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5 Reasons Why Bastille is THE Manila Concert to Top This 2015!

5 Reasons Why Bastille is THE Manila Concert to Top This 2015!

You might not know this, but I never used to know who Bastille was, to be honest. Sometime last year, however, I developed a massive crush on a busker and completely stalked his SoundCloud. There, I stumbled upon this hauntingly beautiful song called "Oblivion".

Right after that, I forgot about stalking Prince's SoundCloud and stalked Bastille instead. It has been a love affair between my ears and their music since then.

As such, I'd like to scream out A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO KARPOS MULTIMEDIA for making this night possible. I love you so much. Huhu. <3

Now, I knew Bastille was going to be great, but I didn't expect them to be over-the-top freaking EPIC. But they were. They were so EPIC, I shed a lot of tears and probably also a lot of pounds from jumping up and down. Read on...

5 Reasons Why Bastille is THE Manila Concert to Top This 2015!

5. Spinnr provided free alcohol and there was cheap beer, too!

Let's face it: music is better with alcohol and concerts are a hundred times better with alcohol. Why? Because you get to really let loose and feel the music after/while drinking. Wanna jump? Jump! Wanna scream? Scream! Wooooo! YOLO!!!

And then, you know, when something emo like "Oblivion" starts playing, you also get to close your eyes without a care in the world and almost-cry, but not really coz you don't want your makeup to go to waste - never mind the fact that you probably already sweated all of your makeup off from jumping and screaming anyway. But yeah, you don't think about that coz: alcohol.

Since my friends were all Spinnr-sponsored, Christine was nice enough to stamp Nessy and I up, as well, so we got to enjoy the awesome Spinnr shots throughout the entire concert. (Thank you!) I'll go ahead and guess that I had about 32, give or take.

(Photo from Miko Carreon.)

The chocolate ones were my favorite. Craving them now! (I may be an alcoholic. Haha.) Plus: the view from the Spinnr area? Superb! *insert applause here*

4. The audience participation levels at the concert were mental.

I actually do not remember the last time I experienced proper audience participation at a concert (not counting the Gary V concert, of course). I do remember how crazily kilig I got as a kid when the Backstreet Boys pulled a few girls up on-stage, got on their knees and sang to them. However, since then, nothing has really struck me harder in terms of audience participation. But Bastille? They take the cake!

Some fans gave them bunny ears, which they then wore on-stage, for example, and another fan gave Dan a hoodie, which he then wore for a few songs. Dan also grabbed a girl's phone and took selfies with it… even posting a photo from it on his Instagram afterwards! Ahuhuhuhu.

3. Dan even ran down and approached the crowd!!!

Things went a bit crazy when this happened. I don't even remember what song they were playing when it did (apparently, it was "Flaws"), but all that I could hear was my brain screaming "YOU NEED TO HUG DAN IF IT'S THE LAST THING THAT YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE." Surprisingly, my alcohol-infused brain helped me out. At first, I tried pushing my way through the crowd, but that didn't work…

(Photo from David Guison)

So what I did was try and figure out where Dan would be heading to next instead. And then I sprinted over there (literally) - coast completely clear - and ran into him from the front (also literally). Hahaha. His bouncers had no idea what hit him (also very literally). I held on for dear life for a few seconds before the bouncer pulled me away and then SPLAT. I fell on the floor in tears of joy.

I'm such a bad-ass. (Not!)
(Photo from David Guison)

2. Bastille played almost all of their songs.

Including my forever favourite "Things We Lost in the Fire". And every song sounded AMAZING live. No exaggerations!
A video posted by Angeline Rodriguez (@lilmisswonderwoman) on

I would've loved to hear them play "We Can't Stop" to be honest (watch it on YouTube here if you haven't yet!!! IT'S A MUST-HEAR!!!), but hearing them play "No Angels" (their version of "No Scrubs") was good enough. They even played one of the songs from their upcoming album for us, which was definitely a treat in itself!

1. My friends were there.

Cheesy as it sounds, the only other thing that can make concerts better aside from alcohol is the company that you're with. Fortunately, I got to watch Bastille with some of the best people in the world, and that made the experience all the better. :)

That's David making fun of how I cried after hugging Dan. :p

Special thanks again to Christine for the alcohol! XP

This concert was definitely a great start to 2015 and is gonna be very hard to beat! So far, I've got 1D, The 1975, Sam Smith and Incubus lined up for the year; but I'm hoping for many more to add to that lineup!

Which concert are you most excited for this year? :)

Bastille: 5 Reasons Why Their Manila Concert is THE Concert to Top This 2015!