a new feat.

Here, I have compiled the polls that they posted on their wall along with what some of the Filipino counterparts of the characters might look like if they were indeed to be cast in those roles:

For Arwen Evenstar: Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo or Nadine Lustre?

Liza Soberano as Arwen Evenstar:

You have to admit that Liza definitely has some Elvish looks in her. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she one day admitted that she actually has Elvish blood in her system.

For Frodo Baggins: Nash Aguas, Jerome Ponce, McCoy de Leon or Joshua Garcia?

Joshua Garcia as Frodo Baggins:

Joshua's boyish looks would make for a good Frodo, methinks.

For Galadriel: Arci Muñoz, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis or Pia Wurtzbach?

Angel Locsin as Galadriel:

Okay, okay. My editing here was a super fail; but it's all just for fun, so don't hate me too much. :p

While all of the leading ladies mentioned would make for great and gorgeous Elven Queens, Angel's iconic angry scene in 'The Legal Wife' against Maja Salvador gives her the top spot for me.

For Legolas Greenleaf: Daniel Padilla, James Reid or Enrique Gil?

James Reid as Legolas Greenleaf:

Fine. So I'm biased. I'm a huge James Reid fan and his signature good looks as Legolas would make me oh-so-happy... Hahaha.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not supporting this remake. I'm just here to show you what they would look like in the roles if they would ever be cast in one. :p Your thoughts?


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