Thursday, August 7, 2014

What's Your Dream? Showcase It Through Sweet Charms Manila

I watched "Tangled" for the first time yesterday and I instantly fell in love with it - so much so that I learned "I See the Light" on the uke and started looking for fandom pictures of Rapunzel and Eugene all over the Internet within an hour of watching it.

I may have watched it 4 years too late, but the movie made a big impact on me. I've always loved the Disney movies where the girls aren't necessarily the helpless ones and where the guys need as much 'saving' as the girls do (cue Aladdin and Hercules) and this came with just the right amount of cheese to make me cry, as well. (Yes, I cried.)

Another thing that stood out from the movie for me was the "I Have a Dream" song. I liked how they pinpointed the fact that you can't really judge a book by its cover and that everyone has a dream, no matter how creepy-looking or cold-hearted they might seem.

Marrying Tom Cruise aside, I have several other dreams… And while I do have a dream journal and a dream board at home, I have something even better to remind me of them now: a dream locket from Sweet Charms Manila.

What is a dream locket, you ask? Well, it's a locket necklace filled with charms that signify all of my biggest dreams. :) Check it out:

What I love the most about this locket from Sweet Charms Manila is that I got to personalise it to my heart's content and truly turn it into the locket of my dreams.

Here are the different parts of it that I chose and the meanings that come with them:

- I chose the 'believe' plate to remind myself never to give up on my dreams and to always believe that they are possible.

- I chose the 'Eiffel Tower' coz I've always dreamed of returning to Paris now that I'm older and can appreciate its beauty more.

- As for the charms, I chose the 'blog' charm to remind myself to keep doing what I love to do (which is write) as a job; the 'hope' charm to remind myself never to give up hope (and coz it's my favorite word); the 'heart' charm to remind myself to keep believing in true love; the 'moon' charm to remind myself that Daenerys could still someday reunite with Khal Drogo; and the other charms that I'd rather not talk about right now. :p

I also added a diamond coz it's my birthstone and a yellow stone coz yellow is my favorite color! :D Voila! All of my dreams safely tucked into a necklace.

See the rest of their locket and charm choices here:

I'll also let you in on a lil secret: I opened up the locket and stuck my man's picture in the back, so that when I turn it around, I see his face. CHEESE.

And by 'my man', I mean Tom Cruise, of course. :p