Thursday, August 2, 2018

5 Interactive Toys that Both Little Girls and Big Girls Will Love

Being a single mom with an only child isn't easy - especially with a kid who is nothing like the way that I was when I was a kid.

See, when I was a kid, my parents could give me any basic toy in the world and I could easily amuse myself for hours on end. Even though I had five siblings, I preferred playing with my toys on my own. Even as a kid, I was a bit of a loner like that.

Syrena, however... she's different. She prefers playing with people, and that means having to look for toys that the both of us can enjoy. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices in that department nowadays - and the best part is that you don't even have to leave the house to look for them anymore. Here are 5 of our favorite toys at the moment.

Happy Places

Ah, Happy Places. The toy is definitely aptly named as it makes Syrena very, very happy. Syrena loves the house sets that you can connect to make a bigger house, and I love playing the Polly Pocket-ish feel of the toys.

Chubby Puppies

Chubby Puppies are too cute not to love. These babies are ADORABLE. And even though we have an actual live puppy in the family; sometimes, it's nice to play with these tiny toy versions. In fact, Syrena loves showing them to Bucky, our doggy, and having Bucky be a part of playtime, too.

Cutie Cars

I tried to get Syrena into Hot Wheels - I really did. After all, Hot Wheels was a part of my childhood, and racing cars was one of my favorite pastimes. Unfortunately, she didn't get that boyish gene, so I had to look for a girlier alternative. That's when I came across Cutie Cars. Don't let their cute looks fool you. They may look cute; but they're actually die-cast, so they're pretty heavy and therefore fun to race around. Bonus points for being able to have Shopkins ride inside them and for having cute sets like the Drive-Through Set for the cars to park in and drive around.

Barbie Made to Move

Obviously, Barbie had to be on this list. I had a massive collection of Barbies as a child and simply had to get Syrena into them, as well. Naturally, I took things up a notch by getting her the Made to Move version. That way, when I do yoga at home, Syrena doesn't bother me as much as I get her to try and get her Barbie to replicate my yoga poses. I got her Barbie a bike, too!

DC Superhero Girls

Given the name of my blog, it shouldn't come as as a surprise that I got Syrena into the world of DC. The great part about this is that I didn't even have to try. Since the DC Superhero Girls are on TV, she already built a fandom of her own. While she loves Harley Quinn, though, I'm sticking to my Wonder Woman - and yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I got myself a few of these dolls, which Syrena cannot play with. (There are various versions for each one.)

So, I mentioned earlier that all of these toys are available online. Well, they are! All of the brands above (and many, many more) are available direct from the distributor's online store, so you no longer have to go out and scour the shelves in hopes to find the particular Barbie or Cutie Cars set that you want.

Just visit Kids Company online (don't worry - it's super easy to navigate), choose the toys that you want, and you can pay for them through various secure payment methods- including PayPal! They even have cash on delivery nationwide and 0% installment on selected credit cards. Plus, if you buy more than 1,000 pesos worth (in Metro Manila... it's 2,000 pesos in provincial areas), you get free shipping!

It's so convenient and they're so easy to talk to. If you're looking for a specific product, for example, you can just message them on Facebook and they'll get back to you right away to answer your queries and help you find what you're looking for. I was able to get my hands on a Unicorn Fingerling, a toy I was having such a hard time finding in toy stores here in the South, just by asking them about it. LOVE THEM!

You can also check them out on Instagram, by the way: @KidsCompanyPH #KidsCompanyPH

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  1. Those cars are too cute

  2. I love the Cutie Cars, they're too cute!

  3. love Polly Pocket, too, that is why Happy Places caught my eyes right away. So cute!

  4. ang cucute ng mga toys! gusto ko yung chubby puppies or pwede din ung cutie cars :D

  5. Chubby Puppies! My niece and I love dogs! We can't keep one at home, so we settle for stuffed toys. And then I saw these cute chubby puppies, and know exactly that it'll be perfect for her to play with. ��

  6. I love the chubby puppies. They are so cute. We all love puppies.

  7. I have a 7-year old girl who really loves to play pretend with her dolls. She will definitely love Shopkins Happy Places because she adores those cute and miniature household items. She only has 2 so she makes household appliances instead by drawing on a cardboard and cutting them. #WWRxToys

  8. Hoping to win.I can't afford to buy this for my 2 little daughters ages 5 and 6 yrs old.This will be my gift for them for being an acheiver both on their class.Surely they will be so happy if I win😊😍❤

  9. The DC Superhero Girls are perfect for teaching them young about girl power. But those Chubby Puppies are adorbs, too! #WWRxToys

  10. My baby girl's birthday is coming up and she'd definitely want these ;)

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  12. I wanted to win one of these toys specially the "Chubby Puppies" for my bunso/daughter as a reward for her for being such a good daughter who always obey me and who always lead the prayer in school and at home. #WWRxToys

  13. The Cutie Cars are so adorable and fun! The kiddos would love them!

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