Thursday, June 27, 2019

The 'Charlie's Angels' Trailer Has Got Me Crushing on Kristen Stewart... REAL BAD.

Well, this was unexpected. If you know me, you'll know that I hate it when people decide to remake movies that I loved when I was younger. One remake that I absolutely dreaded when I heard about it was 'Charlie's Angels'.

See, I have a lot of memories with the 'Charlie's Angels' of about 1.5 decades ago. It was supposed to be my first time watching a movie with an actual date... and then my date didn't show up. And so, a girl friend of mine came to the rescue, and we watched the movie together. Talk about the ultimate girl power move!

A few weeks later, we had to perform some sort of play in school and me and that girl friend (plus another girl friend) performed as the Charlie's Angels. I was Drew. Ever since then, I've had a soft spot for the movies, and I really wasn't looking forward to a remake that might ruin all of that.

Well, consider me speechless because I truly and utterly enjoyed the trailer of the 2019 remake:

And what's more: I am finding myself absolutely smitten with Kristen Stewart! I mean, come on... just look at her! She looks mighty fine and with Elizabeth Banks at the helm, I'm sure we can expect this movie to be full of even more girl power than the last ones. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited to see the new 'Charlie's Angels', too?

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  1. I'm probably wont see this movie.