Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sweet Home Season 2 Review

Sweet Home Season 2 is finally out on Netflix, and although I know I'm supposed to be talking about the show as a whole, honestly, the highlight of this season for me was all of the booties I got to see. #sorrynotsorry

As a booty-loving girl, I spent a lot of time rewinding and pausing because, well, I've been single for so long. And also, I mean... they showed their butts so we could appreciate them, right? They worked hard for that, so they deserve all of the love. Okay, I'm done justifying it. (And yes, I have confirmed that they didn't use butt doubles.)

Anyway, as far as the series goes as a whole, I didn't love it as much as I loved Season 1, but I'd still say that it was good. I didn't find myself binge-watching it in one go, but I also didn't hate it as much as other people seem to.

In fact, the first few episodes were pretty great because, since the first season, I've seen so many other dramas of the cast members that I've felt a little more attached to them this time around. The deaths were heartbreaking. That scene of Lee Si-young on the ice (and actually, a lot of scenes in this season) was so darned beautiful.

Truly, if I dissect it bit by bit, there is a lot to love about Sweet Home Season 2.

The problem is that I wasn't invested in each character equally the way that I was in Season 1. Add to that the fact that Song Kang's My Demon was released only a week or so prior to this, and is so light and entertaining (read: perfect for the chill holiday season) that watching something this dark didn't feel right.

Song Kang does showcase his acting prowess in this, though, proving once and for all that he is more than just a pretty face. We also have the addition of Jung Jin-young to the cast who plays his role perfectly. And Si-young, as always, steals the show. Acting-wise, this season is definitely top-notch. I just wish that I cared more.

But obviously, with that ending, they've done nothing but made us long for more. The good news is that we won't have to wait three whole years for the next season as it is slated to be released in 2024.

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  1. Going to have to check out this show.