Saturday, October 3, 2020

'Record of Youth' is a Beautiful Series About Following Your Dreams

I started watching 'Record of Youth' yesterday and I am already up to date with all of the episodes. As much as I love Korean dramas, I went into this with zero expectations because I hadn't watched any of the KDramas of the cast members before.

Now, I can finally understand Anne Curtis' love for Park Bo-gum. While he isn't necessarily my type of oppa looks-wise, I have to admit his acting is absolutely PHENOMENAL and that made me fall for him almost immediately.

In the first scene alone, he immediately showcased what he was capable of and I have been in awe of him in every episode since. Even when he cries, it makes me want to cry with and for him. I love him so much! (Please send your favorite Bo-gum series recommendations my way ASAP!!!)

Looks-wise, Byeon Woo-seok is much more my type. However, Bo-gum completely overshadows him in this show with his acting prowess. Still, he is just as much of a joy to watch alongside Park So-dam, who immediately captured my heart.

I love seeing more real and relatable people in KDramas, and she was one of them. The struggle of doing her day job and doing her makeup raket afterwards to be followed by video editing at home... I may not be a makeup artist, but that just all hit so close to home.

Their undeniable chemistry aside, I absolutely love how 'Record of Youth' gives us a peek of what life is like behind the lives of models, actors, makeup artists, and content creators.

Let's face it: our parents' generation doesn't really understand what we go through in these fields, and the struggle to make a mark in such a huge industry isn't exactly easy.

We see how all of that unfolds in 'Record of Youth' and from different perspectives: from a rich kid with a super supportive tiger mom to a not-so-well-off kid with an unsupportive family to an independent hard-working kick-ass lady who doesn't let her boss get her down.

So far, I have found absolutely nothing wrong with this show. It is relatable and real, and peppered with so many subtle life lessons and reality checks; I will definitely enumerate everything I've learned from the show once it's over.

I was able to ask the cast members a few questions prior to the release of the show and they encourage everyone to watch it, as well. Park Bo-gum points out that "there is a lot of fun in watching the changing feelings of the characters", while Park So-dam says that "you will be able to empathize and heal as you see them go through their lives."

She adds: "'Record of Youth is a healing drama where you can see stories about love, friendship, and family. Youths with different personalities meet, worry, and fight."

Byeon Woo-seok adds, "It's a drama for youths who don't despair at reality and work hard. It's also a wonderful show that makes you think about the hearts of family and friends. There are gem-like lines that linger in your heart and it's created with a fun and warm perspective that shows the worries that youths these days have, which anyone can relate to. I think viewers will be able to enjoy the drama in an additional way of they think about the characters' hearts."

If you haven't started watching 'Record of Youth' yet, I highly recommend doing so. You won't regret it. I don't always go out there and shove KDramas down people's throats lol but this is one of the ones that I will most likely recommend every time somebody asks me for a good KDrama to watch.

Have you started watching 'Record of Youth' yet? What are your thoughts on the show so far? :) Geek out with me in the comments section!

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