Saturday, August 11, 2018

Walking into the Netflix Universe at AsiaPOP Comicon 2018

If there's anything I look forward to every year, it's AsiaPOP Comicon. Not only do I get to meet my idols (read my interview with 'Castlevania' creator Adi Shankar here) and meet my crushes (read about on my surreal moments with Mike Colter aka Luke Cage himself here); but I also get to cosplay and geek out to my heart's content without any judgment... or with minimal judgment at the very least. :p

The best place to geek out during APCC, though, tends to be at the Netflix area, where you not only transport yourself into the wonderful worlds found inside Netflix, but you also get to pretend like you're a part of those worlds (if you wish to pretend, anyway).

This year, Netflix really amped up the experience with some cool stuff.

Upon entering, it felt like entering the real Chinatown.

The walls were on point!

You could punch the walls like Iron Fist!

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There was a cool 180 video where you could pretend to be part of The Defenders.

You could get a tattoo of your choice (I got a dragon - Iron Fist represent!)

You could spray paint the walls.

You could visit Pop's in Riverdale.

And have a milkshake there.

Watch Josie and the Pussycats perform.

And get your class photo taken, whether you're a Vixen, a jock, or a Serpent.

The Black Hood was actually walking around, too, but I didn't get to catch him.

You could get your face painted as per your favorite Aggretsuko character.

You could visit Disenchantment's Potion Shop.

You could also visit the Hawkins arcade.

And even play games inside.

You could draw and help create Will's map to the Upside Down.

You could even open the door and witness the Upside Down, as seen at the end of my quick video of the Netflix Universe at AsiaPOP Comicon 2018 here:

Suffice to say AsiaPOP Comicon was one for the books - with special thanks to Netflix for making it all the more memorable! :)