Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Identity Crisis

I've had this blog for a few years now, but have never really thought about the content of it too much. Yes, I wrote in it every now and then, filling it up with things that I love along with a few sponsored posts here and there, but I just realised it has never had any direction or real purpose. It's just a place for me to write and to vent.

Well, now, I kind of want it to be more than just that. I want it to embody who I am as a person and, more importantly, as a geek.

white shirt from RRJ / faux denim cover-up from Folded and Hung / black shorts from Dorothy Perkins / awesome kicks from Nike / white watch from Tomato Time

Let's face it: while I post photos of me and my clothes in here, I'm not really the typical fashown fashion blogger who super dresses up and looks perfect from head to toe.

As such, I don't even claim to be a fashion blogger to begin with. In fact, I'm fine with not standing out when I go to different places because, well, that's just who I am and I don't want to pretend otherwise.

While I do love clothes, nothing makes me go crazier than geeky finds. I'm a casual and comfy dresser and I love injecting geekiness into the mix whenever I can because it's those lil geeky things that really make me go nuts when I'm out shopping somewhere.
Also, I like wearing things that people in the South (where I'm from) would actually be able to wear without being looked at or judged. Coz let's face it: the South is a judge-y place.

So, this 2016, I vow to blog about nothing but geeky things. True to my blog name Wonder Woman Rises, I vow to always have something geeky in every single post. I know I'm starting this off with a post that has nothing remotely geeky in it, but that's going to change from now on.

It may not be what everyone wants nor is it something that everyone will be able to relate to, but I want this blog to be a true representation of who I am and I think that's the best way to do it.

While you will still see the same posts about movies, my daughter, my life and my clothes, expect to see much more geekiness, as well. :D I'll also be blogging more often. :) Hoping for your continued support!

Also, please do leave your blog links in the comments section. I miss reading other people's blogs. :)


  1. Awwwww... Same here and you already know siguro my struggles in life, LOL! :) Without your guidance, I wouldn't be part of WIM family and I wouldn't be able to find out kung anong gusto ko talaga. :)

    So, next year, alam ko na saan ako mag focus. :) Happy Holidays to you and your family. :)


  2. Great to read plans for 2015, thanks a lot for guidance.

  3. Happy Holidays Angel!!!

    Cant wait to read more geek-some posts :) (hehe) ;)

  4. amaziiing. :)

  5. I've been catching up on reading blogs recently, and I really like that I stumbled upon your side of the Web again. :) I'm also taking a bold risk and remodeling my little house for thoughts. Hope you get to drop by!

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