Monday, August 23, 2021

Why We Currently Swear By Co Ord Sets

My baby girl is no longer a baby and it took my orders from Femme Luxe to come in for me to accept it.

I ordered some Co Ord Sets from Femme Luxe and when I was opening the package, she actually said, "Can I try them on?" I was in shock. Syrena never really showed any interest in clothes, let alone Co Ord Sets so I let her try them on - and they fit her perfectly. (In fact, they looked even better on her! :p)

So, since she instantly fell in love with their Co Ord Sets, it looks like we'll be shopping together on Femme Luxe quite often now.

The clothes that Syrena and I have been buying lately have greatly changed compared to the clothes we used to buy pre-pandemic.

While we used to go for cool and chic outfits to wear outdoors, being stuck at home all day has caused us to search for outfits that we can actually be comfortable wearing at home all day yet still look cute enough to make us less depressed about the situation that we're in. Co Ord Sets happen to be a great way to break the monotony of everyday stuck-at-home life.

Be a certified co-ord cutie with Femme de Luxe's collection of Co Ord Sets. No matter what you've got going on at home - be it an online meeting, an e-numan session, a live stream, a video call with family, friends, or even your crush - these Co Ord Sets have got you covered. They're comfy yet still look good enough to be worn in practically any virtual setting.

Need to walk the dog? Pick up groceries? Get orders from a Grab rider? These Co Ord Sets are cute enough to be worn out, too.

Femme Luxe's Co Ord Sets are designed with you in mind so you can be sure to look good from every angle. If this sporty look isn't your style, they also have smart Co Ord Sets like blazers with a more professional style. They also have summer Co Ord Sets that you can wear if you miss the beach and wanna dress the part at home. They even have bodysuit and skirt Co Ord Sets that are perfect for dates if that's what you're on the lookout for.

Shop for the perfect Co Ord Sets for you at Femme Luxe!

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  1. That purple set is so cute.