Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wasted Summer

Is it me or has 2014 gone by far too quickly? We're only 2 weeks away from the -ber months, and I feel lil all I did this 2014 was waste my life away. What happened to all of my big New Year's resolutions? Why has my friendship circle changed so drastically? What happened to my summer? Where's my BAE? :))

But seriously… I had big plans this year. Plans of losing weight, getting out of debt, strengthening friendships, having an epic summer and falling in love. Okay, so I fell in love… but aside from that, everything's just been so chaotic.

For starters, I missed having an epic summer altogether coz I was focusing so much on work at the time and my 2 free trips to Bora ended up turning into 0 free trips to Bora. *slow clap* I even got this epic shirt from Borabound to wear there, but now, alas, 'tis all but a dream.

Not that I'm complaining. Work has been beyond amazing and I have never been so content and satisfied with my life. :)

Things have been a bit fucked up friendship-wise, though. I feel like I wasted my entire summer with a person who was just pretending to be my friend. It's pretty sad.

Basically, that "friend" went through a bad breakup and cried to me for nights on end, sometimes even showing up unannounced just to cry and I was there for her every step of the way for 2 months or more. After the summer, her ex came running back for sex and BOOM. They got back together and we just stopped being friends. Just like that. Talk about ungratefulness.

The sad part is that some of my other friends were already warning me that I was being used and taken advantage of, but I never listened. Sigh. So, guys, if one of your best friends tells you someone is trouble, you listen. Hahaha. That's the moral of this story. The end.

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