Thursday, January 1, 2015

My #1MADGoal for 2015: A Healthier and More Productive Lifestyle

Happy New Year, guys! :)

To be perfectly honest, I've been waiting for this day for the longest time. I was recently looking back on the year that was (that fucker of a 2014) and I realised that it actually started off amazingly.

I met the guy that I will probably happy-crush on forever , for one, and I even learned how to fly a fucking plane!!!

But then, I got attached to a boy and stupidly fell in love, forgot my 2014 #1MADGoal, and consequently became depressed and fat.

Read about my 2014 #1MADGoal here. Point one of that goal? Check. (YES. I actually learned how to drive!!!) Point two of that goal? Check. Point three… O. ANYARE?!??

Sigh. As such, I have decided to make up for that particular booboo this year and focus my entire 2015 on it. My 2015 #1MADGoal, ladies and gentlemen:

It's been an exhausting 2014 for me: filled with heartbreak, depression and stress. So, here's to cutting out the people in my life who are bad for me and working on my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.

My motivation? My happy-crush who always believes in me even when I don't deserve it. Thank you for being you. :*

What's YOUR #1MADGoal, guys? Share it here and get the chance to win some cool prizes! :)