Friday, August 19, 2016

#RelationshipGoals: This Married Couple Works Out Together All the Time

Many a time have I been in relationships where fitness was never a part of the equation. In fact, the biggest reasons why I gained a ton of weight in the past is because of the relationships I was in.

In one particular relationship, the guy I was dating resented me for spending so much time at the gym… so I stopped. Looking back, it is one of the worst decisions of my life. I ended up gaining a whopping 35 pounds after that and the next guy I dated also didn't like it when I spent time in the gym than with him.

Fortunately, I discovered MySlim and ended up losing a ton of weight and then I discovered pole dancing, kettle bells and aerial hoops and was able to maintain my weight since then. During that journey, I also met an amazing man who is very supportive of my current gym-going habits - so much so that he waits for me at the gym sometimes and continues to support me even when I leave the gym covered in insane bruises sometimes.

And I think that's important: to have someone by your side who supports you in your fitness endeavours. After all, why should someone try to hinder you from staying fit?

This married couple takes things up a notch higher by working out together to spice up their relationship. Watch their story here:

Cute, huh? Do you have any fitness routines of your own with or without a partner? Share our stories with me. I love inspiring fitness stories! :)


  1. I am working on my own. My boyfriend doesn't like sport! ^^
    But that's ok. So I have no exciting story. I'm doing this form me, to be fit, healthy and get a better and stronger body!

  2. That's why they're more determined to lose weight. Being with someone you love makes you more inspired to look your best.

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