Thursday, June 14, 2018

'Wonder Woman' Sequel Photos Show Us that Steve Trevor is Alive!!!

I don't know how to feel about this. I've cried my tears. I've made my peace. I've accepted that Chris Pine couldn't be my new favorite Chris (Chris Pratt has been my favorite Chris for a long time now, FYI) because he died and has bid goodbye to the comic book world that I live and breathe... so what is this, Patty Jenkins? What. Is. This.

That, my dear friends, is a photo of Steve Trevor alive and breathing in the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' sequel. It was tweeted by Patty Jenkins herself (the director of 'Wonder Woman') and I don't understand what is happening!!!

Is this a flashback? Is he really back? Does someone bring him back to use him as a weapon against Diana? Is it a twin we didn't know? Is it a son? A grandson? Why does he have to look go good??? I'm at a loss. I mean, I loved Chris Pine in the first movie, but they'd better have an AMAZING explanation for this.

And oh, she also tweeted a photo of Diana in front of a bunch of TV screens, which I also don't understand, but at least it makes sense coz she lived 'til the end of the movie.

What do you think is the explanation for this? Does it need one? LOL. TALK TO MEEEEE.

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