Sunday, May 19, 2019

Vans is Releasing a Harry Potter Collection Based on the Hogwarts Houses

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you probably already know that I don't leave the house without at least a little bit of geekery in my OOTDs. As such, I have quite a cute collection of geeky footwear so far. And as such, you'll understand why I am completely going crazy over the announcement that Vans will soon be releasing a Harry Potter collection based on the Hogwarts houses of the Wizarding World.

The best part? They all look so good, I don't even know if I can just stick to buying the pair of my house (Ravenclaw, for those who are curious).

Those Gryffindor high-tops look particularly cool. I'm already telling myself that maybe I can pass them off as Lannister sneakers? :p The leather Slytherin ones look so bad-ass, too, and I'm absolutely loving the basic design of the Hufflepuff ones, which are closest to the classic Vans that I'm used to.

Of course, the plaid blue and grey Ravenclaw ones are on top of my to-buy list but which ones do you like best? Will you be buying any based on your Hogwarts house or just for the aesthetics?

This isn't even the whole collection yet. That's right. Vans will be releasing even more footwear styles, as well as clothes and accessories for both men and women. I. Cannot. Wait.

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