Friday, July 6, 2018

Mark Your Anime Dates on Netflix for Ultraman and Season 2 of Aggretsuko and Castlevania

As you can probably tell from my review on Season 1 of Boku No Hero Academia, my love for anime has recently been revived. So, when Netflix released some major anime news as part of their Netflix Anime panel at Anime Expo, I couldn't wait to share the same news with you!

Along with two new anime series, Netflix will be renewing the popular series Aggretsuko for a second season. Here are the dates you need to mark on your calendars along with first look images for upcoming titles in their growing (and amazing!!!) anime slate:

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle will launch this July 18!

The sequel to Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters is coming sooner than you think on July 18. This epic re-imagining of the world of Godzilla in the future, where humans and robots battle the biggest Godzilla ever seen, is a must-see! Click here for more.

Castlevania Season 2 is coming on October 26, 2018!

Who didn't play Castlevania back in the day? Inspired by the classic video games, the show is returning for a second season this October. It follows the life of Trevor Belmont, the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, who is trying to save Eastern Europe from Vlad Dracula Tepes.

Ultraman will be launching in Spring 2019!

In case you haven't heard of 'Ultraman', this action drama revolves around a man who possesses the DNA and spirit of the legendary hero Ultraman. He fights evil wearing a bad-ass metallic ultra suit! Click here for more.

Cannon Busters will launch on April 1, 2019!

This show will follow the adventures of an unlikely trio - S.A.M., a high-end friendship droid; a quirky, discarded maintenance robot; and a brash, deadly fugitive - who look for S.A.M.'s best friend, the heir to a kingdom under siege. It looks super fun!

Aggretsuko will be back in 2019!

The adorable death metal panda will be back in 2019, as well. Did you know that Aggretsuko is actually a character originally created by Sanrio? That's right. That's the same creator as Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and Kero Kero Keroppi! Click here for more.

Who else is excited to expand their world of anime? :D


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