Thursday, July 5, 2018

The New Limited Edition Philippine-Designed G-Shock Watch Will Make You Proud to be Pinoy

The first watch that I ever fell in love with in my life was a Casio watch. The Baby G, to be exact. Everyone in my class had one and I just had to have one, too. My parents were never really the type to spoil me, though, so I remember starving myself at school and saving all of my money (DEM110, roughly Php3,500) to buy myself a Baby G on my birthday. I was 9 years old.

Since then, I have been a massive watch aficionado and through the years, my love for Casio never wavered. In fact, my favorite watch in my collection at the moment is my 4-year-old white Limited Edition ‘Shock the World Manila’ G-Shock watch with a beautiful simplistic Manila design.

Today, G-Shock once again launched a Limited Edition National watch that celebrates Filipino toughness:

Isn’t it pretty?

The design of this watch stems from a competition that began in January 2017. The ‘Design the National G-Shock’ contest sought to create an authentic Filipino watch strap that invoked a strong sense of nationalism and indomitable spirit (very fitting for a time when the country’s character and national pride have taken on global regard).

More than 1,200 people joined the contest, but the winner was Dylan Dylanco. Dylan drew her inspiration from the enclaves of the Northern Ifugaos to the Southern tribes of the Moros, where the use of ethnic patterns is seen as a symbol of bravery. Elaborate tattoos, voluntary cicatrices (scarification), and intricate traditional weaves alluded to the wearer’s toughness, courage, and status in ancestral warrior society.

Dylan used the indigenous symmetrical weaves in bright, bold, and contrasting colors along with the three stars and the sun of the Philippine flag to create her winning design, Habi. “Habi is an old weaving technique our ancestors used to create art and basic supplies,” explains Dylan. “I hope that my design will remind Filipinos of the Philippines, no matter where they are.”

It definitely will.

The National G-Shock watch is a limited edition Philippine-designed watch. Only 200 of it will be made available to the public and it will only be available in the Philippines. The watch sells for Php9,995.

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