Saturday, February 2, 2019

The 24-Hour Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is Back This February

I believe in the saying that you simply cannot have enough books. Beyond broadening your vocabulary and exciting your mind, books can take you away to completely new universes, as well as help you improve in certain fields of your life.

I fell in love with books early in life and that love has never left my heart. Whenever I'm at a bookstore, I feel at ease and it just feels like everything is right in the world.

If you feel the same, imagine that feeling being amplified by a million. That's how I felt during last year's Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Walking into a room filled with millions of books - with huge discounts, to boot - was pure heaven. And later this month, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be back!

In case you haven't heard of it, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is known to be the biggest book sale in the world. What's more, the sale is open for 24 hours (yes, all day!) from February 22 until March 4, 2019 with FREE entrance and around two million books of all genres available at 50 to 90% off!

According to Jacqueline Ng, Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, they had such an exciting time in Manila last year that they decided to come back. "We're happy to continue our long-term commitment to make books affordable and accessible," she says. And once again, they will be partnering with Gawad Kalinga to support their initiatives through the sale.

If you have kids like me, you will be delighted to hear that they are also bringing us augemented reality books for children. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is actually Asia's exclusive seller of the Little Hippo AR books, so you can find your favorite stories as a kid and hand them down to the next generation in the most fun way possible.

These books 'come to life' as the characters speak, dance, and sing, truly revolutionizing reading for our kids. If you're having trouble getting your kids interested in reading, this might just be the magic bean to help you out.

Want to beat the crowd and visit the sale on VIP Day? I'm giving away tickets! Join here:

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