Monday, July 6, 2015

Potato Night: Watch 'Minions' For Free This July 8!

Are you a fan of The Minions?

Okay. What a stupid question… Who isn't? :p

Well, I've got great news for you, fellow potato and banana lovers! You can watch the new movie this Wednesday, July 8, FOR FREE, thanks to GMovies! Of course, you're gonna have to follow these three easy steps, though:

Step One: Wear yellow. (Duh!)

This is pretty much a given. I may actually go all out and wear a jumper and glasses, too. But hey, as long as you're in yellow, that's good enough. Be as banana-yellow or as lime-yellow as you want. It's all potato.

If you go all Minion, though, you may snag a cool prize while you're there! ;)

Step Two: Download the GMovies app.

GMovies is available on both the Playstore and the Appstore, so no excuses!

Besides, you won't regret it. I promise you it will come in super handy in the future if you're a cinema or movie buff.

Step Three: Download the "Gary at the Movies" sticker pack on Viber.

Don't have Viber? Get on it!

I gotta admit I'm a bit late on the uptake myself coz I've been an iMessage advocate for so long, but I gotta say: annoying people and making pacute with stickers beats emojis any day. :p

So, it's a movie date on the 8th, then? The screening will be at 7pm in Glorietta Cinema 4. Registration starts at 3pm at the GMovies booth located at the Glorietta 4 cinema lobby, though, so come early! :) Only the first 250 people with all three requirements will get a ticket each! See you there! :D

For more details, keep tabs on GMovies' Facebook ( and website ( You can also follow them on Twitter at @GMoviesApp and on Instagram at @GMovies :)


  1. thank you for posting :) I just hope that my kids and I could watch it for free.