Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maximize Your Spotify Account with Globe Galaxy S5

If there's one thing that I love most in the world, it's music. In fact, Tom Cruise aside, music is probably the only constant love in my life.

Since I have a very wide range of well-loved artists in my heart, though, the biggest problem that I used to have with my music players is a lack of space. Ever since I moved to Manila, another problem that I've had is the lack of my-kind-of-music in this country. (I'm not a very masa girl, y'see. Lol.)

As such, you cannot begin to understand how much my life was made when Spotify made it into my life. I was first introduced to it by "Steve" sometime in March. I tried it out for myself when I got home and BOOM. That is when my love affair and addiction with Spotify began. True story.

Things only got better for me Spotify-wise when I got my postpaid Globe Galaxy S5. See, with a postpaid plan for a Globe Galaxy S5, you will get a free 6-Month subscription to Spotify Premium. That's right. You will get to experience the best of the best of Spotify for 6 whole months FOR FREE! Yahooooo!

And since I'm in such an I-love-Spotify mood, let me share another awesome feature with this baby: the Connect feature.

The Connect feature on Spotify basically lets you control different devices from every device that your Spotify is linked to. Prior to my Globe Galaxy S5, I actually had an iPhone 5C, which my Spotify was originally linked to.

When I leant my 5C to the busker, I noticed that whenever I turned on my Spotify from my S5, I could see what he was listening to. KILIG ALERT.

Even better: whenever we would text and I told him about a song he wasn't familiar with or vice versa, we could simply switch it on each other's device in real-time. Of course, we also annoyed each other with songs like this one:

I swear, though: the first time I was listening to songs on Spotify in the middle of the night and he texted "check Spotify" and the song suddenly changed to Foy Vance's "Guiding Light" featuring Ed Sheeran, my heart melted. The song instantly became my lullaby that night.

The best part? We could both add songs onto the Playlist, so I could see which songs he recently liked and vice versa and... my God, even though there is no chance in hell he and I will ever become a couple… those moments screamed KILIG ALERT.

If you're actually in a relationship, I'd highly recommend sharing your Spotify Premium account. HIGHLY. RECOMMEND. IT. That is all.

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