Monday, August 15, 2016

WATCH: This Disabled National Athlete Proves Na #WalangImposible

Before I started my weight loss journey, I weighed a whole lot and didn't really have any time to work out. I truly felt like there was no hope left for me and had even begun to throw out all of the 'skinny clothes' I had been saving for 'when I got skinny again'.

Although I no longer weigh as much as I used to (huge thanks to MySlim for the help in the weight loss department!), I now have a hard time finding motivation to stay fit and keep going to the gym.

I always find myself coming up with excuses not to go, like menstrual cramps, a busy schedule, a headache or a fever… and then I watched this video, and all that changed:

Raul is the ultimate inspiration to motivate anyone to get moving and keep going. Although disabled, Raul works hard to make his dreams a reality and while weight loss and staying fit may seem like such small and meaningless goals compared to his, it doesn't change the fact that they may feel impossible every once in a while.

Raul is the epitome of MySlim's hashtag na #WalangImposible and thanks to him, I feel more motivated now than ever to reach and eventually maintain my dream weight. I can't wait to see more inspiring MySlim videos in the days to come.

You can check out MySlim on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @myslimdetox Remember: #WalangImposible :)

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