Wednesday, March 9, 2016

MySlim: My Companion on the Road to Looking Good This Summer

When I first started taking MySlim, I lost 9 pounds in 1 month. What I haven't told you yet is that I continued taking MySlim for 2 more months after that first month. I'm not sure how many pounds I have lost anymore, but I went from a size 34 waist to a size 24 waist. Don't believe me? Here's some proof:

My face was noticeably much rounder before compared to now.

No more rolls and bilbil all over my body.
July 2015 vs October 2015

And for the first time in my life, I actually feel okay wearing a bikini.
August 2015, size 14 vs January 2016, size 2

I had already taken MySlim for three months (without exercise) when somebody pointed out that it was scary because I might gain weight again if I stop taking MySlim. Since I wanted to know the answer to that, I stopped taking it altogether.

Well, despite the holiday season, and without any diet or exercise, I am happy to announce that I didn't gain any crazy amount of weight; so you don't have to worry about gaining your weight back if you stop taking MySlim after you reach your dream weight goals.

I have been eating quite an extraordinary lot recently, though. Because I met someone… hihi :"> …and you know what they say: when you're in love like, you spend more time together and, in turn, eat more and gain weight as a result.

Sadly, I noticed one of my pairs of shorts was a bit snug yesterday, so I decided to get back on the MySlim wagon today. Since I work out now to get toned, I'm hoping the results will be good just in time for the summer season.

Will try and keep better track of my weight and measurements this time, so you can have a more accurate idea on how MySlim helped me reach my summer body goals (if it does - which I am confident it will). :)

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  2. Wow that's a good progress! Get that summer body ready!

  3. congrats on your weight lost.

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  6. Hi, Anj. Your weight loss journey is AMAZING.

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