Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Make the Best First Impression - Maybelline Can Help

A lot of people say that first impressions are everything - and I cannot agree more. This is why I always make it a point to look my best - not just when meeting someone for the first time, but also when seeing someone for the first time during the day.

After all, even though you are meeting a friend that you have known for a long time, your first impression on that friend on any given day will already let them know your general outlook and vibe for the day. Don't get what I mean? Here are some examples:

1) First Date

When going on a date for the first time, I used to focus more on what I wear than on what kind of makeup I have on to be honest. The more 'experience' (lol) I've gotten in the matter, though; the more I realised that makeup plays a big part in how guys will perceive you from the very first date.

Because of this, it would be important to do your makeup according to how you want any particular guy to perceive you at any given time. Looking for a long-term relationship? Keep things simple and cute. Looking for something more "casual" *wink*? Then play up your eyes and lips as needed and use makeup to bring out your inner vixen if needed.

2) Girls' Night Out

Speaking of playing up your eyes and lips, a girls' night out is always a great time to play with makeup. After all, girls understand all about makeup, so you can experiment as much as you want to whenever you hang out with them without the fear of getting judged you. The best part is that your girl friends can tell you what works on you and what doesn't, so that you can steer clear of the bad choices the next time you go out on another date or just in public, in general.

3) First meeting with his parents

Of course, when it comes to meeting a guy's parents, or even your friends' parents, the goal is to make them love like you. That's always my ultimate goal anyway. :p To do this, I have come to notice that a natural look always works best.

A natural look will make you look friendly, down-to-earth, easy to get along with and, well, nice. And parents like nice. So keep the bright lipstick hidden when it comes to meeting the parents and just look as fresh as you can. :)

The most important part of your makeup, though, should be the base of it all, i.e. the foundation or BB cream that you use. Well, I have come to find that Maybelline BB cream works even better than the Maybelline foundation that I used to swear by.

While the Maybelline foundation is all well and good, I like the lighter feel that the BB cream has and how it assimilates to my skin tone even after I've gotten a tan.

I really need it, too. After all, without any base makeup, this is what I look like:

Scary, I know.

With a few drops and swipes of the Maybelline BB Cream, however, I can get instant flawless looking skin in no time:

Okay, maybe not super flawless, but much better than the previous picture, you gotta admit!

Yes, ladies, first impressions matter. So, always make it a point to not just look great for other people, but to look great for yourself, as well. Not only will this boost your self confidence, but it will also make you act differently according to your makeup all day. Let Maybelline help you make that great first impression all day everyday! :)

Share your first impression experiences with me and tell me how Maybelline BB cream made them even better in the comments section below! :)

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  1. you look beautiful with or without makeup

  2. couldn't agree more:) that is why we always need to look for the right products that works with our skin:)