Monday, March 4, 2019

This is why you’ll never truly get over someone.

“I’m over him.” How many times have you said these words with conviction when a part of your past comes up during conversation or even shows up unannounced? How many times did you think you truly meant it?

The thing is, though: while you may no longer crave for someone’s presence or think about them before going to bed, and while it may have been a very long time since the last time you stalked checked their social media to see how their new life without you is going; it’s virtually impossible to truly get over someone.

It’s impossible not to think of that ex who loved Batman whenever you see a bat signal. It’s impossible not to think of that ex who used Calvin Klein One whenever someone walks by smelling like it. It’s impossible not to think of that time he first told you he loves you while listening to the song that was playing when he did. It’s impossible not to remember all of the good times you had together on vacation the next time you visit the same places. And have you ever kissed someone who tasted like the orange Tic Tacs your ex used to love? That’s the worst. Songs, scents, places, situations – they’re all there riddled with remnants of your past, just begging to be remembered. How can you ever really get over someone?

black floral romper from Penthouse

Obviously, no one ever wants to think of someone, much less an ex, when they see something they know their ex would like. It just happens. It’s an involuntary (and annoying) reaction of the brain. And if you find yourself smiling fondly or feeling a pang of pain in your heart, can you really say you’re truly over them?

If you no longer feel anything or think of anything when you come across little things like that, then congratulations! You've done it! Some of us aren’t as lucky, though. Blame it on my elephant-brain-like qualities, but I constantly find myself remembering and thinking of people I’d much rather forget when little things happen.

Astrud hanging earrings from Krissyfied Makes

This is why people leave places, I guess: to forget the past and leave it behind – be it because of an ex, a family or career problem, or just a bad memory, in general. This is why ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ is such a brilliant piece of sci fi. Sign me up, Lacuna, Inc. I just want to forget everyone, please.


  1. Hugs, Have a great week.

  2. I thought that I had forgotten him already. We never had a closure. We just ended it. Few days before his birthday, I keep on feeling uncomfortable, butterflies on my tummy and anxiousness for unknown reason. Then I remembered his birthday. Nung kami pa, days before his birthday naka ready na yung letter ko para sa kanya, and that was the same feeling I felt. Dahil gaga ako, I greeted him, then when he replied, gora na, para sa closure, I asked him all the questions I kept for 9 months, and once again, I felt it, the same pain, the same love I had 9months ago. I thought I was over him. I thought ..

    I love this blog :D ^^v